Kirk Cousins back with the Vikings

Los Angeles Rams v. Minnesota Vikings
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Quarterback Kirk Cousins is back with the Vikings after missing their Week 17 loss to the Packers while on the COVID-19 reserve list.

Cousins was placed on the list last Friday and Sunday’s game was only the second that he’s missed since joining the team in 2018. That number will not grow to three this weekend.

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer confirmed that Cousins will start against the Bears despite the Vikings being eliminated from playoff contention. That doesn’t come as a great surprise after Zimmer said that he has no interest in seeing how third-round pick Kellen Mond can fare while running the offense.

Cousins has a fully guaranteed salary of $35 million for the 2022 season. There’s been some discussion that the Vikings will still try to move on from him this offseason, but doing so would take eating a great deal of money and/or sending away draft picks to entice another team into adding Cousins to their roster.

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  1. I poke fun at the Vikings and Cousins but he had a pretty good year. In no way should they have to put picks in his pocket to move him. You should be able to still get even a 1st for a guy who can play QB at a top 15 level. Who will you get better next year?

  2. Cousins is not Brock Osweiler. He would be an ideal replacement for Roethlisberger and would fit in well in Denver, Cleveland, New Orleans and Carolina too. The team receiving him could easily give him a new contract easing their cap hit. The Vikings won’t receive a King’s ransom for him, but they should receive a late #1 and a #3 pick similar to the price for Wentz last year. Zimmer knows hes done on Monday and is starting Cousins to spite Viking fans.

  3. Now that the playoffs have been eliminated, Cousins returns to pad his stats — it is a metaphor for his entire career.

  4. There is no way in ever-loving hell Cousins would command a first round pick in addition to the absorption of his contract. I’m afraid the Vikings are stuck with him. He’s the best game-manager in the league and there’s nothing wrong with that. His compensation is commensurate with his value. He’s a Top-20’ish mid-tier QB, but he’ll never be a game-changer.

  5. Great!!!
    Just in time for the Vikings to make their playoff push…..Oh wait.

  6. After Sunday he’ll have the whole off-season to think about how his dumb COVID decisions cost his team a shot at the playoffs.

  7. Enjoy that 45 million dollar cap hit for Cousins next season Vikings. Good luck finding roster depth with that.

  8. He’s a pro covid QB like that fake MVP is , the Browns don’t want him he’s just another mediocre QB .

  9. Who cares? The only good news would be if Zimmer and Spielman are fired! Not sure why it hasn’t already been done.

  10. Anyone who thinks a team will trade a first round pick for the chance to pay $35 million to Kirk Cousins is delusional.

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