No Antonio Brown at Buccaneers practice

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Antonio Brown continues to be on the Buccaneers roster. However, he’s not currently at work.

Via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Brown is not present at Wednesday’s practice. It’s the first official work day since Sunday’s win over the Jets, which was followed by coach Bruce Arians explaining that Brown is no longer on the team.

The Buccaneers have not yet released Brown. Some think the Bucs hope to ensure that Brown plays neither for them nor for any other team.

If Brown doesn’t show up, he eventually can be placed on the “left squad” list and shut down for the balance of the season. That said, Brown could argue that he didn’t show up because it was publicly (and privately) said that he’s no longer on the team. So why show up?

Brown’s camp has yet to say anything on his behalf. One of the biggest questions looming over the situation is whether he refused to re-enter Sunday’s game due to his pre-existing ankle injury.

However it plays out, the Bucs seem to be trying to engineer an outcome that ensures no one with the organization will ever have to explain to Tom Brady why Brown had 10 catches for 153 yards and two touchdowns for the Chiefs in a Super Bowl LVI win over Tampa Bay.

21 responses to “No Antonio Brown at Buccaneers practice

  1. The Bucs made a deal with the devil. The good times were nice and now everyone, including Brady, that enabled this clown now have to pay the piper. Brown and his status as a (former?) player with Tampa is the narrative as it drags on. Sleep with dogs and you wind up with fleas.

  2. They’re not trying to engineer an outcome where he doesn’t play for someone else. This is a business. A business literally run by lawyers. They want to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s so they don’t have to pay him or get sued.
    The only thing that matters is money. It’s. A. Business.

  3. However it plays out, the Bucs seem to be trying to engineer an outcome that ensures no one with the organization will ever have to explain to Tom Brady why Brown had 10 catches for 153 yards and two touchdowns for the Chiefs in a Super Bowl LVI win over Tampa Bay.


    Tampa Bay isn’t going to the Super Bowl. The Packers are.

  4. He’d risk arrest if he shows up there without permission. Just putting that out there. If an employer tells you to stay away, you can’t just show up. Therefore putting him on the reserve/did not report list would require a letter requesting he shows up first.

  5. There is no way in hell a team signs him. His career is over. Quitting on team mates in the middle of battle is unforgivable.

  6. It could be they made an agreement with AB to just stay away from the team and they’ll continue to pay him. They may have also said he and his agent need to keep their mouths shut until after the season. That’s not the first time they’ve done that. Gruden did that with Keyshawn Johnson when he became more trouble than he’s worth–like AB.

    I can’t wait to see his twitter feed after the season is over. He’ll go into full meltdown and dissuade most teams to not even consider him. Still, some team will sign him. After all, Dallas and Cincinnati signed T.O. after his meltdown in Philly. He’s like a ticking time bomb though. You don’t know when he’s going to implode, you just know it’s going to happen.

  7. Ya poor Tommy, who I used to like but think he’s a bigger prima donna then any player playing.
    Oh, I have to have that great back who has speed and can get open to make me look good and save my ass.
    Maybe thats why he left the Pats, they lost all the receivers who were good and he realized he had no one to throw to, exit stage left.

  8. He’s probably with his agent and his lawyer working on filing a lawsuit against Arians and the Bucs. Might as well try to make some money and burn this bridge ,too.

  9. or we could follow the facts – AB told his teammates, staff and people there at the stadium on the sideline he’s done, he quit….he then stripped down to his pants and danced around the field during a game shouting peace out, I’m gone.

    The Bucs responded. He’s no longer a Buc.

    let’s stop trying to protect this guy – it’s ridiculous

  10. VisionTim says:
    January 5, 2022 at 12:13 pm
    I’m waiting for Lebron to start the “Free Antonio” brigade.
    The people who look the most foolish in this whole thing are…
    The Steelers, The Raiders, The Patriots, The Buccaneers and, now, VisionTim.

  11. Were we expecting a full-on George Costanza here? Dragging the Lombardi Trophy around the parking lot next?

  12. Seems pretty clear that Brady knew of Brown’s CTE issues and still recruited him to continue to play football (and risking is health) in Tampa…

  13. I don’t believe there is anything AB can do as long as they keep paying him.

    I suspect they will keep paying him until the playoffs are over, but he won’t be allowed at any team facilities.

    They will dump him after the playoffs.

  14. Most of AB’s pay was in incentives, which he clearly isn’t going to get now. As far as I know a no trespass warrant has not been sworn against him, and the team has not spoken to him since Marion said “get out”

  15. A.B. should call T.O. and ask how regretfull he feels when he thinks about all the games his actions took away from him. T.O.still wants to play.

  16. I lost a lot of respect for Arien’s.. Step up this guy Brown made the Buc’s look like fools.

  17. The Bucs invited the vampire into their house – he’s likely in the basement in a nicely crafted box just waiting to strike.

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