“Some progress” on Bills stadium, but no announcement imminent

Carolina Panthers v Buffalo Bills
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The Bills are looking for a new stadium and there have been “significant discussions” with state and county officials, but they have not moved to the point where an agreement is ready to be announced.

That was the message from Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz on Tuesday in response to a question about whether a deal could be announced at New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s  State of the State address on Wednesday.

“We are not imminent to a deal,” Poloncarz said, via WIVB. “Some progress has been made, but we are not at a position where I think a1 deal is going to be announced any time in the next few days.”

The Bills currently have a lease at Highmark Stadium through the 2022 season and Poloncarz noted that the agreement for that lease, which began in 2013, was not struck until late in 2012. He said the discussions with the team are “exceptionally complicated” and that they will not include a “blank check” from the county in order to finance construction on a new stadium while adding that he sees “good work on all sides” toward the goal of keeping the Bills in place.

6 responses to ““Some progress” on Bills stadium, but no announcement imminent

  1. All parties are being reasonable and practical in their approach to the negotiations. Keeping the Stadium in Orchard Park next to the current Stadium, saves approximately $ 1 Billion over downtown sites as there is no need to acquire land for the Stadium and parking or highway improvements. Additional costs will be saved as water, sewer and electric are already on site. As with all small market teams, the State and County will have a roll in financing a significant portion of the cost, along with the NFL and the team. Hopefully there won’t be any political grandstanding and the Bills will be where they belong for many years.

  2. Buffalo is a broke city, they can’t afford a new stadium, meanwhile NFL teams are moving like free agents. Fans keep spending money.
    NFL owners are the greediest people on earth. Worse than Jeff Bezos.

  3. I’m not sure that a county with less than a million people in it is going to be able to contribute very much toward a modern, $2B NFL stadium.

  4. I love visiting the current location of the stadium. Living in the NYC area, I truly dislike going to MetLife, MSG, Yankee Stadium and Citibank.
    MSG isn’t so bad because you can just take a train but there is no fan experience indoors.

  5. Retractable dome…make it happen Buffalo!

    Only 3 dome teams have won the SB – the Rams, Colts, and Saints in 50+ years. Typically dome teams underperform in the playoffs. Only one domed team has even made the SB since 2010, and they lost the game.

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