Tua Tagovailoa on offseason trade talk: If it comes up, it comes up

Miami Dolphins v Tennessee Titans
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Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa had a run of good games during a seven-game winning streak that lifted the Dolphins into the playoff conversation, but both streaks came to an end against the Titans last Sunday.

Tagovailoa was 18-of-38 for 205 yards and an interception while also losing a fumble in a 34-3 loss that ended any postseason hopes for Miami. With advancing off the table, thoughts began moving to next season and the possibility that the Dolphins will again be linked to trade talks for Deshaun Watson and/or others who would end Tagovailoa’s time as the starter.

On Wednesday, Tagovailoa said he is “not worried” about the resumption of such talks in the weeks to come.

“If it comes up, it comes up,” Tagovailoa said, via Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post.

If the Dolphins came into the season with the thought that other quarterbacks held more long-term appeal than their current one, it seems unlikely that Tagovailoa did enough to convince them otherwise. His overall performance was in line with what he did as a rookie, so it wouldn’t be any surprise to hear the Dolphins involved in trade chatter again this year.

16 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa on offseason trade talk: If it comes up, it comes up

  1. There will be no trade talks for Tua. He’s not a guy that needs a “fresh start”. He’s been given more than enough support to succeed and has not gotten the job done. He’s small and injury prone. A new team can’t fix that.

  2. A couple ones, twos and threes and throw in Tua to Seattle for Russ, the Miami owner is one who would definitely be dumb enough to do this. Throw in a few above average D players the Hawks would probably throw in Wagner too.

  3. He’s shown some improvement but as long as the O line remains a mess it doesn’t matter who the QB is.

  4. I’d welcome a Tua for Cousins package – one can count the ways Steven Ross has destroyed the franchise

  5. Tannehill was not good enough either now he’s the number one seed in the AFC. Mabey it’s this difunctional Miami Dolphins organization. Put Tua on the Saints with Sean Payton

  6. Can we get an offensive line, a quality running back and at least another wide receiver before we judge Tua. Tua is not the problem.

  7. I remember a guy by the name of Jim Plunkett. Pats gave up on him and Jim went into a stellar career in Oakland. Just saying.

  8. The reason Miami should keep looking for it’s franchise quarterback is simple! Tua doesn’t have the arm to throw the ball in cold windy conditions late in the season up in Buffalo and New England! Tua’s hands are too small to take care of the ball in those conditions. We saw those problems in Tennessee in the cold. And that is another reason Miami screwed up big time not taking Herbert! Some teams can get away with it playing in a warm weather division. Not Miami! The Dolphins need to find a strong arm QB to go into next season with.

  9. No question Tua’s performance needs to improve. Last Sunday he did not play well. He has tried hard and is very accurate and competitive. Does not play well in the cold and has been injured many times.
    But if Miami believes that adding a top QB behind this OL will get them to the SB they are nuts.
    Miami’s owner is desperate to win a Super Bowl now because of his age. And may indeed trade the farm for Watson who if he is indicted may not even play in 2022.
    And if Tua gets lucky and finds his way to a team like NO which has a great QB friendly coach, good OL and supporting cast Tua will make the playoffs before the Dolphins.
    A ticket out of Miami might be the best thing for Tua because the current coaches can’t build an offense or even prepare a decent game plan.

  10. Two things can be true at the same time. I feel empathy for Tua, and I still want to trade for DW.

  11. Why should Tua be worried, he’s gonna play somewhere, if not Miami. He may not be of elite quality yet, but he’s a starting caliber QB all day. If Miami decides to move on this year, which they won’t there will be plenty of teams come calling.

  12. It’s obvious that the constant shifting & changing of personnel, players & coaches alike has this organization where it’s always been. Mediocre. 7-7, 9-7, 7-9. So far 8-8. Why isn’t the answer to stay with 1 thing for a while? It’s not like Tua has been sucking for 10 years.

  13. Ross should sack Flores and keep Tua and Grier. Grier should be knocking on Ross’s door and saying sack this guy now or you’ll be sacking both of us at the end of 2022. Flores has given Tua 0 support except for Waddle. Only Flo would run a RPO offence with no run game (it’s a PO offence) he got rid of all the vets on the OL and hires a OL coach with 0 nfl experience, worst coached OL in the league, he will never be able to build an offence and his defence only looks good against scrubs. What’s the point in Flores seeing out his remaining 2 years of his contract? The next two years will be no different to the last three.

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