Would anyone sign Antonio Brown?

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The fact that the Buccaneers said on Sunday that receiver Antonio Brown is no longer on the team, coupled with the fact that he remains on the team, has sparked growing speculation that the team is indeed trying to keep Brown from landing elsewhere.

This presumes that someone would claim Brown on waivers or sign him, if/when he becomes available. There’s a strong feeling in league circles that, this time around, no team will give Brown another second chance. That the visuals emerging from Sunday’s meltdown make him radioactive, temporarily if not permanently.

Personally, I don’t buy it. Apart from the fact that it only takes one of 32 teams to say “yes” to any unpopular player, Brown has come back from worse. In 2019, after weeks of antics and dysfunction with the Raiders resulted in his abrupt release, the Patriots immediately swooped in and signed him. After the Patriots cut him after only one game, he remained unemployed for the balance of the 2019 season not for lack of interest but because the NFL wouldn’t say whether he’d be placed on paid leave, if signed.

Then, the Buccaneers (at the obvious behest of Tom Brady), rolled the dice in 2020, giving him a landing spot after he served an eight-game suspension. It paid off, with a Super Bowl ring. Then, after a three-game suspension this season for submitting a fake vaccination card, the Buccaneers didn’t cut him, despite the October 2020 huffing and puffing from coach Bruce Arians. Instead, they welcomed him back.

Dysfunction is temporary. Super Bowl rings are permanent. Whether it’s the Chiefs, Packers, or Rams (the three teams I’d watch the most closely), one of them could very well make a move if/when Brown becomes available. I’m watching the Chiefs the most closely. They gave receiver Josh Gordon his latest second chance earlier this year, and Gordon has five catches for 32 yards in 11 games. Brown can do that in his sleep; indeed, he had 10 catches for 101 only 10 days ago — his first game in 10 weeks.

The fact that he remains on the Tampa Bay roster suggests that the Buccaneers, while not wanting him on their team, don’t want him showing up in the uniform of one of their opponents in the postseason. With each passing hour, that perception comes closer to being the realistic explanation.

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  1. The Buccaneers would be smart to suspend him for poor conduct, that would put him on ice for 4 weeks (I believe). That will esentially keep Brown from signing with any other team. It would also keep the Bucs from having to pay him. Once the Super Bowl has been played and the season is officially over, the team can release him and he’ll be welcome to become someone else’s problem.

  2. Obviously I’ve done nothing close to playing in the NFL. But having played sports, I wonder whether bringing in a guy like that right now is the best move for any team. There must be something to be said for team chemistry, no? The guy is just so volatile. I wouldn’t do it and I think any team that does is making a major mistake.

  3. Mike, you’ve been at this for awhile now. You’re a lawyer, and I’d bet you were a good one…

    What on earth makes you think the Green Bay Packers organization would bring in a guy like this?

  4. With AZ getting several and I mean several starters back this week and DHOP on track to be ready for the playoffs AZ should swoop in and sign him just for the post season. A receiving corps of DHOP, AJ Green, AB, Kirk, Rondale Moore, Zac Ertz at TE coming back this week with the elite run game they have w/ Connor coming back this week paired with Edmonds along with the threat of Kyler Murray would be an absolutely terrifying offense for any defense to go against.
    With the Cardinals now getting healthy both offensively and defensively AZ is going to be a serious threat in the post season.

  5. Yeah, of course someone will sign him. The Bucs were hoping the league would suspend him so they didn’t have to worry about it. Now they have to squat on him or risk him contributing to another playoff team.

  6. Considering he also knows the entire Bucs playbook it’s pretty much guaranteed that one of those teams would sign him even if it was just to pick his brain. Teams will go anything for a competitive edge.

  7. I know there is compassion fatigue for this guy but his history with these outbursts potentially point to something deeper.

    Homeless for a whole as a teenager, spurned by the FLA schools because of his behavior, dropped to the sixth round because of the history and then made a multi-millionaire when the Steelers game him the money that Mike Wallace wouldn’t take.

    Not to mention the head shots like Burfict.

  8. The best deal he could get the last time he was a free agent was one year, $1.6 million. Must not have been too many teams fighting for his services. Since then, there have been at least three more incidents of crazy. Hard to believe anyone else will be wild enough to pay to experience Antonio Brown.

  9. What those calling for Brown’s head on a platter want us to believe is this: When Arians told Brown to go into the game, he said no, even though he felt fine, no pain anywhere. From the time he was in the PeeWee league, Brown has been ordered in and out of games thousands of times by his coaches. But on this occasion, Brown, feeling fine remember, said no. And when Arians repeated his direction, punctuated with a threat of unemployment, Brown said no again and pitched a fit. Does this make any sense? In other words, does anybody believe Brown wasn’t injured?

  10. I’d imagine he would have some good information to harvest either way even if he never sees the field for the other team. Can’t Tampa just put him on IR?

  11. Perception is reality. You get what you pay for. Signing this guy is what selling your soul to the devil looks like.

  12. Bruce Arians should be a man and
    stick to his word or just shut his
    Lying pie hole…

  13. “The fact that he remains on the Tampa Bay roster suggests that the Buccaneers, while not wanting him on their team, don’t want him showing up in the uniform of one of their opponents in the postseason.” – Maybe. Or it might suggest that TB12 hasn’t made the official decision quite yet.

  14. The patriots signing him was way different. Aside from rumours, his known negative team wise was he hated his new team and gm after seeming to do fine as a teammate in Pittsburgh. He seemed closer at the time to a Beckham style headcase than what AB is now. He then didnt disclose his sexual assault suit and was cut after 1 game and out of football for a year and a half. But now after only playing in 12 games, he fakes his vaccine, gets caught, and has a total mid game meltdown in the playoff push while Brady leads an epic comeback, AB dances across the field for the whole world to see him quit on his team. I dont know he comes back from that image at all, let alone this year.

  15. I think it would be hilarious for the Eagles to sign Brown just for the rest of the playoffs. Tampa Bay is their most likely opponent.

  16. The Bucs secondary is a mess, why would they cut a player that could end up on an opposing team then get shredded by him and yes teams with no morals or ethics like KC would immediately sign him. Guessing his behavior of walking out of a game is suspendable by the team (guessing they can suspend up to 4 games) and a violation of his contract, they will do nothing this week then suspend for as many games as possible.

  17. If I were Bruce and Tommy brought AB back, I’d resign in protest immediately. But then I have a spine.

    Tommy had Bruce’s surgically removed the day he signed with Tampa.

  18. Yes another team would sign him. The cowboys just lost a WR if Jones thought it would help them win a SB he would or any other team for that matter.

    Tampa should see if they can suspend him so he can’t be picked up or just say forget everyone and put him back on the field.

  19. Not to mention the head shots like Burfict.

    Shaziers hit on Gio Bernard was worse.

    I don’t see him short circuiting.

  20. Why does Florio think the Chiefs, Packers or Rams would be the most likely to want AB?

    Dallas has an illustrious history of signing criminals and other dregs of society in recent years. With receiver Michael Gallup out with a torn ACL just last week, Jerruh would be the first in line for the AB crazy train.

  21. “History have changed” once again when BA put AB in the Superbowl game. BA’s “history” is kaleidoscopic.

  22. The Bucs haven’t done anything because they don’t have to, he’s not showing up for practice or games. Out of sight, out of mind.

  23. The Packers are not signing Antonio Brown. They’ve worked too hard to develop a team-first culture to bring in a selfish cancerous powder keg like this.

  24. Maybe his dad can post some videos of him not getting thrown to. Boom. Somebody signs him. That being said, Tampa doesn’t release him.

  25. lsuzilla says:
    January 5, 2022 at 9:52 am
    You don’t get to quit during a game and then get to go play for someone else

    Have you heard of LaGarrette Blount?

  26. The players union will eat them alive if they try to release him while injured.
    The team might be able to suspend him for contract detrimental to the team but that will just lead to a grievance battle and distraction.
    The easiest solution is to put him on Injured Reserve and deal with this during the off-season.

  27. I guess the question would be whether a team would sign him, not necessarily to suit him up, but to get him to divulge intel on TB’s offensive preferences and play calls.

  28. johnnyred says:
    January 5, 2022 at 10:01 am

    Considering he also knows the entire Bucs playbook it’s pretty much guaranteed that one of those teams would sign him even if it was just to pick his brain…

    And that’s where you lost me.

  29. Yeah….his ankle was injured and he’s doing jumping jacks on the sideline. Time for this idiot to go!

  30. He has an injured ankle, put him on IR. No more worries.
    Sure, BUT…. they don’t want to be paying him to lay on the couch, either

  31. Looks to me like the Bucs were trying to have it both ways – having Brown on the team but also trying to keep him from meeting his incentives – and it backfired on them.

    Sure, Brown has messed things up himself this year with the COVID mess. But the whole reason he’s on the team is to be that x-factor that elevates the team, and Brady, just enough. It’s arguably what set them apart in their SB run last season and would probably have done so again this year.

    The only reason to have Brown on the team is if you’re prepared to “play the game” with his motivations. Signing him but not managing him the right way seems pointless.

  32. Having a MASSIVE lapse in judge like we saw Sunday is as bad as it gets.

    When faced with a decision he didn’t like and adversity, he had a mental break. What’s the next lever?

    I don’t know anyone can allow him in a football stadium.

  33. Tampa will probably shelve him and release him after their season is over. There are means of keeping him on the team while he never practices or suit up for them again. If they do release him the Chiefs or more specifically Andy Reid may bite. I dont see the Rams or Packers taking a chance.

  34. @uninformed cardinals fan…..Hopkins tore his MCL week 14, he’s not coming back and if he did, he’d be a fool. So you can’t add him in the mix if the overrated Cards were to sign Brown IF he’s ever released.

  35. This is the NFL we’re talking about. Lots of teams have a “win at all costs” attitude. I don’t believe that Antonio Brown deserves to play another down in the league, ever. That doesn’t mean that a team would not grab him, given the opportunity. He would have a new job on another team TODAY, but I don’t think the Bucs will allow that to happen. They will keep him on ice until the 2021 season is officially over, and then cut him.

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