Antonio Brown takes aim at Tom Brady, Alex Guerrero

Tom Brady And Alex Guerrero Host Grand Opening Of TB12 Performance & Recovery Center In Boston
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Buccaneers (still) receiver Antonio Brown stayed silent (for the most part) until last night. Now, he’s saying plenty about the disintegration of his relationship with the team.

Among the disintegrated relationships? The one that brought him to Tampa in the first place, the connection to quarterback Tom Brady.

A Thursday morning social-media barrage from AB included the sharing of text messages with Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady’s friend, partner, and trainer. It began with Brown requesting on the morning of Christmas Eve half of a $100,000 fee that Brown previously paid to Guerrero, “if we not going to work any more.” Guerrero responded politely and almost cheerfully, offering to “send the balance.”

Brown added this observation on Twitter: “Imagine your QB trainer charges you 100k then doing no work must be was a part of these guys plans all along.”

In other words, Brown is suggesting that Brady and Guerrero wanted to recruit Brown to the Buccaneers because they viewed him as someone who could be targeted for excessive fees charged by the TB12 operation.

It doesn’t matter when Brown is factually correct, and it undoubtedly is not. What matters is that he’s airing out this dirty laundry publicly, and loudly. With Brady due to meet with reporters later today, there’s a chance he’ll be uttering carefully-crafted buzzwords other than “empathy” and “compassion” when talking about Brown.

Brown used social media in 2019 to get what he wanted from the Raiders — his release. He seems to be doing the same thing now. We’ll see whether it ends the bizarre logjam, which has seen coach Bruce Arians say on Sunday that Brown is no longer a member of the team and, four days later, Brown still being a member of the team.

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  1. Talk about playing with fire. Even Belichek got roasted for interfering in the Guerrero operation in Foxboro. Brown is not a very credible guy.

  2. It’s good to see that vendors are finally requiring prepayment for services with this deadbeat.

  3. Nothing says scumbag louder than trashing a guy who stood up for you to get you a job. This guy is a low rent miscreant. He still does not recognize how lucky he is to be given five, six, a dozen second chances.

  4. AB = the media gift that keeps on giving

    stay tuned as ‘Another Day Turns in Brown Town’.

  5. AB’s talent at catching footballs is only surpassed by his talent at burning bridges.

  6. Brady got what is coming to him on this one. He was framed for Deflategate obviously, but everything since then he’s really enjoyed being front and center and has loved the attention, and this is part of paying the piper when you openly invite drama into your life.

  7. This guy just can’t keep his mouth shut. I can’t imagine another team signing him. At this point, his toxic behavior far outweighs his talent on the field.

  8. Remember that 12 hour period where it looked like Brown’s spin doctors were going to actually succeed in making Brown the victim here? That was fun.

  9. If that’s the dirtiest laundry he has, I don’t think Brady or anyone else is too worried about this. Browns probably not smart enough to exploit the fact that people are very happy to entertain false accusations of cheating against Brady.

  10. 5 days after his farewell dance out the stadium, he finally throws Brady under the bus. Tom will have him cut by 4;00 pm today.

  11. Wait a minute. Brady and his wife are worth close to a billion dollars. This dude Antonio is so stupid that he thinks that Brady needs hid pocket change? Get lost !

  12. Wow! That escalated quickly. Buckle up – it’s gonna be another wild one!! 🤣 🤣

  13. This guy is worse than we thought. Screw his talent, this guy is garbage and will turn on anyone that’s not Antonio Brown.

  14. Guerrero should stiff AB just like AB stiffed so many people in the past for services rendered! It would give him a taste of his own medicine. Tampa gave AB yet another chance, and at the first sign of trouble, he tries to toss the people who helped him the most right under the proverbial bus!!

  15. Nothing says malcontent like bitting the hand that feeds you or in this case “enabled” is the operative word.

    Brown has a lot of hands to choose from. People should be concerned.

  16. Life is full of irony. The man who refuses to pay people for services rendered didn’t get any services for the money he paid. This makes my crappy day a little brighter. Thanks PFT.

  17. I never understood what Brady saw in this guy. AB turns on everyone eventually. Did Brady somehow think this wouldn’t ever happen to him?

  18. Maybe TB should reevaluate his “win no matter what the cost” approach to football. He recruited this train wreck of an individual to come to Tampa for the sole purpose of winning a SB. Sometimes character does matter and sometimes winning isn’t everything.

  19. What Brown’s doing is really no different than a failed coach burying his rookie QB for no reason. Same childish mentality that doesn’t get the same coverage.

  20. A lot of folks got the impression that NE’s letting Brown go a couple of years ago was another nail in the coffin for Brady’s relationship with the Pats. Seemed like he cared less about the allegations against Brown than he did about having a bona fide no. 1 receiver to throw to. Wonder if he feels differently now….

  21. For the Buccaneers, this is very easy: Suspend Brown for 4 weeks due to poor conduct, the sideline video establishes this point. I believe he will not be paid. This will keep him on ice so another team cannot snag him and utilize his talents. The club can then release him the day after the Super Bowl. He then can become another teams problem.

  22. Have to say Alex Guerrero is nobody’s fool. He may or may not be a snake oil salesman but he was smart enough to make AB pay up front.

  23. Some people walk away quietly, others use napalm. AB has always been a “napalm the bridges” kind of guy.

  24. Hard to have empathy for Tom Brady. It was clear that Antonio Brown had many mental, financial, and relationship issues to sort out after leaving the Raiders. Anyone with an ounce of Tony Dungy’s insight could see anyone signing Antonio Brown to a team is not truly looking out for his best interest. AB needed to step away from the game for at least a year to get himself together for his long-term mental health and professional success. But instead, Brady wanted to win a Super Bowl and vouched for him. I don’t deny that part of Brady wanted to help him. But sometimes, the best thing you can do for someone is do nothing for them until they get help. So now Antonio Brown is a square one again. Brady didn’t see this coming?

  25. I don’t think “empathy” and “compassion” are words and actions that this guy deserves at all. He’s demonstrated a victim mentality and bad faith everywhere he’s been and it seems no one is above his incoherent, misdirected wrath.

  26. This is really going to test Brady’s empathy for A.B.
    Guerrero is not only Brady’s trainer and business partner, but his best friend in the world.
    The idea that Brady convinced Tampa Bay management, including his own coach, that A.B. was worth the risk so that TB12 Inc. can get one high paying client is of course ridiculous. And will be interesting to see if Brady takes it as a personal insult or further evidence that A.B. needs a gigantic group hug more than ever.

  27. Just another example of AB refusing to pay a service provider. Shocker! Brady will just bat it away as a business matter that has nothing to do with the upcoming games. Yeah, a disgruntled player going to social-media war could be a problem and a distraction, but this is AB we’re talking about. He lost any credibility a long time ago, and Brady is a master at ignoring the noise. As a team leader, he’ll make sure the other guys do too.

    I don’t understand why this Bucs/AB endgame should be characterized as a “bizarre logjam.” It’s obvious that the Bucs have two reasons for not releasing AB yet. One is not wanting him to be picked up by another contending team, and the other is because of the potential for a grievance based on a claim of injury. Sure, Arians said Sunday that AB was no longer a Buc, but it’s Arians. AB isn’t the only guy who tends to talk before he engages his logical faculties.

    I’m not going to say “move along, nothing to see here,” but it’s awfully close to that when it’s an AB game we’ve all seen a few times already.

  28. “Imagine your QB trainer charges you 100k then doing no work must be was a part of these guys plans all along.”

    Or more likely he saw how you stiffed your chef and demanded the money up front before lifting a finger for you.

  29. The Bucs probably have to get their ducks in a row with this one. Make sure about all the legal ramifications for releasing this guy. Everything and everything should be expected. Any player asked any questions regarding Brown should give “no comment”

  30. Start tweeking Tom Brady’s nose, and somebody down there in the Florida law enforcement community is gonna go after this nitwit for the fake vaccination card. Heck, being found guilty of that crime might even come with a jail sentence.

  31. “Hi AB, thi is Tom. Hey, Giselle & I were talking earlier today over soy muffings & GMO-free coffee, and we both feel it’s best if you move out of our spare bedroom. Thanks bud, appreciate you. Oh, and just leave the house key on the counter.”

  32. I doubt the Bucs will release Brown until it’s too late for him to be picked up by another playoff contender.

  33. This is a perfect example of the saying “no good deed goes unpunished”. Yet another bridge burned by AB…

  34. Brady will take the high road and say that he continues to care for ABs complete health and well-being. As for AB, talk about biting the hand that feeds you!
    Now as to the wording of what was said, THIS I believe AB wrote himself. What came out yesterday (yes, with his permission) was obviously agent/lawyer speak to make sure they all get paid every possible dime. You can’t believe a single word of it.

  35. Wow, what a trainwreck. Bite the hand that feeds you. Can’t wait to hear Brady’s response to this.

  36. The whole situation is weird, and I think before its all over we’re going to hear some more strange stuff about Brady/Guerrero’s business practices.

    That said, I don’t understand what AB’s bottom line is here by doing this, outside of just creation of more chaos, which is what this guy seems to absolutely crave.

  37. Guerrero is not a Tampa employee I assume? Any outside training/body work would always be paid by the player. $100K is steep, but what does that compare to other trainers out there?

    AB has lost the part of his brain that controls outbursts, impulses and emotions. Unfortunately when it’s all said and done, the study of his brain will show us just how broken he is.

  38. So who are we to believe… the two-time NFL Coach of the Year, almost unanimously loved by the hundreds (thousands?) of players he has coached the past 4 decades, or Antonio Brown?

    Just let that simmer for a second… do we trust the guy who has a shining reputation among players since 1980 or the guy who has been kicked off of 4 teams in 12 years, each time due to behavior issues.

  39. Rut rho, now your done. Never cross the golden boy Brady… if he wants you black balled, no one will even look at you .

  40. It does seem a bit strange that Tampa players are paying $100K to a trainer who is in business with the QB. Something doesn’t feel right about those relationships.

  41. So AB asked for half his money back from the trainer, the trainer readily agrees.

    So why would he go public? He got exactly what he asked for.

    He has a few screws loose IMO.

  42. If AB is as badly hurt as he claims, doesn’t matter when he is released, because he wouldn’t be able to pass a physical to play for another team.

    However, I’d bet he was a fast healer all of a sudden if someone threw money at him.

  43. Brown turned on the one guy who consistently stood up for him. He really thinks Brady wanted Brown on Tampa so he could take $100K from him?

  44. Ponto60 says:
    January 6, 2022 at 10:09 am
    Broke in 2 years

    How can AB ever go broke when he stiffs everyone for the services they provide? I’m astounded TB12 got $500,000 out of him in the first place.

  45. Don’t know why a playoff contender would have interest in AB.

    Do they not see what’s going on here?

  46. So lets place two deeds on the scale of justice:

    Submitted fraudelent vaccination card | asked injured player to enter game.

    hmmm….fraud seems much, much, worse.

  47. AB: No team wanted you you and Brady spoke up for you when Arians wanted nothing to do with you or your past behavior. You’ve shown you have no gratitude, no respect for the buccaneers or the Raiders, refuse to pay people after you know the price and take the services offered…I can only hope the Buccaneers don’t pay you a thing. You’re a clown of human behavior who’ll soon see that outside the NFL no one cares if you can run fast nor if you can catch a ball. Welcome to the real world…the day we read you’re bankrupt will put a smile on all our faces.

  48. “are there not work houses? , are there no prisons?” IMO I see no team, no matter how bad they need a receiver, getting in bed with this guy. Him and Kaperdink should start a business called “how to destroy your career and everything surrounding you Inc.”

  49. Lost in all of this is that this player VOLUNTARILY choose to hire this trainer and agreed to the rate and entered into a contract. He is bound by it. Let him sue to get out of it. All of the legal proceedings of a contract have been fulfilled unless there is a proveable breach of the terms by the trainer. Since the player’s word is worthless at this point, we cannot assess anything other than someone who is hard up for cash and who will do anything to get it.

    If I were Brady I’d make sure the locks are changed and his homeowner’s insurance is up to date. This will not end well.

  50. Can’t wait to see Antonio go bananas and wreck the studio when he loses on The Masked Singer.

  51. I truly believe that the Burfict hit wrecked AB’s brain. This has been his pattern ever since. It’s pretty sad,really.

  52. After the posts about Guerrero, Brown posted a tweet this morning around 9:15 am, trying to walk back his attack on Brady:

    “Don’t get it twisted. My brothers have been good to me. From Tom to practice squad, we were a top-level unit. They have been good to me and knew nothing about my talks with coach last week. The team mishandled this situation. They let me down and, more importantly, my teammates.”

  53. I can’t find the AB post about TB and “the plan all along”. Wonder if he deleted that one?

    His texts with BA show BA talked about the ankle, but we still need footage/audio of the sidelines.

  54. The second AB thinks he has leverage he chooses insanity. If the ankle injury was significant he would have limped off the field (even just to make his point). This woe is me story is nothing more than a reactive strategy to save as much salary as possible. Tom Brady has been fantastic for the Bucs; this is really TB12’s mess. I’m sure the Bucs will gladly deal with this nonsense in exchange for last year’s Super Bowl trophy and a chance for more. It was just so predictable.

  55. Not that I truly support Guerrero’s business plan/model, but after reading the text exchanges online I’m not sure of the issue with Guerreros response to AB. Seemed professional, timely, and offered his money back. Doesn’t make hike look bad at all actually. AB is a nut and I’m sure Tom is regretting becoming close to him at this point if not earlier.

  56. I can hear Gisele behind closed doors, “See honey”, I told you this wouldn’t work with Antonio. You’re no different than anyone else. Now get him the hell out of our house”…………….

  57. It’s easy to point fingers…. Brady this, Arians that. Any number of theories applies to what happened, who’s to blame, etc.

    The only thing that’s really knowable is what we’ve seen over time. Brady vouched for Brown. Arians arguably waffled on his word. Brown became upset and left the field in the middle of a game. Now, the Bucs are saying little and Brown is posting his opinions on social media. That’s what actually know.

    There are facts and there are stories we add to the facts. My story is almost businesses would likely cut ties with someone like Brown no matter how talented he is. For the Bucs, it will likely come down to the bottom line. Does having Brown hurt revenue? This has me thinking of Michael Vick, T.O., and other maligned players who did things publicly and still played. A difference is Brown did it during a game and in clear shot of cameras.

    If I were the Bucs I’d be inclined to sit him for four weeks and then release him. Their season is becoming about Brown, not their task of repeating as champions with the GOAT. Seems silly.


  58. I don’t understand the problem with releasing him. People keep saying that he will sign for another team. But AB just stated he can’t play due to injury and that he needs surgery, so by his own admission he can’t play the rest of this year.

  59. Arians had a game plan. That plan calls for AB to enter the game. AB says no, I hurt. The discussion should have ended there and the team doctor or a trainer make an assessment so Arians can change the plan if he needs to. But did that happen? No – we got the drama queen, take my football and go home moment. All he had to do was an adult thing and have someone check him. Not just tell the coach I’m not going to play. All his words tell Arians is “I’m not playing because I don’t want to and your game plan be damned”. he was cleared to play so a past injury is not a free pass to quit at any time. There’s a doc or at least a trainer on the sideline that can verify he’s (re)injured. Not using them and just running away only validates the “I quit and I don’t want to play” act he gave us.

  60. I wonder if Tom charged AB rent for living in his house. If so, will AB want it back? I thought at the time that Brady was nuts for letting this whack job around his wife and kids.

  61. Oh wait till next season when Pete Carroll talks about what a great guy he is when he signs him! Fools just love fools

  62. This escalated quickly. Tom Brady opened his home to AB when he was brought onto the Bucs, so seeing this confirms the obvious in my eyes regarding the type of person that AB is. I don’t think he thought this social media outburst all the way through. Playing the ‘I got stiffed on a bill’ card is so full of irony that I guess it just didn’t occur to him. The funniest part is how quickly and cordially Guerrero refunded him, which is quite the contrast to how AB himself has handled his own lack of payment history. It also wasn’t smart to release this in the wording it was in, especially so close to the carefully crafted statement from yesterday. If you were trying to fool anyone into thinking that yesterday’s statement came from you…well…also not thought all the way through.

  63. Tom, this is what you get for selling your soul.
    You deserve every second of this.

  64. Did they really expect it would end any differently with AB? I’d be willing to bet anyone that has any dealings with him wishes they hadn’t bothered.

  65. If you play stupid games like the Antonio clown sweepstakes then you win stupid prizes. The guy should be in jail not playing football.

  66. Looks like all the past-due karma for signing AB in the first place is finally hitting Tom Brady, Bruce Arians, and Tampa Bay just in time for the playoffs in the form of all this distraction and drama. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  67. jrterrier5 says:
    January 6, 2022 at 10:43 am
    After the posts about Guerrero, Brown posted a tweet this morning around 9:15 am, trying to walk back his attack on Brady:

    “Don’t get it twisted. My brothers have been good to me. From Tom to practice squad, we were a top-level unit. They have been good to me and knew nothing about my talks with coach last week. The team mishandled this situation. They let me down and, more importantly, my teammates.”

    Typical AB. He tweets out text messages disparaging the one guy on the team that had his back, see the fallout, and tells everyone else not to “get it twisted”.

    Sorry Antonio. No one is buying your walk-backs anymore. You said what you said. Own it.

  68. The NFL should step in and declare him suspended indefinitely so Tampa Bay can go ahead and release him without penalty of another team scooping him up

  69. It’s kinda bizarre how quiet he was in Pittsburgh for almost a decade. He’s been an absolute train wreck the last few years.

  70. As many people as AB has stiffed out of money, he has some nerve to complain. Serves him right. Karma buddy.

  71. It’s almost a cliche at this point, but I truly hope this man gets the help he needs. This latest episode only reinforces the feeling that this whole thing won’t end well.

  72. AB aside this does show how the TB12 operation was used by the Pat’s and Brady to cheat the cap for years. The difference between then and now is the team paid for the treatments and not the player. Brady raked in millions extra while claiming to take less salary to help the team.

  73. gideon says:
    January 6, 2022 at 10:44 am
    I can’t find the AB post about TB and “the plan all along”. Wonder if he deleted that one?

    His texts with BA show BA talked about the ankle, but we still need footage/audio of the sidelines.

    I think AB deleted at least one post where he asked Guerrero for money back. In response to Guerrero asking where he should send the refund, AB literally included a bank account # and routing #. And then posted the text exchange without redacting the bank info. So presumably, someone caught it & told him to delete.

    On instagram, AB also posted the movie poster from “Home Alone 2 – Lost In NY” with AB’s face & images of Arians & Brady, who appear to be the two “villains” from the movie.

    Brady has a scheduled presser at 1 pm. Wonder if he’ll answer questions about AB.

  74. touchback6 says:
    January 6, 2022 at 9:34 am
    Brady got what is coming to him on this one. He was framed for Deflategate obviously, but everything since then he’s really enjoyed being front and center and has loved the attention, and this is part of paying the piper when you openly invite drama into your life.

    You’ve previously called Brady a cheater, so you’re being inconsistent now.

    As for Brady and Brown, Brady was obviously foolish to trust him, but I do think he genuinely wanted to help Brown, and saw he was a football maniac like himself. Also, if Brady is a diva for inviting AB into his life, what does that make Belichick, since it was his call to sign AB to the Pats in 2019?

  75. Truth be told, I think Arians, Brady, Licht and the entire Tampa Bay organization are heaving a giant sigh of relief that AB is gone. All that stress, poof, gone. I’m sure that Brady is putting in a lot of extra work with Cyril Grayson, Tyler Johnson and Scotty Miller for the three-wideout sets. And I think we’ll see a bunch of two-tight-end formations from the Bucs in the playoffs. Given that Gronkowski and Brate are both good receivers and blockers, these sets will be tough to defend, particularly if Fournette is back. AB’s departure could be a huge blessing in disguise for the defending champs.

  76. This dude is just……out there. He is either evil or delusional. He DOES need help.

  77. Antonio Brown would have been in prison long ago had it not been for his football that the NFL is hopefully done with him lets see just how long it takes him to file for bancrupsy.anybody who throws away so many chances deserves no sympathy from anybody.

  78. Brady, Guerrero, and TB12 don’t look bad in this situation at all. Brown paid for a service, was not satisfied, asked for half his money back, and the company offered to give him a full refund.

  79. Tom has to be nervous that AB will expose what’s really going on with the TB12 method.

  80. Steelers in 2018: “we’re going to dump a guy with 15 TDs last year, how bad can he be?”
    Raiders in 2019: “we’re going to dump a guy we gave up all that comp for before he plays a game, how bad is he?”
    Pats in 2029: “this will be just like when got Randy Moss! We’ll straighten him out.”
    Bucs in 2021: “don’t say it, I know, I know, he needs to go for good.”

  81. Would be so amazing if Guerrero publicly paid this money to one of the many people AB owes money to.

  82. Narcissistic Personality Disorder
    I’m not a shrink but that’s what’s wrong with AB. And has there ever been a bigger example of how destructive social media can become?

  83. The snake oil salesmen comes out on the better end of this one. Can’t believe he couldn’t fix AB’s ankle. I’d have to get more than 100k just to be in the same room with Brown and his bi-polar ego.

  84. “must be was a part of these guys plans all along”. Love the GLARING difference between AB writing a note and his agent writing one for him. LOL. I hope someone is watching what little money he has left for him. Else I fear he’ll be taken to the laundry within a year or two of retirement.

  85. jcdough says:
    January 6, 2022 at 10:21 am
    So who are we to believe… the two-time NFL Coach of the Year, almost unanimously loved by the hundreds (thousands?) of players he has coached the past 4 decades, or Antonio Brown?

    Just let that simmer for a second… do we trust the guy who has a shining reputation among players since 1980 or the guy who has been kicked off of 4 teams in 12 years, each time due to behavior issues.


    Lol. Arians has destroyed his own reputation the last 2 years. AB is AB and has enough problems to fill a book but Arians was happy to wade in there with him as long as Brady told him AB was on the team or did you forget the interview where he said there was no way the Bucs were going to sign AB?

  86. If he is hurt, that is one thing. Completely appropriate to not play with bone chips and structural damage. But his behavior on the field after the blowup is inexcusable. Nothing justifies the public spectacle and embarrassment he inflicted on his team. He could have simply taken a seat, or went into the locker room quietly, but no, he had to make a show of it. He is a narcissist for sure.

  87. I used to think that no one could worse than descent into crazy-ville than Terrell Owens. He was fine and extremely humble, if not emotional, when he first was drafted by the 49ers. Once Jerry Rice left the team, he became more unstable as he grew into a dominant player. He went from humble to diva in 5 seconds flat. Antonio Brown far surpassed Terrell Owens.

  88. The Patriots dodged a bullet by walking away from the circus that is AB, Tom, and Guerrero. We tried to warn Tampa fans this was coming.

  89. Did he really call out Brady, or just trash Guerrero and tag Brady?

    The Arians stuff is interesting. Obviously, you have to consider the source, and that will probably prevent anything from happening, but Arians does not look good here… But AB is also guaranteeing that he never plays again.

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