AP won’t be taking away Hub Arkush’s vote

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If Aaron Rodgers thinks Hub is a bum, Rodgers necessarily feels the same way about the Associated Press.

The AP won’t be stripping Hub Arkush of his vote in the organization’s annual NFL awards, even though Arkush admitted that he won’t vote for Rodgers for MVP because he’s the “biggest jerk in the league,” along with other observations and factors unrelated to on-field or in-season performance.

We’re not gonna throw out his ballot,” Barry Wilner of the AP told the Chicago Sun-Times. Wilner has overseen the voting process for the organization’s NFL awards for roughly three decades, choosing who does and doesn’t get votes. More than a decade ago, the AP selections became the official NFL awards for MVP, coach of the year, offensive player of the year, defensive player of the year, comeback player of the year, offensive rookie of the year, and defensive rookie of the year.

“For MVP, because the word ‘valuable’ is judgmental, it would be unfair and unwise for us to set any parameters for that award,” Wilner said. “We can’t tell people how to think about what they consider most valuable.”

While you can’t tell them how to think, you can ensure that none of the 50 ballots will go to people who would define “valuable” based on personal biases and/or irrelevant factors, such as offseason behavior (yes, that was one of the reasons Arkush gave). Indeed, that fact that the AP won’t invade the judgment of the voters makes the selection of the right voters even more critical, and it makes imperative the organization’s willingness to disqualify voters who, through their own stunning candor, have necessarily disqualified themselves.

The AP apparently won’t be doing that. We sent Wilner an email last night asking that question and requesting an explanation if, as it appears, Arkush will cast his ballot next week. Wilner didn’t give us any answers, explaining instead that he forwarded our inquiry to “AP management.”

We’re still waiting for a response.

55 responses to “AP won’t be taking away Hub Arkush’s vote

  1. My feeling for what he meant was that regardless of Rodgers’ on-field performance, he isn’t a good teammate (because he’s a jerk and created a ton of unnecessary and divisive drama).

    In my view, that stuff is relevant to a player’s value to the team.

  2. For MVP, because the word ‘valuable’ is judgmental, it would be unfair and unwise for us to set any parameters for that award,” Wilner said. “We can’t tell people how to think about what they consider most valuable.”

    So using that logic,… I guess a team physician or equipment manager could be MVP ?? smh

  3. Why should they? He was applying his own logic to what he personally thought was appropriate. Isn’t that exactly what Rodgers did?

  4. And they shouldn’t. The only difference between him and some of the other reporters is he said it out loud. I’m sure there’s other reporters that think this. As far as Rogers, He spent 5 minutes on calling this guy everything But in the same 5 minutes he doesn’t care what he thinks. Yes Rogers is off beat, seems to be salty all the time and has very very thin skin.

  5. If the MVP were based simply on stats, they wouldn’t need “voters”. They would just give the MVP to the player with the best stats.

    More goes into the MVP vote than just stats, by design.

    Having said that, Arkush should have kept his mouth shut and simply voted for the guy he wanted.

  6. This certifies the vote as meaningless and valueless. If you have admitted clowns who lack the professionalism to vote objectively and fairly, as we’ve always known there were, this cements that it’s worthless.

  7. Prepare for another pantented Aaeon Rodgers temper tantrum. He didn’t get what he wanted.

  8. Nor should they take the vote away. That isn’t America and I hate that immediately this has become political. If that person has a vote, they have the right to vote accordingly. It may not be morally correct, but it’s their right. So he thinks Aaron Rodgers is a bad guy. Who cares? So do I at times. If I was in Arkush’s position, would I openly admit this like he did? No. I would keep my comments to myself. That’s the difference between us all. We are all different and we all live our lives differently. I don’t think he should vote based on his subjective standard, but he can vote how he wants to. If it was merely about stats, we would have a computer spit out the answer of who the MVP is. However, we have human beings with emotions making these decisions. His emotions tell him to vote based on Rodgers being a “bad guy” because of offseason or in-season behavior. Another person may vote emotionally based on the heroic comebacks or Rodgers’ willingness to win this season. We are now being as subjective as Mr. Arkush. Who are we and what do we really want to become? I think we all need to start asking ourselves that.

  9. You know Hub isn’t the only voter to use personal issues to decide his vote, but he exposed himself as such… So to me, he should probably be stripped of that duty/privilege. I RARELY agree with anything AR says, but, he seems to have hit the nail on the head this time. Hub sounds like a bum.

  10. The AP shouldn’t do anything in this instance.
    No rules or covenant has been broken.
    What’s done is done, but they may want to reevaluate their voting roster when this year’s vote is complete.

    Personally, I believe Arkush made his vote and opinion known to disingenuously play to his readership base.
    Rodgers has been a thorn in Chicago’s side for some time and putting their hometown crowd in their place didn’t sit well with many.
    And I’m sure Arkush hopes to be rewarded in some way for the opinion he made a very public way.
    That is sad, but, for now, it’s his right.

    As I’ve said before, hopefully Aaron will just use this as another chip on his shoulder to fuel his fire.
    The great ones often use perceived slights, real or imagined, to keep their fire stoked.
    There’s greater rewards ahead.

    Rage on, Aaron….Rage on.
    The postseason awaits.

  11. Arkush should have kept quiet about it but after Rodgers classless rant the other day, if I were Hub I’d retract my apology – ‘I stand by my original statement about Rodgers, screw him’

  12. Someone needs to ask Hub who he voted for last year (or maybe this is public knowledge somewhere?). I think that might be pretty telling.

  13. I think the NFL should take the vote away from the AP. They clearly have no integrity.

    Give it to the players and the coaches. They have the respect of the fans, unlike the AP.

  14. Tbh Brady should win MVP anyway. Dude has more than a thousand more passing yards than Rodgers!

  15. The whole concept of an MVP is a joke anyway, especially in the NFL which is the ultimate team game.

  16. The only way the AP will take away his vote is the NFL to make them, the NFL is king compared to the AP,

  17. What example has Aaron Rodgers set this year as a citizen ? Lot of people should have issue with him holding his team hostage over the summer and then lying about his vaccination status. A grown up man that has many followers can do better than this. Yes , as a athlete he has done well , but at a time when so many unvaccinated people are dying and we are in this Covid mess, shouldn’t he be setting a better example?

  18. Its the same with the HOF voters that wont vote for bonds. He was a jerk to the media his entire career so even though he never technically failed a drug test they will use that as an excuse to not vote for him even though the real reason is he was a jerk to most of them.

  19. Look if you had two players absolutely identical in every way on the field, and one had Aaron Rodgers offield issues, and the other didn’t, which would you pick?

    So don’t tell me they don’t matter. They do.

  20. Rodgers keeps winning. A circus clown with a vote says he decided in the off-season he wouldn’t vote for Rodgers, and tries to justify his stance for something that happened 2 months later? Politics will be the death of society. I’m glad Rodgers, who has a voice, thinks like the majority of us. That’s why the fans love him. Sorry media, you’re still losing, and it’s not close.

  21. Talking of candour, a declaration of interests here might have been transparent and helpful, ie “I would like to get Hub Arkush fired so I can have his vote” …?

  22. Dude probably should have kept his mouth shut, but anyone saying let players and coaches vote is of base.
    Coaches and players are more likely than the press to vote with bias.

  23. That’s great i believe your MVP should be a man of class so i agree with Hub 100 %.

  24. There is no protocol nor procedure used to determine the MVP. Without that the process is subjective as previous voting has shown. This writer has every right to approach his vote in this way and the AP should not censure him. If a players diva attitude contributes to him not getting an award, and there is a precedent set so be it, I’m more than ok with that.

  25. Hub is just another old bitter Bears fan, stung by the “I still own you” comment. Rodgers is no more controversial than Jim McMahon was, and Bears fans loved him! Difference is, Rodgers is a much better player.

  26. Because most voters don’t disclose anything at all about why they vote the way they do, how could they take his vote away? My bet is that there are a lot of loonies using much less relevant logic than Arkush.

    In other words – how can you police someone’s logic, which the AP recognizes as subjective?

  27. steeelfann0155 says:
    January 6, 2022 at 4:32 pm
    LOL, and who is the AP? And who runs the Main Stream Media? Too funny.

    Who runs the main stream media? Take a look at the NFL owners – those are the sorts of people who run the main stream media.

  28. This whole debate is central to what’s wrong in our country. This is text-book cancel culture. While I don’t exactly agree with Hub Arkush’s logic on how or why he was or was not going to vote for someone, that doesn’t mean “let’s strip him of the right to vote.” How did we get to that place? I also don’t want to hear the argument that Arkush “cancelled” Rodgers, because he did nothing of the sort. He expressed his opinion. I’m a Packer fan, and love, love, love A-Rog the player, but he’s clearly not the most likeable person in real life. He could have handled his off season gripes much more effectively and in a less destructive way. The way he lied and mislead about his “immunization” was even worse. I may not like Arkush’s logic, but that doesn’t mean you take his vote away. Isn’t allowing people diversity of speech and not punishing them for expression a cornerstone of our freedom?

  29. NFL Awards have always been a clown show, on par or illegitimate as a Trent Baalke draft or a Bill Vinovich officiated playoff game.

  30. By not acting on this, the AP is probably sealing their fate when it comes to these votes. They’re going to have to find another, non-biased way to do it.

  31. singularitynow says:
    January 6, 2022 at 9:59 pm
    Look if you had two players absolutely identical in every way on the field, and one had Aaron Rodgers offield issues, and the other didn’t, which would you pick?

    If 2 players were identical, you could justify penalizing Rodgers for missing a game with Covid. Availabilty is important and his decisions impacted that. You could even use the distraction he created this off season to tip the scale. What you can’t do is say you just don’t like a person (which is basically what Hub said) and decide before the season even starts that you won’t select that person to be MVP. This guy has doomed the AP voters, they’re going to get stripped of the privilege.

  32. Based on Wilsons description of “valuable” the award is garbage and thus means nothing really. To us fans who thought foolishly over the years it was to the person who was the “most valuable” to his team and to the NFL, and now it can mean many many other things, then what good is winning something that means nothing.
    Funny, but the AP just trashed themselves. Good.

  33. So one has to wonder whether Arkush’s pronouncement was intended to influence other voters to consider factors other than on-field performance. In today’s world, media coverage is EVERYTHING. I have seen Tom Brady play. Nothing he has done matches the absolute magic that Rodgers performs nearly every week. And as far as Cooper Cupp and Jonathan Taylor (a beloved Badger), unless every quarterback in the league was mundane, the MVP SHOULD be a QB since they are the leader on the field. If their physical skills and their leadership skills are outstanding, then a QB has one factor (leadership, direction, decision-making) that rules out any other position player.

  34. So… if Deshaun Watson played this year and had the best stats in the league, would he win the MVP with the sexual harassment lawsuits out there?

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