Baker Mayfield takes issue with report that he may ask to be traded

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Baker Mayfield is not taking the high road.

In response to a report from Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that Mayfield may ask to be traded due to issues with coach Kevin Stefanski, Mayfield went on the offensive, on Twitter.

Clickbait,” Mayfield said on Twitter. “You and many other Cleveland local media continue to be drama stirring reporters with no sources or facts. Don’t put words in my mouth so you can put food on your table. I’m not your puppet.”

Taking on the folks who cover the Browns for a living is a bold strategy, especially since the fan base has grown ambivalent at best about Baker. (My niece, who is as mainstream a Browns fan as there is, recently texted that she is “so over Baker.”) From Mayfield’s perspective, whether he may or may not want a trade due to issues with the coaching staff should be secondary to the very real possibility that the Browns will decide that they can do better than Baker at quarterback.

The Browns have embraced analytics in all aspects of the football operation. This attitude necessarily includes making objective, rational, scientific decisions about the most important position on the field.

It all comes down to the bird in the hand (and his cap number) versus whatever else the Browns can do. They definitely need to engage in that analysis, even if the end result is to keep Mayfield.

Mayfield has a prickly side, especially for a guy with zero pelts on the wall. Typically, whatever someone is willing to say or do publicly becomes magnified privately.

Only the Browns know whether they believe that Mayfield is the answer, for 2022 and/or beyond. Now could be the time to move on — regardless of whether Mayfield will or won’t make a preemptive trade request.

32 responses to “Baker Mayfield takes issue with report that he may ask to be traded

  1. This guy should be studying film, perfecting his craft and maybe growing 3-4 inches taller.

    Instead, he’s worried about making commercials, reporters reporting and twitter. Cleveland should have been starting Keenum.

  2. We’ll trade you Jordan Love for Baker and a 3rd round pick, he can sit behind ARodMVP12 for 5 or 6 more years and learn how to play the position then we’ll see where he is at…..

  3. Baker is a game manager. He can do just enough to win games, but he can do just as much to lose games. If the Browns are going to be a legit threat in the AFC North, with a Bengals team that has a QB on the cusp of being elite, and Baltimore who (depending on if Lamar can learn to throw consistently from the pocket) can be dangerous, they need more than a game manager, even having Chubb in the backfield.

  4. Baker is just a younger version of Case Keenum, which is ironic since Keenum is his back up QB. That’ll more than likely be Baker’s career trajectory as of now.

  5. Life long Browns fan and I’m seriously tired of Baker Mayfield. How the his defenders give him more credit for than our run game and defense (when healthy) is beyond me. I’ve tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but this is ridiculous. Shut up and play. Let your play do the talking but he can’t do that. All we need is a Trent Dilfer on the ravens type quarterback: a game manager who doesn’t commit turnovers. What we have is the thinnest skinned quartback in the league who has more commercials than Tom Brady. Let that sink in.

  6. Mary Kay Cabot has more credibility and tenure in Cleveland than Baker Mayfield will ever have. He’s mad it got out.

  7. I agree with Baker on this. He is not wrong in calling out the reporter. When Aaron Rodgers calls out a reporter, it’s ok, but Baker can’t? Why the double standards?

    The Cleveland sports media likes to stir the pot and makes the team look like a joke in national media. We hardly see positive news coming from the Cleveland media & probably one of the reasons for lack of continuity, it’s always to stir some controversy or the other. Especially MKC. I have been following the Browns for the last 15 years and I have consistently seen her always bringing up things that would make one wonder about the state of the Browns. The Browns are a multi Billion dollar franchise, why do they let this happen? Totally ridiculous.

  8. It is awesome watching these QB’s like Mayfield and Rodgers calling out the fake news. It is super that they are heard and have a platform.

  9. He has a few pegs on the wall: he has won as many playoff games in his career as Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson and more than Derek Carr and he did it in Cleveland. He won Cleveland’s first road playoff game in over 40 years. Darnold and Rosen were busts in his class. Baker is not a bust. He was not the best pick that year (probably Josh Allen), but he is not a bust.
    If you give up on him, need a better option.. what exactly is that?
    The Browns would routinely be starting their 3rd or 4th QB of the year by game 16. He has played almost every game for the last 34 years. He is not Aaron Rogers or Mahomes, but he may be as good as Flacco or Foles/Wentz, who all led teams to super bowl wins, or Jimmy G, who got his team to a SB.
    I still think the Beckham trade is what set the browns back years.

  10. Baker, Manziel, Quinn. The Browns are the greatest team at drafting QBs who do more to sell products than win games.

  11. peachskins says:
    January 6, 2022 at 8:35 pm
    I would take a chance on Baker in DC. Can’t be much worse that what we’ve got.
    How much you got?

  12. If I were Baker I’d hope someone would give at least the cost of a ham sammich in trade for me. If the Browns have to pay someone to take you, then you know you need to change the password of your house.

  13. He will ruin the Browns for a half decade if they extend him. He is just good enough at his position to be grossly overpaid and wreck a team’s cap. They should entertain all reasonable offers to trade him.

  14. baker mayfield = tim tebow with less athleticism, but a better passer. please cleveland, as the suckers you were are and will always be, give the great man baker mayfield $180M. he’s the franchise so he deserves it, right? the insurance company buying at least.

  15. While Cabot’s always tended toward the sensational, and regularly publishes unsubstantiated innuendo as fact, that’s not really new in NFL circles where tight-lipped organizations try to control narrative through silence and tired sound bites (“We have to be better.” “We have to clean some things up.” “I’ll have to look a the tape.”). Mayfield needs to understand that if her article is indeed unfounded, unsourced Clickbait, by responding, he just clicked. Don’t mind his desire to set the record straight, but his tone, as is often the case, was way too salty and defensive. Where a simple refutation would do, he makes it personal, only adding to the drama he claims to want to tamp down.

    As for whether he’s the long term answer, doubt it, but can’t say for sure. Broke the rookie record with 27 TDs in only 13 1/2 games, then in year two, came in to camp overweight, with a new HC and OC, and the entire team looked undisciplined and awful. Third year, again new HC and OC; Stefanski reigned him in, preached no turnovers, leaned on the run game, and he looked like a competent, if unspectacular, game manager. Then year four was derailed by injuries that clearly affected his accuracy, range and mobility. You’d like to think that after 4 yrs, you’d have some idea of where his ceiling is, but between 3 HCs, 3 OCs and injuries, as experiments go, this one has no controls and way too many variables to make any clear deductions… other than the Browns need to look at the tape, clean some things up, and be better in 2022.

  16. If Stephanski would trust Chubb and the running game, he’d be a good enough as a play action QB. Its when they start chucking the ball all over the place (especially when hurt) that they seem to get into trouble. Its partly on the HC, partly on the QB…

  17. Maybe if you spent more time in the playbook or honing your craft instead of doing 5 billion insurance commercials you thought were cute, you wouldn’t be here.

    Another failed college prospect who raided the NFL for millions.

  18. When you say you want a leader, then guess what, the leader is going to be vocal. It’s part of the package. Baker should take the high road sometimes and not react to everything.

    A QB, can’t throw, run & catch the ball. He also does not play defense. A good team can camouflage the weaknesses of a QB. Jared Goff is a perfect example of that. The organization needs to be aligned on all fronts for a good QB to become great.

    So while I agree that Baker is not ready to be called elite, he should work on his craft and take 2021 a learning experience. The coaching staff needs to do a retrospect and improve on several fronts. Play calling was predictable and use of personnel was questionable.

    Finally the Cleveland sports media, needs an overhaul. Totally ridiculous reporting only to stir the pot so they can be relevant.

  19. The Browns will never change. If they trade Baker you wait and see. He may not be a top 10 guy but I bet he will be a much better success outside of the Browns.

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