Bears put Justin Fields on COVID-19 reserve list

NFL: DEC 20 Vikings at Bears
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Bears head coach Matt Nagy said on Wednesday that the plan for Week 18 was for rookie quarterback Justin Fields to get the start against the Vikings, but that plan is going to have to change.

The ankle injury that kept Fields out of the lineup the last two weeks is not the reason for the change. Fields was placed on the COVID-19 reserve list on Thursday and it is unlikely that he’ll be cleared to return in time to play on Sunday.

Andy Dalton started for the Bears in last Sunday’s rout of the Giants and is now likely to move into position to start again this weekend. Nick Foles would be the backup.

If Fields’ rookie season is over, it will end with 10 starts and 12 overall appearances under his belt. He was 159-of-270 for 1,870 yards, seven touchdowns, and 10 interceptions. He also ran 72 times for 420 yards and two touchdowns.

22 responses to “Bears put Justin Fields on COVID-19 reserve list

  1. Hopefully there will be a whole new system in place next year and this kid will flourish.

  2. Disappointment. He’s missed over a 1/4 of a season with injuries. Doesn’t bode well.

  3. This is the most Bears-y way to end the season there could possibly be. At least he won’t get injured again.

  4. Hate to see he’s infected with COVID but at least Nagy won’t e able to ruin him anymore than he is already. Hopefully the next coach can develop him into a decent pro. Clean house please, from Phillips on down!

  5. Nothing good can happen with Fields playing under these coaches anyway. In a week, this Bears season will be forgotten. Good riddance.

  6. YouEnjoyMyself says:
    Does Nagy just roll dice each week to pick a starter?

    Nope, he’s much more scientific than that.
    Tarot Cards.

  7. DrewSports says:
    January 6, 2022 at 1:31 pm
    He may be the best QB in the NFC next year.


    I mean, if Brady wins the SB and retires, Wilson & Rodgers get traded to the AFC, Matt Ryan retires… you still have Stafford, Murray, and maybe Cousins. Nah.

  8. Wish him well. I like the guy but he has arm strength issues so a new coach needs to work with his abilities and nuture him. It would help if he had someone to throw the ball to. and for the defensive big shots to stay healthy. Mack should be traded for anything they can get he is almost worthless.

  9. I actually feel sorry for Fields — substandard O-line, in and out as a starter with Dalton, Nagy’s weird coaching, etc. I’m not sure he’s the answer, but I am sure he wasn’t given much of a chance. . . .

  10. Queue “I did it my way” for Nagy going out. What a disappointing end to a disappointing season for Bears fans, just a kick in the nuts

  11. As long as we have the same owners and a likeable staff in the front office expect another bad season Coming up, they run the team like a mom and pop corner store…”he’s good people so even though he doesn’t know what he’s doing we’ll keep him around” type of people.

  12. xlivsaints says:
    Now the Bears may actually win and save Nagy’s job.


    Could you imagine keeping someone around just because they won a meaningless game against a coach that won’t be there next year? That would be… well, it would be such a Bears thing to do.

  13. Where’s Mitchell Trubisky when the Bears need him?

    Going to the play-offs with the Bills I think.

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