Bobby Wagner has “a lot of optimism” about staying in Seattle

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks
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Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner discussed his uncertainty about his future with the team last week ahead of a home win over the Lions that he left early because of a knee injury.

Wagner’s future with the team was a topic of his Wednesday press conference this week as well, but Wagner had a different take on things. He said he thinks he has a chance to play against the Cardinals in Week 18 before adding that he doesn’t feel extra pressure to do so because he doesn’t think this will be his last time playing for the team. 1

“Not really, because in my mind I don’t feel like this is my last time,” Wagner said, via Brady Henderson of “I don’t feel like this is my last time putting on a Seahawks uniform. I don’t feel like this is my last time doing that. I understand there is a business side to this, but there is a lot of optimism on my end that I’ll be back. So I’m not worried about it. Obviously, I can’t control everything. I can only control my part. And my part on this is I feel like I love this city. I love this team. I love the Seahawks. So I always wanted to be a part of a franchise’s good times and bad times and every time. So this is a team that I would love to be able to be a part of for a very, very long time.”

Wagner said he’s a “pretty good businessman” who can work things out when asked why he feels optimistic. That suggests he’s open to reworking a contract that’s set to pay him an unguaranteed $16.6 million next season, but any movement on that front will come after the Seahawks are done playing this season.

6 responses to “Bobby Wagner has “a lot of optimism” about staying in Seattle

  1. There is Zero chance Wagner plays Sunday but I love the blind optimism. I also hope the Hawks sign a clearly beginning to decline Wagner to a long term contract, as a Cards fan I whole heartedly support the Hawks over paying for a 32YR old MLB given the plethora of other needs they have all of their roster and the Hawks don’t have the draft capital to begin roster building this year thanks to one of the worst trades in the last 10YRs manufactured by their very own GM JS.
    The Hawks need to begin rebuilding and cutting older players no matter how legendary if they plan on competing within inside the NFCW again. AZ and LA are clearly the class of the division, AZ is loaded and they actually have all of their draft picks and some cap space to continue building their roster this off season where SEA doesn’t making it that much harder for SEA esp if Wilson leaves. SEA clearly needs to rebuild, hopefully for Hawks fans sake Carroll realizes that and doesn’t try another patch work type quick fix that just isn’t going to work .

  2. Yeah, right! This team is going to go through an overhaul that it hasn’t seen in over a decade. You are likely not going to be a part of it, hasbeen.

  3. nice to see a player take the high road and being professional. All you ever hear is how this is a business but at time some don’t act very professional when it comes time for contract.

  4. Wahoo! The reality is that while Wagner’s play/numbers are still at the elite level, the next contract will need to recognize the reality of age. I’m glad he has made the first gesture to indicate his willingness to work out a deal to remain with the team.

  5. Wagner played well this year. He’ll be back in Seattle next year, but it won’t be for the 18 to 20 million dollars he’s due to earn.

  6. The Seahawks have a fairly solid foundation of both talented and young players. They need Offensive and Defensive line upgrades.

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