Bruce Arians blames Antonio Brown’s refusal to play on lack of targets

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians tried to say as little as possible regarding Antonio Brown‘s exit from the team. On Thursday, after Brown accused Arians of pressuring Brown to play while injured, Arians had no choice but to provide more details.

Arians claimed that Brown at no point in the game complained to the trainer or the doctor about his injured ankle, and that Arians wasn’t notified about any issues with the ankle. Arians also made it clear that Brown’s reluctance flowed from frustration over the number of footballs being thrown his way.

“He was very upset at halftime about who was getting targeted,” Arians said. “Got that calmed down, players took care of that. It started again on the sideline. We called for the personnel group that he had played in the entire game. He refused to go in the game. That’s when I looked back and saw him basically wave off the coach. I then went back, approached him about what was going on. ‘I ain’t playing.’ What’s going on? ‘I ain’t getting the ball.’ That’s when I said, ‘You’re done, get the eff out of here.'”

Asked about the throat-slash gesture that Arians allegedly made to Brown, Arians laughed and suggested that it was the motion with his finger, telling Brown to leave.

“You can’t force a player to play,” Arians added. “I mean, they have that choice. It’s their body. He decided to play. He and Mike both were on pitch counts. And we were trying to manage that the best we could in the first half.”

Arians’s explanation defies common sense, frankly. The mere that that Brown was on a pitch count shows that THEY KNEW Brown was injured. And if Brown, who clearly had an injury, truly didn’t want to play because he wasn’t getting enough targets, why wouldn’t he blame it on his ankle? He had a built-in excuse. Even if the ankle wasn’t bothering him, Brown’s easiest play to justify not playing would have been to say that his ankle is bothering him.

It’s also now clear that Brown left the field during the game because (drum roll, please), HIS HEAD COACH TOLD HIM TO.

To the extent that Brown had frustrations about targets, the Bucs only have themselves to blame. Despite his history of erratic, selfish behavior, they gave him a contract that tied compensation to production. (The Rams, in contrast, tied Odell Beckham‘s 2021 contractual extras to team achievements, not individual statistics.)

The Bucs clearly were on notice of Brown’s concern regarding his ability to reach his incentives. G.M. Jason Licht acknowledged on Thursday that Brown and his agent had asked for the balance of Brown’s incentive package to be guaranteed. The team declined to do so.

Thus, Brown had to earn it. To earn it, he had to play — and to get the ball. So he fought through injury to have a chance to get the money, and he became frustrated when he wasn’t getting the ball.

Again, why give someone like Brown that kind of incentive? He was pissed off because he was losing chances to earn his incentives. And when he indeed chose to stop playing, why wouldn’t he have mentioned his ankle? You know, the ankle that had him on a pitch count?

Indeed, it could be argued that Arians should have affirmatively asked whether the ankle was an issue, instead of waiting for Brown to utter magic words that arguably didn’t need to be uttered.

They knew he was injured. They knew he wanted to earn his incentives. They knew he was upset that he wasn’t getting chances to get closer to his incentives. Then, when he refused to play, they didn’t bother to think that maybe it was because of an ankle injury that he was willing to deal with in order to reach his incentives. Then, after he left the field during the game, Arians didn’t bother to correct the perception that Brown left on his own volition, and not because Arians told him to “get the eff out of here.”

There’s plenty of blame to go around on this one. The Buccaneers handled it poorly, from the moment they agreed to pay him incentives based on individual performance until the instant that they released him. Brown handled it poorly, especially when he decided to make a major stink on social media in order to get himself released. (Then again, it worked.) And Arians handled it poorly, poorly enough that he probably should be wondering whether an ownership group that has no qualms about pushing coaches out the door (Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden, Raheem Morris, Greg Schiano, Lovie Smith, Dirk Koetter) will decide that it’s time to elevate Byron Leftwich or Todd Bowles, while they still can.

109 responses to “Bruce Arians blames Antonio Brown’s refusal to play on lack of targets

  1. The team is better when he gets targets – they win more games. He is happier when he gets targets, and he gets paid more (which is seemingly of paramount importance to him).

    Having him on your team but not targeting him seems like the height of folly. Love Brown or hate him, it doesn’t change how he works, and this just sounds like ignoring reality.

  2. Signing AB was always going to be a stupid game, and Arians probably knew it. Now it’s stupid prize time, I suppose.

  3. This article say Ariens logic dose not make sense ,my counter to that is if AB was hurt why would he be irked that he wasn’t getting targeted!

  4. Brady has to lead the team to the SB victory. If Bucs don’t win the SB this year, the narrative will be Tom Brady can’t win a SuperBowl without Belichick or AB.

  5. I knew it. He was whining about targets for his VERY attainable bonus for up to 1 million dollars in the last 2 games.

    Once AB wasn’t getting those likely due to his ankle issues, he got ticked off.

    I had it all along.

  6. bigblu says:
    January 6, 2022 at 1:43 pm
    Is the end of AB.. I hope so.. DIVA DIVA
    I have to think reality show producers will try to get him on their shows. Famous and erratic behavior works for that genre.

  7. It’s pretty obvious that EVERYBODY involved in this mess is lying about one thing or another. TB12 Method at work! Roger better confiscate everyone’s cell phones before Tommy sends the self-destruct command!

  8. Perfect storm for AB. Throw a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way like he always does, in this case not being targeted to reach his incentives, and if it comes to that blame an ankle injury. Can’t have it both ways.

  9. His ankle didn’t bother him that much when he was jumping up and down in the endzone before walking off.

  10. I wouldn’t take AB’s side in this feud or defend him in any way. If anyone alive has lost the benefit of the doubt, it’s Antonio Brown.

  11. Tom Brady has handled all of this with poise. What drama he’s had to deal with. My goodness. I wonder who brought all this on… and is still coming out of this so innocent and clean? Angel Tom… a player so competitive that would do ANYTHING for an edge. Now he and his nutritionist are victims of Antonio Brown. But Brady is bigger than all of this. I have empathy and compassion for him.

  12. bigblu says:
    January 6, 2022 at 1:43 pm
    Is the end of AB.. I hope so.. DIVA DIVA


    Get rid of BA to, the man is a legend in his own mind and will be happy to tell you about it.

  13. All I took from the article is Brown wanted reps to earn incentives and when asked to enter a game he refused due to an injury he didn’t raise at the time as to the extent it may have been bothering him.

    Even if Arians was aware he had an ankle issue unless the player states I can’t play due to my injury, aka takes the appropriate steps with the medical staff, then I can’t fault the coach for saying get in the game especially if the same player is complaining about his lack of reps and his ability to earn his incentives.

    Then again I also have to take Brown at his word that he really was that injured and given his history related to his vaccination status I don’t think he’s a very trust worthy dude.

  14. Mr. “Me Me” should have thought about his incentives before presenting a fake vaccination card and being suspended 3 games. What a selfish act, again and again!!

  15. Arians explanation makes sense if Brown didn’t say he couldn’t play due to injury. Everyone knows he was injured coming into the game, because he was on the injury report.

    Is it unbelievable that Brown lost his cool and pouted, since he’s done it to teams before?

  16. I was with your logic until that last sentence stating Arians should be wondering about his job security.

    Arians just won the Super Bowl, and Gruden was fired after 6 seasons of 0 playoff wins. In fact, Gruden survived the whole blowup between him and Keyshawn Johnson.

    It’s one thing to fire Lovie, Schiano, Morris, & Koetter. It’s another thing to fire a coach who won the Super Bowl last year.

  17. harrytootsie says:
    January 6, 2022 at 1:44 pm
    This article say Ariens logic dose not make sense ,my counter to that is if AB was hurt why would he be irked that he wasn’t getting targeted!


    There are two different stories here. Neither is saying both stories are true.

    AB is not saying he was irked that he wasn’t getting targeted.

    And Arians is not saying AB was hurt.

  18. The Bucs got everything they could have gotten out of AB before the well predicted combustion.And now with no damage done to the team he is gone. If you don’t think this is a business…..

  19. If he wanted his incentives…he shouldnt have gotten suspended for lying about his Vacination

  20. The Bucs got exactly what they deserved. Agree that this whole thing was handled poorly on both ends. The Bucs got greedy by acquiring an athletically gifted, but notoriously unstable player. It was just a matter of time before it all blew up.

  21. Exactly what logic of Arians doesn’t make sense? He clearly stated that Brown did not tell anyone he can’t/won’t play due to injury. So even if he was on a pitch count it doesn’t matter. If any contending team is foolish enough to sign Brown I guarantee that he will no longer need surgery until after the season is over ( if at all )!

  22. Can’t blame Arians for this knucklehead. And Arians isn’t getting fired, with or without Tom Brady he’s one of the best coaches in the league. Proved it with the Colts, turned a bad Arizona team into winners almost every year he was there and his system has worked in Tampa.

  23. Dennis Allen’s Outgoing Persona says:
    January 6, 2022 at 1:55 pm

    Perfect storm for AB. Throw a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way like he always does, in this case not being targeted to reach his incentives, and if it comes to that blame an ankle injury. Can’t have it both ways

    No, you and I and most everyone else can’t have it both ways. AB and Arians on the other hand…

  24. “I’m not getting targeted!” OK, go in the game and get more chances. “I’m hurt and Imma run off the field now acting all crazy!”

    Makes total sense.

  25. When you join an All-Star team you can’t really expect to be “The Guy” anymore.

  26. I watched the video twice and each time I had the exact same immediate thought. I believe every word of it.

  27. The Rams strategy with OBJ’s contract was much smarter. When it comes to AB, nobody’s right when everybody’s wrong. If the Bucs keep AB off the field for the rest of the year then his career is over. No GM will want to take a chance on him. The result is bad for both him and the Bucs.

  28. I had read about the tirade in the locker room and him bitching about not getting the reps he needs for his bonus. Did not know his agent asked the Bucs to award the bonus and forgo the requirements and they refused. Agent probably gets 10% of that?

    Anyways Brown probably saw his chances going out the window and decided, screw it, too late to get what I need, I’m not going in and that was that. I’m sure he did not say anything about the ankle or they wouldn’t have let him play and for sure his bonus would be history.
    If it wasn’t for him cheating on his virus card, he wouldn’t have had this problem.

  29. Drama-wise, Antonio Brown is the Kardashians and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills all rolled up into one migraine-inducing ball.

  30. No, he was on a “pitch count” because he was coming back from injury. He shouldn’t have dressed if he wasn’t ready to go. Drama queen.

  31. I hope brown exposes Brady now. Brady cried to keep him on the team and sucked up to him so much due to fear that brown can expose him aka vaccination card etc. Please tell all AB!

  32. Its crazy that he was able to clown his way off the Steelers, Raiders to get what he supposedly wanted. To play with TB on a SB team. I cant imagine he’ll be happy anywhere he goes. He’ll try to come back though, gotta pay the bills.

  33. Like so many lost souls out there with the roars of a long gone crowd still echoing in his ears. It’s over son live with it.

  34. AB and Bruce Arians are BOTH liars. There’s more to this situation than the he said/he said situation we’ve gotten so far.

  35. AB admittedly has lost the benefit of the doubt, but I bet there’s some truth to what he’s saying. He can’t compete with the Tampa public relations machine — man they are hammering him from all angles to cover their rear-ends.

  36. This team deserves every bit of this distraction and drama right before the playoffs for giving him so many chances in the first place.

  37. The whole thing was at a boiling point. I don’t blame Arians for telling AB he was ‘done’. If AB’s ankle was truly the issue the HC would have known at that point and if he’d already been complaining about targets that just shows what the real issue is. The ankle is convenient for AB to do what he always does and blame everyone around him for his own issues. AB got a second second-chance because of TB12 and Arians. Blaming Arians in this instance isn’t fair (in my book). Ownership should clearly see he reached the end of his rope with AB even if ‘Arians handled it poorly’. Move on and don’t look back.

  38. He didn’t look injured running around, taking off his shirt, tossing it to the fans as he danced off the field. The dude is crazy. He needs years of mental therapy.

  39. He didn’t mention anything about the pain medication/injection the NFLPA doesn’t recommend?
    Probably the same stuff Brady got when he played the entire season with a torn MCL but was never put on the injury report ?.
    I’ve tore an MCL and didn’t hardly walk right for a year. I guess if it’s legal, it’s legal right +

  40. Mike Evans could get one target a game and he would never say a word, as long as it was for the betterment of the team

  41. Players play hurt all the time. AB participated in the walk through and was interviewed before the game saying he was ready to go. I fail to see what Arians did wrong here. AB was complaining about targets, putting himself before the team. Regardless of if Arians meant for AB to ‘get out’ as in get off the field or get on the bench, AB is the one that turned this into a circus by undressing and dancing off the field. Let’s hold AB accountable for his actions, please.

  42. Here is Arians being quoted about a week ago talking about AB last year.

    “I really loved the way he tried to fit in, worked his way in and gave us everything he had to go to the Super Bowl. My whole attitude on him changed. I saw him trying to be a better human being.”

    These comments didn’t age very well.

  43. We all saw with our own eyes what happened. AB is a spoiled child who needs to go away. He’s a toxic person and anyone near him is worse off for it.

  44. Players play injured every game in the NFL . Players are on so called pitch counts when injured or returning from injury . Now that I cleared that up it’s obvious the crux of the issue is Brown was injured , not enough for him or the Bucs to decide against playing . When it became clear he was going to be limited likely keeping him from attaining his incentives he decided to quit playing . Try all you want but Arians did nothing wrong in playing him , limiting his plays and telling Brown to get lost . Bringing Brown in and keeping him after the vaccine card debacle is another story . Bottom this was guaranteed to have an ugly ending from the start , the only question was when .

  45. I agree with you on the contract structure. That makes little sense. I wonder how much the three game suspension for a fake vaccination card cost him. Maybe the Bucs would have been more amenable to guaranteeing his bonuses if he hadn’t been unavailable due to fraud.

  46. minime says:
    January 6, 2022 at 1:57 pm

    Not so smart to sign him, eh arians?


    Arians can’t hear you too well … he has his Superbowl ring stuffed in his ear !

  47. Brown was unlikely to hit any incentives because the league suspended him for three games after he committed a federal offense by presenting a fake vaccine record. Unless Arians or somebody in the front office provided the fake card, this is all on Brown.

  48. Arians and Brown deserve each other. They’re both clowns. And any team who signs Brown at this point deserves whatever he does to destroy that team, too. Although I have to believe he has finally used up his last chance. Good riddance to him.

  49. The real story hasnt been told just yet. I hope Arians gets fired over this and sued by AB, WEll see what happens next.

  50. I think it’s worth noting that Arians is forced to publicly take the hit for Brady’s GM work. It was clear from the beginning that Arians didn’t want this guy but he got forced to eat the crow later because the GM and Brady are ducking for cover. Side note – I’m no Arians apologist – he puts his foot in his mouth plenty all on his own, but this deal wasn’t his to make.

  51. Both sides of this argument suck. Brady sucks even worse for bringing him. All for his glory. He doesn’t care about Tampa or their fans.

    Bucs have a really seedy organization.

  52. No, Mike. Fans aren’t going to accept the notion that it’s somehow okay to refuse to go on the field because a player can no longer reach his contract incentives. Bottom line, it’s even less likely by refusing to go on the field. There are plenty of teams that have rewarded players for coming close to incentives. And if they didn’t that speaks volumes about the team. If a player gives up because of the improbability of realizing contract incentives they wholly deserve the criticism of their lack of character. The same would hold true for the team not rewarding maximum effort for trying to reach incentives.

  53. AB was gonna lose money due to catches. TB knew this and they did the same thing last year so he wouldn’t get paid

  54. I normally agree with most of Florio’s arguments but not this time. While it is true that a rational person would use the ankle as a reason for not going back in the game, AB’s past history has not revealed him to be a rational person. Isn’t it much more likely that he responded purely emotionally because he wasn’t getting passes and therefore was in danger of not making his incentives. I think Arian’s version of the events is much more likely and AB just brought up the ankle after the fact to cover up what he did.

  55. Antonia could jump up and down and jog off the field after he disrobed. My thinking is that if you have broken bones in a foot (as I have had) you would not be doing either.

  56. Brown being angry about not getting targeted and then losing his incentives, does not hold water.

    Does Antonio Brown doubt for 1 minute that his Buddy Tom Brady wouldn’t make sure he got eight more catches for 55 more yards and one more touchdown, in order to get the million dollar bonus?

    Of course Brady would

  57. Arians’ statement about him being upset about targets, starting with a melt down at half time (which the players took care of) is easily backed up or disproven. Very doubtful that Arians would say that if it weren’t true since it is so easy to disprove.
    If that is true, then blows everything AB is saying completely out of the water.
    As for a pitchcount being a contradiction, forget it. That means the team is aware that he is coming off an injury (he was not playing for several weeks so duh…) and didn’t want to over stress it. If AB had gone to the trainer and said he couldn’t play through the pain, that would have been it. Showers time. He didn’t, he whined about his targets.

  58. If AB was “injured” he would have been designated as such and not dressed. If he was experience lingering issues with his body due to hits taken on the field, then he would be in the same status as eery other player on the active roster that day, many of whom are on some sort of “pitch count.” That’s all I have to say about that.

  59. He got himself suspended for three games, remember? Not real smart considering he had targets to reach. He has no one to blame but himself.

    TBay should have released him after vaccine incident. Tom isn’t the coach, GM or owner. We all know what Brown is.

    Mental illness? I doubt it. Some superb athletes in every sport become huge pains in the ass to different degrees. Their egos become out of control.

  60. Why are no former NFL receivers or players defending AB? Listen to @ShannonSharpe on playing with bad ankles on Toradol shots.

  61. Doesn’t NFL Films record everything on the sideline? Can’t they go to the tape?

  62. Honestly, anyone that would take Brown at his word with all the problems he’s had over the years and question Arians actions/motives is an idiot.

    The most likely scenario here is that Brown was mad about not getting targets, refused to play and was booted from the sidelines. Instead of leaving like a normal person, he made a huge show of it like the idiot he is.

    It’s also perfectly reasonable to believe that he never said anything about his ankle during the game, since he’s hardly the brightest bulb in the bunch. That’s likely an after the fact excuse cooked up by his agent to make him look better.

  63. So this isn’t about a reporter trying to promote, cherry-pick, string out and exploit a situation for every column inch it’s worth? What kind of blame are YOU willing to accept?

  64. Mike, are you forgetting that Brown was freelancing on some of his routes? There were balls thrown to empty space where Brown should have been in both the Panthers and Jets games. It is no wonder that Brady did not throw his way. Humility is a wonderful thing.

  65. touchback6 says:
    January 6, 2022 at 1:50 pm
    I knew it. He was whining about targets for his VERY attainable bonus for up to 1 million dollars in the last 2 games.

    Once AB wasn’t getting those likely due to his ankle issues, he got ticked off.

    I had it all along.


    Or maybe he wasn’t going to hit them because of his 3 game suspension for the fake vaccination card.

  66. I hate messy divorce’s…this ain’t done even if he is a Ex Buccaneer. Gotta say IF,and that’s a a BIG IF ,the Bucs do manage to win a 2nd Super Bowl ,AB won’t be getting a ring. ( He’s just gonna hoc the 1st one anyway)

  67. Easy to figure out: AB is on an incentive contract. AB has a bad ankle, but with Godwin out they dress him. AB knows he should be out there because Godwin is out, and he has a chance to get to his incentive goal. Arians is putting out packages that are more than likely designed to not give AB much opportunity to get the ball when he’s out there because he knows he is hurt. And that is what you call the perfect storm, folks.

  68. jcdough says:
    January 6, 2022 at 2:02 pm

    It’s one thing to fire Lovie, Schiano, Morris, & Koetter. It’s another thing to fire a coach who won the Super Bowl last year.


    Jerry Jones did it.

  69. It’s too bad, he had some great stat lines when he was healthy AND they targeted him. He had a chance at the incentives but if they didn’t target him and instead used him as a decoy I’d be upset also. He and his agent attempted to get Bucs to guarantee the incentives but they said no. They could have reworked them to meet him halfway….

  70. My angle here:

    Brown’s agent asked for the bonuses to be guaranteed since he was so close and he was playing while injured because the team needed him on the field.

    The team came back and said no.

    AB showed up for work and wasn’t getting targeted… his ankle was still bothering him. The Bucs have the division locked up and likely don’t need to play him in week 18. So he felt like he was being left out of the game plan to screw him out of his bonuses, which are quite substantial. When he decided it was no longer worth risking his long term health chasing the money, he pulled himself from the game.

    More over – the throat slash motion. If a player did this to a coach, he would be thrown out of the league. A coach (AKA a boss) does that to a player, and it’s a foot note in a story.

    We all know that AB’s account and BA’s account are likely hiding their own accountability… or else there wouldn’t have been such a delay in their getting their stories straight. But in the end, does it make sense for AB to implode with millions on the table? Probably not. What if the BA throat slash gesture happened? Then yeah, I could see him flip out.

    Either way, nobody looks good here.

  71. Well as I’ve said repeatedly this was likely what it was, if he was refusing to go in it’s because he was being a decoy/wasnt being ran to him and that’s why he wouldnt play with the injury.

  72. kevpft says:
    January 6, 2022 at 1:42 pm
    The team is better when he gets targets – they win more games. He is happier when he gets targets, and he gets paid more (which is seemingly of paramount importance to him).

    Having him on your team but not targeting him seems like the height of folly. Love Brown or hate him, it doesn’t change how he works, and this just sounds like ignoring reality.

    Brady loved to pass to AB but Brady also passes to whomever is open. If the Jets had AB covered, then Brady would have gone to another target. Not the height of folly, just reality.

  73. Of course the Bucs knew AB was injured. That was never a question. The key point is that the team’s medical staff cleared AB to play and he went out there in the first half. Having a veteran player on a pitch count is also not some proof of scandal. Again, everyone knew AB was banged up. It’s the end of the season – who isn’t banged up at this point? There are also reports that AB lunged at BA and had to be restrained by Mike Evans and Cameron Brate. Tell me, does that sounds like a mature reaction? AB can try to spin things all he wants, but clearly the dude still has a ton of issues. Now he’s trying to throw Brady under the bus after he got him this final ‘second chance’. AB needs to just go away. Retiring from football will give him even more time to assault movers and stiff people he owes money to.

  74. If Brown had been vaccinated he wouldn’t have missed three games to suspension and would have made his incentives!

  75. Jordan says:
    January 6, 2022 at 3:00 pm
    AB was gonna lose money due to catches. TB knew this and they did the same thing last year so he wouldn’t get paid


    So with only a healthy Mike Evans, backup WRs and a backup RB Brady said to himself “We can still beat the Jets and not give AB his money”.

    To add to the comedy, after AB got shafted out of incentives last year he resigned again apparently not realizing it would happen again. Despite bringing back the entire team.


  76. You’re not on a pitch count because of acute injury, it’s intended to prevent or minimize chances of reaggravating injury.

  77. Arians and Brown are both to blame. Brown has ended up being a disaster everywhere and Arians is a smug egomaniac that quit on Arizona.

  78. Took Arians 5 days to come up with his story. As for targets if AB wasn’t suspended for 3 games for lying about being vaccinated he would have had them.

  79. Sorry folks. I believe Ariana version. It does NOT “defy sense”
    He could be in a pitch count and still not have complained about ankle pain.

  80. There are also reports now that AB & his agent last week asked the Bucs to guarantee the
    $1 million of his incentives and the Bucs declined. Whatever else was going on, AB was likely sulking.

    And frankly, Bucs should have paid him his $1 million, chump change for them & AB is a great WR.

  81. The key to this drama is that Brown took a public shot at Alex Guerrero and Tom yesterday.

    Not possible for this to end any other way than Brown cut at that point. Even if Brady had absolutely zero input into the devision, are the Bucs going to let someone in the team suggest publicly that Tom Brady is extorting money from other players through fitness contracts with Alex?

  82. Those here that think the Bucs got rid of Brown to avoid paying the incentives don’t understand the NFL.

    THe goal is to win a Super Bowl. Teams will call the plays that they think will give them the win.

    Winning games, and going to the playoffs provide a lot more money to the team than is paid out in incentives. It’s not even close.

    Brown wasn’t targeted as much as he wanted because opposing defenses typically had him double-covered….and Brady had many other single-coverage choices.

  83. Say what you want but there was no reason for the AB of coaches (diva-Arians) to throw AB off the team mid-game when he said he couldn’t go. Targets or not. Blow hard, look-at-me Arians could have handled it professionally by leaving AB on the bench and handling him after the game.

    With the vax fiasco and AB coming up on the incentives, he started becoming a headache. If you ask me, BA throat-slashed AB knowing that AB would fly off the handle and give BA a reason to kick him off the team making AB look like the bad guy.

  84. What I see is major leadership failure from Bruce Arians. This will haunt them for the rest of the year and perhaps even the off-season

  85. AB GOT his incentives last year–they spent most of the second half of the final game feeding him the ball, at the expense of Ronald Jones, who ended the season with 978 rushing yards

  86. The Steelers won all their super bowls without Brown, and they won plenty. But they never managed to win one with him. Imagine that. Brown came to Tampa and was gifted a super bowl. It was Brady’s 7th. They were winning regardless of who their receivers were. But winning isn’t really Brown’s cup of team. He’s more of a me guy. Bruce said hit the road, Jack. Take the circus elsewhere.

  87. Brown had 5 targets, 3 receps and 26 yards in the first half.
    Good targets not much yardage. Fine.
    Cyril Grayson came in in the 3rd Qtr and racked up 8 targets, 6 catches and a TD, with Brown sulking.
    He was getting his targets

  88. Sounds like a situation that we will never truly get an honest answer about. Neither side is a paragon of honesty. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

  89. It seems that Mike Tomlin was the only coach that could handle Brown for a long period of time. Brown’s antics made other coaches heads spin.

  90. Haven’t we all been watching Tom Brady throw to whoever is open or single-covered for 20 years now? Brady is NOT going to ignore an open Antonio Brown to help management save money. Brady is going to do whatever he can to WIN. But Antonio would interpret his lack of targets as Brady choosing Gronk over him, management not wanting to pay him, anything for it not to be Antonio’s fault. Cause that’s how it is. It’s never Antonio’s fault. Nothing is ever Antonio’s fault.

  91. Arians story doesn’t add up. Let’s do the math here. Antonio Brown had 3 receptions for ~ 30 yards by half time. Mike Evens and other receivers had 4 receptions each for the entire game. Bruce, just because you try to say a grammatically incorrect quote to make it seem more legit, doesn’t mean that’s how it went down. Please don’t insult the public’s intelligence.

  92. If AB shows us his ankle scar, he wins the debate with Arians. Rather foolish for Tampa Bay to nitpick over $2,000,000 when they probably won’t get the number 1 seed and should have rested AB for the playoffs.

  93. A player signing a contract paying him for individual production in a team game is foolhardy. The idea is for the TEAM to win, and that’s not always consistent with production for a wide receiver who may be used for an entire game as a decoy. Brown’s agent should have realized this and advised him against agreeing to it. The Bucs should also have foreseen the problems to come with this arrangement. A big mess, full of mistakes.

  94. AB was only a Buc because Tom Brady lobbied for him. It won’t be a shock if they make nice-nice and AB returns if the Bucs reach the Super Bowl.

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