Cordarrelle Patterson wants to remain with Falcons after breakout year

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It took until nine years into his career for Cordarrelle Patterson to find a team that best unlocked his offensive versatility.

So now that he’s found that home, why would he want to go anywhere else? If it’s up to Patterson, he won’t be.

I’ve been around five teams, eight offensive coordinators; being here, I feel like I’m at home. Why not just finish my career here?” Patterson said of his season with the Atlanta Falcons, via the team’s website. “I’m comfortable with all the guys in the locker room, the coaches, you know, and everybody so why not finish my career here?”

Patterson has over 1,000 yards from scrimmage this season for the first time in his career with the Falcons putting him in the backfield as a running back more than he’s ever been previously in his career. His 607 rushing yards and 547 receiving yards lead the team in both categories.

Patterson has long been a star as a kick returner and is one of the most productive returners in league history. His eight kickoff return touchdowns are tied with Joshua Cribbs and Leon Washington for most in NFL history. But it took landing in Atlanta with head coach Arthur Smith and offensive coordinator Dave Raggone for that explosive ability to consistently find its way into an offensive role.

Patterson signed a one-year deal with Atlanta last offseason and he is scheduled to be a free agent in March.

12 responses to “Cordarrelle Patterson wants to remain with Falcons after breakout year

  1. The one thing the Falcons have done right this year is to be the first team to finally figure out how to use Cordarrelle Patterson. Makes sense he’d want to stay there.

  2. He’s on the older side for a WR/RB, but has lower mileage. Could be worth another year or two, depending on his price.

  3. He barely had any help especially once any coverage that Ridley would’ve drawn was free to not have to double Ridley. I think Patterson ran out of gas which actually should’ve been expected. This was not his planned role or planned usage this season. But it worked & can again. Another season together with Ryan & Pitts gaining some experience & hopefully a Ridley return…..Patterson can match this year EASY with better help at RB. ANYBODY……Chris Carson, Melvin Gordon, any viable vet to HELP or a rookie who can go (Javonte Williams-type). Love CPatt he deserves it.

  4. Once again it goes to show that in sports, especially football, schemes are what sometimes makes or breaks a player’s career.

  5. It is quite baffling that no other team simply gave him the ball more. Always the criticism of “he can’t run pass routes”. It was seriously that difficult to line him up in the backfield a lot and either hand the ball off, run screen passes, or have him run patterns from there? After this season, nobody can say he isn’t good on the offensive side of the ball.

  6. Patterson is an amazing talent who can play practically any position. It’s amazing to see him receive a pitch out and and start sprinting, barreling over anybody in his way. It’s so puzzling why he’s drifted from team to team through his career. But hope he’s found a good home in Atlanta.

  7. Patterson may be the lone bright spot the Falcons have congrats on an outstanding year young man.

  8. I was sorry to see him leave the Patriots. Patterson is just a heck of a dynamic player to watch.

  9. I doubt a single opposing defense said “we have to stop Coradarelle Patterson”. Once they get Ridley back and an actual NFL caliber RB… he will disappear on offense again.

  10. Always loved Cordoroy — good guy that has finally found a positional home. He’d exceed with any team if used properly. Why stick with an also-ran if he has a chance to go to a winner?

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