Report: Baker Mayfield may ask to be traded

Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers
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The Browns and quarterback Baker Mayfield have been on a collision course for weeks, if not months. The collision may indeed happen this offseason.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that, if Mayfield “doesn’t get assurances that things will change next season,” the quarterback will “consider asking to be traded.”

The primary change he seeks relates to the offense and its various philosophies. At the heart of the rift is Mayfield’s relationship with coach Kevin Stefanski.

Mayfield has one year left on his rookie deal, at a salary of $18.858 million. The two sides have not had significant (if any) talks on an extension.

Frankly, the Browns may decide to trade him without him even asking for it. He hasn’t played well on a sufficiently consistent basis. And even though a left shoulder injury provides an obvious explanation/excuse for his regression in 2021, he deserves full blame for the injury. It happened when he decided to go make a tackle after throwing an interception.

The Browns would be wise to consider their options. Mayfield has said enough publicly this season, and enough has been reported regarding his thoughts and beliefs, to justify a conclusion that Mayfield is, at times, a pain in the butt for the organization. From Mayfield’s perspective, his frustration could be rooted in lingering dysfunction within the franchise. Although they made it to the playoffs last year and won a wild-card game, Mayfield’s career began with Hue Jackson and continued with Freddie Kitchens as the head coaches of the team. While it may be better with Stefanski, it still may be a long way from where it needs to be.

On Monday night, Mayfield witnessed a memorable sendoff for Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh. Mayfield is smart enough to realize that’s likely never going to happen for him in Cleveland. If that’s ever going to become his football destiny, he’ll need to go elsewhere to make it.

And if the Browns want to turn the page on the Mayfield era, they likely won’t experience much pushback from the fan base. Mayfield’s prickly side has emerged just enough this season to make it easier for fans to welcome the possibility of a new quarterback for a team that otherwise has plenty of solid pieces in place to contend.

It may come down to who makes the first move. Does Mayfield ask to be traded before the Browns can decide to find an upgrade? Do the Browns start exploring for a better player at the position as a preemptive strike against Mayfield asking to be shipped elsewhere? However it plays out, it should shock no one if Mayfield has a new home city in 2022.

93 responses to “Report: Baker Mayfield may ask to be traded

  1. I would love to see Ben sign with the Browns for one year. Beat Pittsburgh twice, win the division, and win a Super Bowl.

  2. He is terminally short and will always have passes knocked down or tipped into INTs.

  3. Baker needs to go, but Stefanski needs some major work as well. He regressed massively this year. Baker played poorly no doubt because of the injury, but Stefanski put the team in stupid situation after stupid situation.

    You have nick chubb and you decide to throw 36 times a game???

  4. Add yet another name to that XXXXXXL jersey with all the great Browns’ “quarterbacks.”

  5. What exactly does Mayfield want….to throw the ball on every play? They are already throwing it more than they should. Chubb is the best offensive player they had. He should get twice as many carries. He also doesn’t turn the ball over….unlike Mayfield who does it regularly.

  6. I can thing of 9 cities that would welcome Baker. They’re all in the Canadian Football League.

  7. I refuse to believe that if Mayfield is healthy he couldn’t be as good (or even slightly better) than Tannehill. Cleveland has a great running game and pretty solid defense as well.

    This is all on Stefanski for completely blundering Mayfield’s injury.

  8. If anyone should be requiring assurances that changes will be made it should be the Browns, Mayfield is an interception machine

  9. Longest tenured QB since Bernie Kosar in 30 years and he can’t even make it to a second contract. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about the Browns.

  10. More than one player has questioned the play calling this year, and so have the fans. Stefanski, and the coaching staff, has drawn criticism for a lack of adjustments, not using the running game, and not being able to design a consistent offense that makes the most of what the team has got, which is what he was hired for. I’m not sure if he’s just too stubborn to make changes, is too busy doing Head Coach stuff to work with offense, or too busy doing offense stuff and not enough HC stuff, but it’s got me thinking there are problems with the coaching, not the players.

  11. Denver. Miami. Houston. Carolina. Washington. Pittsburgh. Atlanta. Detroit. He’d be an upgrade in any of those situations, hold a spot until they get a real QB. Tyrod Taylor v.2.,.

  12. Why would you speculate that a send off would most likely never happen in Cleveland? To even get a send off like that, you have to win. And not just win, but win a lot. By the way, it did happen in Cleveland. With Bernie Kosar.

  13. Daniel Jones for Baker. Straight up. Two guys that need a reset and neither going to win a super bowl.

  14. Mayfield has some nerve asking to be traded considering his performance and attitude. At the same time, Stefanski’s offense is extremely bland and predictable, and he should not have let Baker play while injured this season, since that clearly contributed to his poor play.

  15. the #1 quality in a franchise QB: Do you make those around you better. All the great ones do it, can you win with mediocre talent around you? hes had LOADED squads and squandered it. Hes had his opportunity, time to move on.

  16. Baker to the Packers, A-A-Ron to the 49ers. Kirk Cousins to the Browns. Vikings start the rebuild with and draft their potential Franchise QB.

  17. A short QB did well in New Orleans. Gotta cut out those silly commercials though. Maybe he would do well in the Saints system. Geaux Saints!

  18. Here is a blockbuster deal…Trade him to Miami for Tua then both would have an opportunity to say they were worthy of where they were taken.There situations are similar…

  19. Sure he will …. Just like Tua was headed to Denver and Watson was headed to Philly.

  20. Honestly I can’t wait to see his commercial when he puts his ‘house’ up for sale. That will be funny.

  21. A straight up swap of Mayfield for Cousins makes sense for both teams. Cousins knows Stefanski’s system and is an upgrade from Mayfield. Mayfield is on the last year of his cheap rookie deal and would save some cap room for the Vikings to fix their Defense. If Mayfield lays an egg in 2022, the Vikes simply let him become a free agent after the 2022 season and draft their QB of the future in the QB rich 2023 draft. If he realizes his potential, the Vikings sign him to a long term contract after the 2022 season.

  22. Why not rest up your broken arm and labrum, have Cleveland draft a WR, and come back stronger with a top 5 running game? The grass is not always greener, for both Baker and the Browns and their past QB carousel. The Broncos would be his best option with their defense and running game

  23. What the Browns will one in terms of draft pick compensation will be too much for nearly all the teams in the NFL.

    So where does that leave Baker’s trade value?

    I would see him getting traded either for a player of comprable value. He’ll then be a backup or a secondary pawn in competition for a starting job. Houston comes to mind.

  24. The day after he is traded, the stadium will have a new “2022 -The Race for the 1st draft Pick!” sign hanging. Luckily they have 10 or so already made up, so it won’t cost them much. Just a change of year.

  25. Cleveland is killing this guy. 9 sacks in one game will take it’s toll. Upgrade your line already.

  26. I have mixed feelings. At times, his “I’ll plant an OU flag at OSU Stadium” moxy has given the Browns a feeling of competitiveness that pulled them from decades of losing. You saw iyt when he responded to the OBJ exodus with a huge game. At other times, he seems immature.

    Baker to the Steelers? He’s no Big Ben,, but he’s a lot better than Mason Rudolph and knows the division.

  27. Simply put, Mayfield is better doing tv commercials then being an NFL starting QB. A very solid back up for some team though.

  28. Baker Mayfield has lost his ever loving mind. NO ONE would give up a high draft pick for Mayfield right now, the dude has been terrible all year literally ranking 31st of 32 ranked starting QBs via PFF. Mayfield has zero leverage. With no one wanting to give up anything of value/consequence for Mayfield I don’t see CLV just trading Mayfield for the sake of trading him until they can find a better option at the QB position. The Browns have surrounded Mayfield with ELITE level talent at WR, RB and one of the top 2-3 OL”s in the NFL and dude STILL sucks and fell on his face again this season. Mayfield needs to wake up and realize he has little value right now and needs a very strong bounce back season before he’s in position to be making demands.

  29. Some form of Baker and picks for Deshaun Watson has to happen this offseason. Right?

  30. Who would trade for an overrated, small 1st rd disappointment who will want a large contract?


    Just draft a QB. He’s at best a 1B type of a QB or a back up. He’s never been that good and needs an all world run game to be able to function for playaction.

  31. I’m no Baker apologist, but saying “he deserves full blame for the injury. It happened when he decided to go make a tackle after throwing an interception” is messed up. He’s a FOOTBALL player! When there’s a turnover, the offense becomes defense, and they are expected to tackle the guy with the ball. If he didn’t try to make the tackle, half the media would have crucified him for lack of effort. The injury may have happened while he was making a tackle, but he doesn’t deserve “blame” for it.

  32. If only there were another NFL franchise angling to acquire a loudmouth, arrogant, 6′-1″ inaccurate quarterback. What do do?

  33. @VisionTim the line was NOT the problem as much as the injuries. They had (3) top-20 linemen as starters. They had the No. 1 ranked line last year with the same group of five linemen. Two of their best were injured this year, so depth was an issue.

  34. Does Baker believe he will eventually dance in front of Stefanski the way he danced in front of Hue Jackson?

  35. Mayfield is only part of the problem. Stefanski should be looking over his shoulder after mismanaging this group of players. Absolutely awful.

  36. Cam Newton and Tua will be battling for the Browns QB job next season. Baker will absolutely flourish in Miami.

  37. As a Bostonian married to a Chicagoan, Baker and the 2020 browns remind me of my wife’s 2018 Bears with Trubisky.

    Everyone overachieved in an unknown new system. Mack and the defense were hitting in all cylinders. Mitch turned in a decent season too.

    But I told my extended family/in law’s, your bears will be 8-8 in 2019 because they will be figured out regress in the standings….

    That’s exactly what’s going on Cleveland. Regression on all fronts

  38. I cant imagine there would be much of a market for him in a trade scenario. What do you trade? A mid, late rd pick or a few of them, your backup QB?

  39. With fan access to NFL film maybe some of you know,as do the Browns staff, just how bad Mayfield has been at making wrong reads and such.Also,you can see plenty of glaring mistakes on normal TV even without replay.

    I get the argument that you can’t give up their best QB since 1999 but I think last season is Mayfield’s ceiling and he doesn’t have any special qualities to get a team to a Super Bowl let alone win it.

    Who else is out there? I think it’ll end up being Trubisky because he reportedly was the #1 QB on their (DePodesta) draft board and we know they already passed on DeShaun Watson.

  40. So it’s a player’s fault when he gets injured making a tackle? Baker Mayfield was hurt playing football.

  41. This seems like a really easily avoidable problem. Mayfield has shown a high ceiling. The team operates really well when there’s a balance between passing and running. They have solid players in every phase of the game. Objectively speaking, they seem to be in fine shape.

    I don’t see any reason for panic or dysfunction. It seems like everyone involved is manufacturing an artificial crisis with urgency that has no basis.

  42. What I am noticing is many of these mediocre QBs keep getting starts based on where they were drafted. Case in point Zach Wilson. If he was not the second pick of the draft would he be getting the starts he is getting? Mayfield is similar to me, is he much better than any of his backups? And would his backups actually end up better if they got the same amount of reps? I think GMs put way too much stock into where a player was drafted to try and protect their decisions.

  43. When the team refuses to play to your strengths, it’s hard to argue with him if he wants out. They stopped doing the things that made them a playoff team, they refused to play the guy he had the best chemistry with, and they let that cancer OBJ back around the team to cause all of the dissention that has happened this year, like I knew it would.

  44. This is a QB league. Anyone who thinks Baker has no value is just plain wrong. He’s not elite at all but when healthy is solid. Someone will take a chance for him.

  45. I would offer a 7th round pick in 2024 combined with the Browns paying 80% of his 2022 salary.

  46. BayAreaBrownsBacker says:
    January 6, 2022 at 12:31 pm
    Why would you speculate that a send off would most likely never happen in Cleveland? To even get a send off like that, you have to win. And not just win, but win a lot. By the way, it did happen in Cleveland. With Bernie Kosar.
    Winning a lot in Cleveland = having as many winning seasons as losing seasons as a starter and going 3-4 in the post season.

  47. This guy is horrible. Johnny Manziel 2.0
    Annoying he has so many endorsements having had done jack squat on the field.
    Don’t know how ANY team would want him

  48. Why would Mayfield even think about coming back to browns with stefanski as HC offense? Stefanski is terrible with game planning and playcalling, never should have played an injured QB with a vet backup, and probably should be fired for his ineptness.

  49. If the Browns want Cousins for Mayfield, they’d better attach a first-round pick to that deal.

  50. nytro says:
    January 6, 2022 at 12:21 pm
    I can thing of 9 cities that would welcome Baker. They’re all in the Canadian Football League.
    ——————————————————————————————–I believe the Toronto Argonauts still hold his CFL rights. I’d be happy to have him lead the Argo offense.

  51. The comment about Baker being terminally short, yes. Several times during a game his passes are either tipped or batted down. Some of the blame can be on the O-Line (for not getting up into a guy allowing the D-linemen to jump up), but please Cleveland attain a 6’3″+ QB. Yes, some shorter QB’s are hall of famers (Tarkenton & soon to be Brees), but they have mastered arm angles, Baker has not. This offense should be enticing to a QB. Best running game in the league, one of the best O-Lines & one WR away from a top flight receiving core.

  52. If he does get traded, does that mean he cant live in Cleveland Stadium anymore?
    Dont know who exactly would want him. There are some decent QB’s coming out in the draft, not rated great but guys who have a lot of promiss. Why a Mayfly when you can mold your own guy and go through the needed growing pains.

  53. He’ll fetch a Day 2 pick and some team will definitely take a chance on him… He played hurt all year, which was probably dumb on his part, but I respect that he did… I’m guessing he’d have no shortage of suitors.

  54. Nothing wrong with Him. Hell a good offense would play to it’s strengths. The coaches lack serious talent he has been with. The saints would be at least not roll him out toward his bad arm and would make his passing game much better with sound route concepts. The browns are a clown show not him.

  55. Trade for what — a replacement for that nacho-cheese machine he used in the halloween commercial?

  56. Remember when Browns fans were talking about Baker taking them to a SuperBowl? That was hilarious.

  57. Come on, half the QBs in the league will “consider” asking to be traded. Then they will reconsider.

  58. For those of you folks who mentioned The Texans, no way the Texans want Mayfield when they have Davis Mills!

    The Texans do not want him!

  59. Mayfield has the little guy syndrome . He always has a chip on his shoulder for real or sometimes imagined reasons . He wants to be the tough guy as he tried to prove attempting the tackle on the interception. He can’t handle being told what to do because of the chip on his shoulder . Bottom line Cleveland isn’t Mayfield’s problem it’s his inability to get out of his own head . He needs to come to grips with the fact he’s not going to change anything for the better as long as he continues to give into his little man syndrome .

  60. Baker is a slightly more stable Manziel.

    Browns need to cut Stefanski and hire Jim Harbaugh. Love to see the Harbs brothers beat up eachother 2-3 times a year.

  61. Dysfunctional organization passed on Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson. Enough said.

  62. Will he be selling his place if he moves? I was enjoying my house sitting job their except for all the dogs.

  63. Excuses! Excuses! Stop it! He had two of the best wide receivers in football and STILL couldn’t accurately get them the football! This has NOTHING to do with him being injured now. I’m sick of people making excuses for him and Taysom Hill! Stop it! They SUCK!

  64. Cleveland fans are just stupid! Send him to Pittsburgh and let him terrorize the Brownies the way Big Ben did.They passed on Ben for a tightend.

  65. You want to blame Baker’s injury for making a tackle?? it doesn’t matter that he was tackling a defender who intercepted his throw. He was doing his job to stop the opponent who had the ball like any coach would demand.

  66. Baker is a good QB when he’s not injured. Stefanski treated Mayfield like crap, calling passing plays even when Chubb was unstoppable..even when Mayfield was injured and getting sacked or hit on every other play. THis last game against the Steelers was sad. It was basically open season on Mayfield.

    Mayfield should want out of Cleveland.

  67. “Hey Coach, why did you take Chubb out of the game in the 4th quarter?” Coach “Well He was a little soar and winded”… Meanwhile let me dial up another pass play to get Mayfield drilled again for the 9th time. In one game.

  68. Brown fans are awesome!! Baker leads the team to their first playoff win in 25 years. Almost forget the win, how about just making the playoffs. It had been 18 years since doing that. Just playing in a playoff game. Then the team almost beats KC the next week.

    Not even a year later, you guys are ready to kick him to the curb. Get rid of him. He is the worse. He sucks!! Even though he busted his ass to make a tackle and yes, someone would have chirped he wasn’t giving his all if he let the guy score. LOL!!

    You all deserve to add another QB to your shirt and go find someone else. Then wonder why no QB worth a crap wants to come play in Cleveland.

    I have a Cleveland Baker jersey. Yes, he has made some bad throws to say the least. He has played 4 yrs under how many freaking HC’s. Maybe if Cleveland could ever get their coaching situation settled, the rest will take care of itself.

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