Ron Rivera: Joe Judge’s comments interesting, but won’t impact game for the most part

NFL: NOV 08 Giants at Washington Football Team
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Giants head coach Joe Judge’s well-publicized 11-minute rant after his team was dominated by the Bears last Sunday included what many people saw as a dig against the Washington Football Team.

Judge said the Giants are not “some clown show organization” after noting that the team is not having fistfights on the sideline, which is something that happened on the Washington sideline in their Week 16 loss to the Cowboys. Judge said later that he wasn’t referring to the NFC East team specificially, but the comments did catch the ear of Washington head coach Ron Rivera.

“Honestly I just find it interesting and I have no response to that,’’ Rivera said, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “To me the important thing is we play on Sunday more so than anything else and I’m more concerned with getting ready to play a football game as opposed to anything else. . . . One thing I tell our guys is, ‘Let’s pay attention to what’s important and not what’s interesting.’ To me, that’s an interesting comment, it really is. It really isn’t going to impact what’s going to happen on Sunday, for the most part.”

The final part of Rivera’s response suggests there may be some mention of the comments before Washington tries to extend the Giants’ losing streak to six games on Sunday night.

8 responses to “Ron Rivera: Joe Judge’s comments interesting, but won’t impact game for the most part

  1. Judge is showing why his team is so bad. He is worried about everyone else when he should be focused on his own circus.

  2. But the WFT is a clown show. The players on the team know it so it won’t be a motivational comment to them.

  3. Rivera isn’t a fantastic coach IMO but he’s light years more effective than Joe Judge will ever be. The two year sample we’ve all gotten of Judge is enough for anyone. Go back to running a special teams unit…or managing a Foot Locker.

  4. It’s not that interesting. Washington is a clown show.

    Every organization starts at the top.

  5. What exactly is Rivera supposed to say? It’s not like what Judge said actually qualifies as a true rant. And if it was a rant, it was certainly only a low-key one.

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