Teddy Bridgewater “definitely” plans to continue playing after season-ending concussion

Cincinnati Bengals v Denver Broncos
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Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will miss his third straight game with a concussion this weekend and it was his second head injury of the 2021 season.

Bridgewater has also come back from a serious leg injury he suffered while playing with the Vikings earlier in his career, but none of the medical issues have him considering another line of work. Bridgewater said on Thursday that he “definitely” plans to continue playing in 2022.

“I always say every time I get hit or every time I hit the ground, I ask God, ‘Why am I doing this?'” Bridgewater said, via Mike Klis of KUSA. “Then when I get up and come to work on a Wednesday and see these guys working hard, that’s why you do it. The interactions you have with the guys in the locker room. The smiles you get to put on a fan’s face. The feeling of competing. That’s why you do this.”

Bridgewater reworked his deal after being traded to the Broncos by the Panthers and will be a free agent after the season, so where Bridgewater will continue his career is uncertain.

6 responses to “Teddy Bridgewater “definitely” plans to continue playing after season-ending concussion

  1. He’s not going to put up monster numbers but he’s the best QB we’ve had in a long while.

  2. I’m so tired of keyboard warriors calling athletes “soft” or “made of glass.” It’s just a stupid, mean, and cowardly thing to say. I can guarantee they would never say it to the football player’s face.

    Do people who say that stuff think if a “tougher” guy is drilled in the head that he won’t get a concussion or if a “tougher” guy’s knee is forcibly bent the wrong way that the ligaments won’t tear? I don’t get it.

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