Bill O’Brien set to interview with Jaguars next week

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The Jaguars’ interest in former Texans head coach Bill O’Brien is great enough that they’ll be bringing him in for an interview.

John Reid of the Florida Times-Union reports that O’Brien will interview for Jacksonville’s head coaching vacancy next week. O’Brien is currently Alabama’s offensive coordinator and will coach in Monday’s national title game before turning his attention toward a conversation with the Jaguars.

O’Brien was 52-48 in the regular stadium and 2-4 in four trips to the postseason while coaching the Texans. He was fired early in the 2020 season and joined Nick Saban’s staff at Alabama this year.

Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is also expected to interview with the team next week and Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich is reportedly meeting with them on Friday. Doug Peterson, Jim Caldwell, and Todd Bowles have already spoken with Jacksonville, whose decision to keep General Manager Trent Baalke has added another layer of intrigue to their coaching search.

39 responses to “Bill O’Brien set to interview with Jaguars next week

  1. I believe Bill O’Brien is a really good coach. He was doing a good job in Houston until he became power hungry.

  2. I should revist my past life shenanigans and see if I ran into BoB somewhere. When I hit big time in the future I don’t want him having my tapes. It’s the only way I can explain it. Lol

  3. I’d talk to some ex Texans about him. As a GM, he wasn’t good, but as a HC, hard to say. Given the player reaction to Meyer, you need to be smart about player interaction.

  4. Obrien? Hope he doesn’t list the Texans as a reference. You might as well rehire Urban Meyer

  5. If he becomes coach, perhaps he will trade Lawrence for an old broken-down running back.

  6. If Bill took this time to reflect upon his demise in Houston and learned from it, with Trevor Lawrence he’s possibly inheriting a good situation to capitalize but I tend to look at the cup as half full

  7. Remember the days when we used to say “Browns gonna Brown” with a resigned look because you just KNEW they were going to screw up whatever was on front of them?

    I mean, we never said this about other teams – never said “Chargers gonna Charger” or “Lions gonna Lion.” It was our phrase – our very special phrase – for the Browns and the Browns alone.

    Yeah, well there’s a new sheriff in town.

    Jags gonna Jag.

  8. How is Baalke still employed? He’s like 10-54ish since he forced Harbaugh out in SF. O’Brien clearly needs a GM based on what happened in Houston. But no coach needs Baalke at GM.

  9. Just the DeAndre Hopkins trade alone…should ban Bill O’Brien from ever coaching in the NFL again.

  10. Lawrence has the potential to be great. The biggest thing that matters by far is finding someone to develop him. O’Brien was supposed to be the Quarterback Whisperer and he ran through a dozen QBs in Houston without developing one of them until getting lucky with Watson.

  11. vontazeromanowski says: “If he becomes coach, perhaps he will trade Lawrence for an old broken-down running back.”

    “Old broken-down” RB David Johnson as the amount of yards as DeAndre Hopkins over the last two years at $41 MILLION LESS in salary.

    Let me also remind you that you’ll still be paying an over 30-yr-old Hopkins $27 Million a year (averaging 1,000 yards/yr production in Arizona) for the next three years…


  12. Does Jacksonville have enough Uber talented franchise players to trade away, and get peanuts in return?

    Not sure Billy would want that job otherwise.

  13. Just the perception of O’Brien makes this a bad idea. Hiring the guy, just one season after he was fired, who contributed to running the Texans into the ground is not what the Jags need. They just got rid of Doug Marrone. Marrone is a similar type of coach. I’m not saying Marrone was the guy who ruined the Jags but a hard pass on O’Brien. I realize one can say that O’Brien helped develop Deshaun Watson and just had the Heisman Trophy winning QB but no, no, no.

  14. I feel truly sorry for Jags fans having to endure an owner as incompetent as Khan is. Tough to have hope for your team to get better when the owner continually hires the wrong people to run it.

  15. For a coach he ain’t bad. Just don’t let him have any say in the front office.

  16. Honestly thought he was good coach. He was pretty successful for awhile here but the trades he made towards the end were just bizarre. For Hop he got the equivalent of a pack of gum and an expired Kmart gift card..

  17. I fully believe Bill O’Brien can be an excellent head coach in the NFL. Unfortunately the fit in Houston was bad and so is a the fit in Jacksonville. If ownership wants to develop Trevor Lawrence the right way, fire Trent Baalke and bring in a new GM and have him hire a new head coach. As long as Baalke is there, the Jags will never go anywhere.

  18. If the Jaguars are willing to hire O’Brien, maybe they’ll sign Antonio Brown to a long-term guaranteed contract.

  19. Glad to hear this. Just don’t let this hothead jerk anywhere near the coaching job, if it opens up, at our U. of Michigan! Hire him, please, Jags. Get him the hell off the market!!!

  20. poor Trevor, worst person in coaching history is being considered to be your coach. SAY SOMETHING before it’s too late. Ban BILL obrian

  21. JAX’s #1 goal should be to preserve and develop their most valuable asset – Lawrence. All hiring and personnel decisions should be about building a functional unit around that asset. Hiring BO as coach does not fit with that model in any way whatsoever.

  22. Leftwich has the inside track here if he wants the job. They need a QB coach to develop Lawrence.

  23. BoB in Jacksonville, now there’s a perfect(although disfunctional) fit if I’ve even seen one!

  24. He got rid of Hopkins because it affected his ability to be El Presidente, ruler of all the things in Houston. He’s just another clown.

  25. Ya’ think maybe he regrets the Andre Hopkins trade? A Probowler for a load of coal!

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