Boomer Esiason has a source who says Aaron Rodgers will threaten Super Bowl boycott

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Hub Arkush may have some company in the Aaron Rodgers “absolute bum” category. (I’ve been there for about a decade. You get used to it.)

Via the @BackAftaThis Twitter account, Boomer Esiason shared this morning on his WFAN radio show a text from a source who claims that Rodgers will threaten to boycott the Super Bowl (the Packers would first have to make it, of course) if the NFL doesn’t eliminate some of the COVID protocols. Rodgers particularly doesn’t like the rule that compels testing of asymptomatic players.

Currently, all unvaccinated players (like Rodgers) are tested daily, regardless of symptoms. Rodgers continues to experience a 90-day “testing holiday” after his positive diagnosis in November. His daily testing window reopens two days after the NFC Championship, if the Packers are still alive.

Esiason didn’t name his source. His co-host, Greg Gianotti, asked, “Is it someone we should be trusting with their information?”

“I would, yes,” Esiason said.

Although none of this is relevant if the Packers don’t make it to the Super Bowl, the text also points out that Rodgers will threaten not to play in 2022 over the situation. Thus, even if the Packers don’t make it to the Super Bowl, it could be an issue regarding his willingness to keep playing at all.

UPDATE 5:50 p.m. ET: Rodgers has laughed off this report, which may have been a hoax.

165 responses to “Boomer Esiason has a source who says Aaron Rodgers will threaten Super Bowl boycott

  1. Thank you for giving us little people a voice Arron, you’re the man! Bring back common sense!

  2. I’m not a huge fan of all the vaccinating either but boycotting the super bowl or next season is just silly. No player in the history of the game has been or is bigger than the game. If Rodgers boycotts the NFL will keep marching forward with or without him.

  3. Man, even more reason to like Rodgers. I love it. Stand for what you believe in. Don’t bow down, Rodgers. I stand with Rodgers. ✊🏻

  4. If true, the NFL will make sure the refs make sure the Packers don’t make the big game.

  5. Don’t worry Aaron. The Packers won’t make the SB with that run defense.

  6. This sounds so ridiculous I wonder if Rodgers is behind these so called sources so he can toy with the media when stories like this come out. This can’t possibly be true.

  7. Rodgers’ arrogance knows no bounds. Before he can boycott a superbowl he has to stop his annual playoff choke job and get there.

  8. What a brat. Instead of being grateful for being paid millions of dollars to throw a ball for a living, we get embarrassing and uncooperative behavior. If I was head coach, I would cut him. No room for divas like this on my team.

  9. Is Rodgers jealous that AB got all the attention this week? If this story is true, it’s a whopper. Wow.

  10. Looks like there will be two Super Bowl venues this year; one for the two teams and another for Aarons ego.

  11. A lot of sources have said a lot of things about Rodgers that have not panned out. Call me skeptical of sources.

  12. That would actually give the NFL/Super Bowl a huge PR boost. NFL wins either way.

  13. Doesn’t matter. He is going to choke in the playoffs before he gets a chance to boycott the Super Bowl, just like he does almost every year.

  14. Most people will believe anything cuz it’s Aaron Rodgers, but I highly doubt he would boycott the Super Bowl. If he wanted to boycott, he would’ve done it before the season.

  15. It was originally mentioned yesterday. They questioned the legitimacy of it today. Boomer also guaranteed the new team name in Washington will be the Admirals. So we shall see if that is true.

  16. He gave a false account of Nagy being told he would be fired last week, so I don’t trust Boomer all that much.

  17. Love that he’s going to boycott something that the NFL and his union agreed upon.

  18. Brady deserves that MVP award more than Rodgers. He’ll prove it again this season. Rodgers won’t have to worry about the super bowl, considering he won’t be there.

  19. He’s boycotted every year but one.. Long after he’s gone the NFL will continue to thrive..

  20. If this is true, Rodgers is just getting dumber by the day. Does NOT matter what Rodgers believes, the NFLPA agreed by a majority with the NFL.
    Rodgers can abide by the rules or quit. The NFL and NFLPA do not exist to please Mr. Rodgers.

  21. Nonsense. The only thing that drives Rodgers these days is winning more Super Bowls to try to stick it to everyone he doesn’t like. He won’t give that chance up over some theoretical principal.

  22. I call this report BS. Will anyone be calling out Esiason after he is proven WRONG? Of course not.

  23. Someone is playing Esiason, perhaps Rodgers himself. I think Rodgers is now in a mission to make as many media people as he can look like fools. Have you noticed that about 90% of ‘reliably sourced’ stories turn out to be wrong lately? This could be a coordinated league wide movement to make the media look stupid.

  24. Re: Boomer and his “source.”

    Those who say do not know. Those who know do not say.

  25. Just Boomer’s way of making sure the NFL and their refs make sure the Packers don’t make it to the Superbowl. Pretty low of Boomer.

  26. I wonder if Rodgers will call Boomer a bum? If true, Rodgers definitely spells team with a “I”

  27. Boomer doesnt know squat. False narrative to stir the pot, and as others have said He has to make it there first.

  28. Hook, line and sucker for anyone to buy this garbage. Boomer said it must be true, people will believe anything as long as it’s on the internet. Not going to happen even if they do make the Superbowl.

  29. I’m betting Packers management is really kicking themselves for not trading Aaron last year when he threw his first hissy fit. His trade value is plummeting now.

  30. Kupp is the MVP anyway. He just won’t get it. It’s the Best QB award every year now. The rest is all just BS- nobody is gonna boycott the Super Bowl. Let’s get real.

  31. All you Rodgers bashers take a breath and freaking THINK for once. For once. Some guy said some other guy said Rodgers said blah blah blah. Bunch of non-thinking overreaction per the norm.

  32. I’m fascinated now to see this happen and have NFL call his bluff. Then, he either caves or becomes, hands down, the most hated athlete in the history of GB. And Favre would be so, so happy.

  33. So if Boomer is wrong about this rumor is he going to publicly admit it and apologize for spreading false information?

  34. I doubt this is true at all but if Rodgers or any other player really wanted to make a statement regarding unfair, draconian responses from the NFL, he should’ve quit the NFL and gone to the USFL.

  35. Stoking the fire – not a lick of truth in any of it. Rodgers would not do his team like that.

  36. We can find a more valuble player elsewhere.
    All the Dreams and hours of hard work by lesser paid “teamates” is unimportant to this self centered bozo.

  37. The NFL was here long before Rogers & will be when he’s gone, no matter what drama he may or may not bring in between that time….

  38. Might be a great distraction to ‘threaten’ to boycott.

    But if you actually believe, after spending 10 grueling years trying to get back mountaintop he would sit out?? There really isn’t anything worth typing in response.

  39. IF Green Bay made it to the Super Bowl … it’s his right to protest, that’s fine; however, the game would still go on regardless. Jordan Love would be the starter and the game would be played. Nothing to see here.

  40. No matter what the news story is, it is funny how people run with ‘unverified sources’ as if it is 100% accurate.

  41. Whoa, slow down Rodgers, my head is still spinning from the profound “the grass is greener where you water it” philosophy.

  42. The same people who believe Boomer on this are the same people who rant about Rodgers being unvaxxed…. Morons.

  43. He sat out all off season because he wanted more control over personnel decisions for the GB Packers. And now he wants to make decisions for Park Avenue. Next he’ll be telling Biden how to run the country. Let him sit out (if they make it).

  44. Memo from Roger Goodell: Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.

  45. springfield says:
    January 7, 2022 at 3:51 pm
    Thank you for giving us little IQ people a voice Arron, you’re the man! Bring back common sense!
    Not sure who this Arron is that you claim as your leader this article is about Aaron Rodgers .

  46. We spent an entire spring and summer following several unsubstantiated rumors about Aaron Rodgers that were eventually proven to be false.
    Almost all of them corroborated by unnamed sources or some other garbage like that.

    The sad part about all of this is the fact that no one can be bothered to go back and clean up the mess afterward, it’s always an afterthought and then it’s, @On to the next story!”

    Forgive me for being more than just a little bit dubious about this latest gossip item.
    But Hey, you gotta sell clicks, right Boomer?

  47. I have heard Boomer say on many occasions when they use the phrase ” a reliable source in the locker room” it’s not reliable. Sounds like a hypocrite here.

  48. Seriously doubt this is true. maybe Esiason taking a jab at NBC. If true it would be hilarious if Jordan Love started and won the game.

  49. You know how very famous people say you cannot believe how crazy people just seem to come out of woodwork attacking them? It’s true.

  50. If this is false then Boomer should retire and PFT should rename itself to the Weekly World News.

  51. touchback6 says:
    January 7, 2022 at 4:01 pm
    Great leadership skills.

    How can anyone on the front lines respect this man?

    I’d say the people in the front lines who were summarily fired for refusing vaccination probably like him quite a bit

  52. The best part of this all is, true or not.. no one here really believes this is OUTSIDE the realm of possibility for Aaron.

  53. oh boo hoo for poor AR, I don’t like the rules so I won’t play. Ok big boy go for it, take your ball and go home, don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. What a loser he has become over the years.

  54. If this happens blame the NFL. They made the stupid rules they can deal with the consequences.

  55. If true (doubtful), he’ll have my support and I’ll forever be a fan. Not that it matters. But we need more people like him taking a stand for peons like me. We’re on 2 years. Live your life in fear and hide, I won’t judge you as long as you’re happy. That’s your choice. But let the rest of us live how we choose.

  56. xney says:
    January 7, 2022 at 3:51 pm
    Do it! Cement your legacy of whiniest player ever.

    Colin Kaepernick has entered the room…

  57. lol at all the morons on here thinking this is true. Get a life idiots and stop believing everything you read on the internet. Clowns.

  58. philmccracken says:
    January 7, 2022 at 5:30 pm

    McAfee should be fun on Tuesday.

    I wonder if McAfee wasn’t Boomer’s unnamed source? 🤣

  59. While I’m on board with the still over the top COVID nonsense, Rodgers just assured his team they won’t make it. Goodell to all officials, holding and offensive PI all day on the pack.

  60. Why wait for the Super Bowl? If Aaron truly wanted to make a statement he should start his boycott this weekend and the entire playoffs as well. I’d love to see him pull an “Antonio Brown” and throw off his jersey and pads and run off the field waving to the fans. Heck, he and AB could start their own IEL (Inflated Egos League).

  61. Too bad haters… it was all a hoax and Boomer was dumb enough to discuss it openly without verifying the info. But you all wanted to believe it so bad.

  62. The same people that believe this also believe the corporate media word for word

  63. He’d be a hero to some. A complete fool to others. That’s life. But really, Boomer Esiason generally doesn’t have anything of interest to say.

  64. Maybe Boomer has a bet on another team to win the super bowl, so he’s trying to get the refs to screw Green Bay. If Boomer had any credible knowledge, the league would be aware of it. The refs would certainly make sure G.B. wasn’t in the Super Bowl. And I’m sure Rodgers’ teammates would appreciate him for that. Maybe that would be using the term “teammate” too loosely.

  65. Wow, the number of commenters who bought what Boomer said is pathetic. Even before it was announced as a possible hoax. So just because Boomer said it, it really must be true! Ah, no. If you use Boomer as a reliable source you have a problem. smh

  66. First Rodgers says the covid vaccine makes you sterile. Horse dewormer immunizes you. The nfl discriminates against the unvaccinated. Covid toe! (But don’t report about my toe). Now covid testing is bad. That’s critical thinking.

  67. This clown got a bunch of people on his side with the Hub Arkush MVP vote stuff earlier this week…. But of course… he can’t go a week without acting like an infant. I don’t understand how anyone who isn’t a Packers fan can like this guy. He’s a child. Retire Aaron. Go hang out with your weirdo hippy vegan hollywood friends in California. He’s a truly phenomenal QB but I’m just tired of this nonsense.

  68. You people are crazy. Aaron Rodgers didn’t say this, Boomer did! You have no proof this is actually what’s happening.He played in SF this year and didn’t complain.

  69. Those of you who are acting like Boomer would just make this up… you clearly don’t understand who Boomer is. He often annoys me and I disagree with a lot of his opinions but he’s absolutely the opposite of a talking head who would just “make stuff up” or run with a source that is super flimsy. That’s not his bag. He’s not desperate for clicks or exposure, guy has like 6 jobs in media, he’s a made man, not some NFL blogger trying to break through. Stop clowning yourself you Rodgers fan boys are sad. The reality is Rodgers probably leaked this purposefully because he’s a vindictive jag.

  70. Is Boomer drunk? Who would believe such a stupid story?

    I can’t stand Rogers, but Boomer owes him an apology.

  71. Who cares if he plays? Who cares if any if these guys play? All a bunch of Neanderthals. Once you are in your 20s, if you still care who wins and loses a football game, then you are an imbecile. Just a game that doesn’t effect your life win or lose.

  72. Some people just don’t understand when they are being trolled.

    Funny seeing all those taking the media as gospel.

    Serious question. What has the media done the past 30 years to deserve such loyalty?

  73. I would laugh so hard if Rodgers actually did something like this! Basically thumbing his nose at his teammates, organization, and the Packer fans because he feels slighted.

  74. Love this story. Media looks foolish. They don’t verify a story because they want it to be true. They never contacted the source. Why would they they hate their subject. Judging from your comments you wanted to believe it too. Sounds very familiar in news reporting in general.

  75. This is something you tell somebody to check where it ends up in the media to find out whether you can trust that person. I guess that leak is closed.

  76. Aaron Rodgers

    Were you just mad I only told
    to be ready and not you??

    Thats from Rodgers twitter responding to Kurt Benkurt,

    If the extra week of NFL games is just going to make the media talk so foolish, about players boycotting a game that is literally the reason they play the game, and tarnishing MVP votings, Can we go back to 16 next season?

  77. Funny thing is when you are a member of a union (as Aaron is) you have to abide by the rules that they bargain with management. COvID protocols are collectively bargained. It’s not like “the man” is doing this to him. It’s his representative!

  78. What a bunch of BS! Rodgers has already come out on Twitter and made fun of this. The media’s obsession with Aaron Rodgers is ridiculous!

  79. How dumb is Boomer? Very dumb and yet not as dumb as some of you fools on here. Gullible much?

  80. If media sillyness is all that happen the extra week of the NFL season can we go back to 16 games?

  81. You guys will believe anything, it’s why you can’t think for yourselves without the news

  82. Another Rodgers drama story again? How many of these can be made up for saps to believe? LOL, it’s just ridiculous how much conjecture/what ifs come from unnamed sources.

  83. Every now and then someone like Boomer has to throw something like this out there to make sure people remember he still exists.

  84. “Esiason didn’t name his source. His co-host, Greg Gianotti, asked, “Is it someone we should be trusting with their information?”. This is just as stupid and fake news as much as trump spewing he won the election and millions of fools believed him and rioted and tried to destroy our Democracy.unless its proven dont report it.

  85. I heard the show. Someone randomly texted him this. He doesn’t know who it is. He made a couple of speculations about who it might be and if so, would be reliable sources. But he clearly stated that this could be anybody making up fake news, or it could be real. This is not a reliable story, but is titled as so. So many here are bagging on Boomer for something was not accurately presented.

  86. The world doesn’t revolve around a whining star QB. If he is willing to give up the potential highest payday for a QB ever. Because he won’t get vaxed. Stick to your guns and retire. NFL doesn’t need ya! Too many young rising star QBs to take your place.

  87. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the NFL’s COVID protocol, holding the Packers, and the league, hostage is not a winning strategy. Just take you ball, Aaron, and go home!

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