Kellen Moore to interview with Jaguars Friday night

Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys
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Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore will not wait until the end of the regular season to speak to the Jaguars about their head coaching vacancy.

According to multiple reports, Moore will interview with the Jaguars on Friday night. A change to NFL procedures this year allows for teams without head coaches to interview candidates from other teams over the final two weeks of the regular season as long as the candidates’ current employers consent to the conversation.

Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich is also set to interview with Jacksonville Friday. Doug Pederson, Jim Caldwell, and Todd Bowles have already spoken to the team and they’re set to talk to Bill O’Brien and Nathaniel Hackett next week.

Moore is in his third year as the Cowboys offensive coordinator. He was on the Eagles’ interview list before they hired Nick Sirianni last year.

8 responses to “Kellen Moore to interview with Jaguars Friday night

  1. Say what you will about their recent struggles but Dallas is first in points and yards. Still think they will hire Leftwich though because of the Jacksonville connection

  2. This is actually a smart move. I don’t think he ever got a fair shot in the NFL as a player. Look at what he did in college. If the Jackoffs are looking for stability at coaching and a franchise QB they should lock him up.
    BTW… how did Jax waste a pick on a RB last april? That’s on the GM, it won’t work unless he is gone.

  3. This makes the most sense out of any of the candidates that have emerged. An intelligent and innovative OC who is young enough to connect with Lawrence on a more personal level, and who played at a high level in college and understands the transition into the NFL. If Khan hires Bill O’Brien they should put him in the concussion protocol.

  4. Moore has looked way smarter and innovative than he actually is. Dallas’ offensive explosion has come at the expense of NFC east for most part. I’m not saying he or the cowboys offense are bad. They are just average with a bunch of shine.
    Against Cardinals he ran the ball 12 times!!

  5. The point shouldn’t necessarily be how good of an OC he is, but how good of a leader/administrator he is and if he’s capable of hiring decent coaches. Look at Harbaugh for the Ravens for example — he was a ST coach.

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