Kevin Stefanski says he has a “good relationship” with Baker Mayfield

Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Chargers
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After a disappointing 2021 season, there are plenty of questions about the Browns and quarterback Baker Mayfield going forward.

Mayfield took issue with a report from Mary Kay Cabot of that he may ask to be traded if issues with head coach Kevin Stefanski are not worked out. But the Browns might want to upgrade their quarterback position whether or not Mayfield wants out.

Backup QB Case Keenum will start Cleveland’s season finale against Cincinnati on Sunday, with Mayfield slated to undergo surgery to repair his left shoulder later this month. On Friday, Stefanski was asked in his press conference about Mayfield and essentially said nothing has changed.

“My relationship with Baker is no different [from last year],” Stefanski said, via Zac Jackson of “Good relationship.”

Mayfield completed 60.5 percent of his passes for 3,010 yards with 17 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in his fourth season for the Browns.

The quarterback situation in Cleveland looks like it will be worth monitoring throughout the offseason.

13 responses to “Kevin Stefanski says he has a “good relationship” with Baker Mayfield

  1. I believe him. The mistake was letting Baker play with several injuries since October.

  2. I think Baker has the essential attitude, toughness and skills to be a franchise QB.
    Proper protection and a consistent running game should allow him to flourish.
    I think his play from last year is more indicative of his capability than this year.

  3. Baker took them to the second round of the playoffs last year – beating the hated Steelers in the last game of the season AND the first round. His year has been off because of his injuries. I know the standard response is “everyone is injured” – yes, true. But not all injuries are the same.

    Baker will be fine once he’s healthy. Bringing in someone else is never the magic fix that so many people want – it’s not that simple.

  4. Stefanski had some of the worst game planning, play calling, and overall decision making [not replacing injured QB] that I have seen in NFL.

  5. i dont know if stefanskis temerity with playcalling was affected by bakers injury, or if he just regressed massively, whatever it is, he needs to fix it.

  6. The 2020 Browns always reminded me of that fluky season the 2017 Vikings had. Big expectations there too after they upgraded at QB, but anyone with any sense knew that that team had overachieved and weren’t going to sniff that level of success again any time soon.

  7. They’ll all be fine if the media would shut up and stop stirring the pot. Baker has surgery, Stefanski dusts off the real playbook he’s been hiding, and everyone gets back to business. Too much noise…

  8. Whether or not he has one or not, Mayfield is not the qb of the future. Time to rethink that position.

  9. I hate Baker Mayfield with a passion but he is 100% correct with this reporter. She just makes things up. She actually quoted a post of mine on an old Browns fan site. And didn’t give me credit but used the info posted as her own. She is not a credible source of information. The scarier part is she has a HALL OF FAME VOTE

  10. Baker has been posturing for the last two months to make it look like he’s not at fault for his poor play and rhat he’s a helluva guy who gets along with his coaches. There’s always shared blame when things don’t go well, but Baler is disingenuous.. If Haslam allows the decision to be Berry’s there is no earthly way Baker is back in 2022. I bet they get a conditional high pick from Saints ala the Wentz deal.

  11. There is a part that respects mayfield gutting it out but there is another part that is shaking my head at browns management for allowing him to gut through it to the point he was hurting the team. Keenum has won big games in the league and is a more than capable backup and should have played a majority of the season. They still could e had a shot at the division if they did things different.

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