Myles Jack: Next Jags coach should be leader of men who is all about winning

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The Jaguars’ season will come to an end on Sunday, but they’re already working toward next year in Jacksonville.

Head coaching interviews are underway as the team looks for a permanent replacement for Urban Meyer after Meyer’s jump from college to the pros turned out to be a total disaster. Linebacker Myles Jack said that the distractions created by Meyer’s behavior led to dysfunction that “leads to us beating ourselves” and that the team needs to “tighten up a lot of the little things that end up becoming big things” before next season.

Jack also shared what traits he thinks the next coach needs in order to make those kinds of changes.

“We just need No. 1, a leader of men,” Jack said, via John Reid of the Florida Times-Union. “Somebody, when they say something, it holds weight. Like is everything detailed, you can tell like it is a finished product. No. 2, it’s got to be somebody who is just about ball. You know what I mean? It’s about winning. We just got to win. All that player-friendly and he’s a nice coach, we don’t really care about all that.”

While Jack knows what he’d like in a coach, he doesn’t know how the eventual hire will impact him. He said current players “may or may not fit their scheme” and that would lead to even bigger changes than Jack anticipates before next season gets underway.

12 responses to “Myles Jack: Next Jags coach should be leader of men who is all about winning

  1. Unfortunately for the Jags, Bill Belichick and Sean Payton have jobs, and “Bill Parcells, John Madden and Vince Lombardi ain’t walking thru that door….”

  2. Sounds like a job for Doug Peterson or Todd Boles, Pick either and they’ll be on the tight track. STILL have to get a decent non egomanic GM.

  3. Translation: Hire a veteran coach. Jim Caldwell would fit the bill. He got treated unfairly in Detroit, even though the players really liked him and compiled a 36-28 record with three 9 win seasons. He was fired for Matt Patricia (LOL). Caldwell would bring stability to the Jags. He’s not one of those coaches who wants to run the front office. He just wants to coach. He’s the best hire available.

  4. They need a great coach to fix that mess. And while they are at it, look for a general manager that can work together well with that coach and pick the right players for that coache‘s system as well. Having a good QB coach and offensive coordinator, that are on the same page and a killer defensive coordinator that can come up with the right schemes would help,too

  5. Love that line about a player-friendly nice coach. Tedy Bruchhi said it best: “You want to double-date with your coach, I mean, go play with those guys,…you want to learn how to win games and consistently win games throughout your career, you play for Bill Belichick.”
    College rah-rah guys who succeed in the NFL sausage grinder are few…

  6. Something tells me this is Doug Pederson’s job to lose. He definately is the right man for the job.

  7. Byron Leftwich

    Leader of men … check
    Offensive mind … check
    Knows what it’s like to be an NFL QB … check
    Knows what it’s like to be a Jaguar … check
    Winning pedigree as a coach … check
    Relates to this generation of player .. check

    Don’t overthink this one Khan.

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