Nathaniel Hackett to interview with Jaguars during Packers’ bye week

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Word last weekend was that Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett would not interview for the Jaguars’ head coaching vacancy before the end of the regular season and this week has unfolded without Hackett speaking to the team.

Hackett isn’t going to wait until the Packers are totally done playing, however. He told reporters on Thursday that he plans to speak with Jacksonville while the Packers are on next week’s bye that they earned by clinching the top seed in the NFC.

“I owed it to this organization, all these players, we wanted to wrap up that No. 1 seed,” Hackett said, via Rob Demovsky of “That was so important to do. And it’s absolutely an honor to be even considered for something like this. So we’re going to do it during the bye because we wrapped up that No. 1 seed. We’re really excited about that opportunity. I mean, it’s a dream for any football coach to even have an opportunity to potentially become a head coach.”

Hackett was on the Jaguars staff from 2015 through 2018 and was the offensive coordinator when they went to the AFC Championship Game after the 2017 season. Things have been downhill for the Jaguars since that point and they hope their next head coaching hire can push things back in the other direction.

10 responses to “Nathaniel Hackett to interview with Jaguars during Packers’ bye week

  1. If I were interviewing for the Jacksonville job, I’d want the interview to only be with the owner, and I would demand complete control of the entire football operation. Anyone who steps into the status quo in Jax is digging their own grave.

  2. I don’t see Hackett getting the job, but he is a high quality individual. Knows football. The problem for Nate is that it’s LaFleur’s offense and Nathaniel just gives input.

    He will knock the interview out of the park, but won’t get hired. I am ok with him staying in Green Bay.

    He is loved here



  3. LB Myles Jack’s comment basically is saying that the Jags need a proven Leader with experience in the NFL. Coach Hackett has the Leadership experience and comes from a winning program. Give him a few years there to groom their young QB and change the culture, He’d be a “good fit” with the right supporting cast. The Pack would miss him on the sideline but like any class organization, they’d have internal asst. coaches lined up outside their door waiting to interview to fill his position. Wish coach Hackett the best if he’s offered the job at Jax.

  4. Excellence gets rewarded in the NFL by having the rabble pick through your coaching staff.

  5. It can’t hurt to interview him, but it’s always buyer beware when you interview an OC that had an MVP candidate as his QB, unless he’s bringing that QB with him

  6. They may as well just sign him, nobody else even wants to interview for that dumpster fire of a job.

  7. Hackett has had the benefit of coaching Rodgers in Green Bay, true…but before that, he was the OC who managed to pull a 3600-yard season out of Blake Bortles in Jacksonville, the year they went to the AFC championship game.

    I think the job probably goes to Leftwich–and deservedly so–but it wouldn’t be a mistake if the Jaguars went with Hackett instead.

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