Paul Finebaum on “punk” Baker Mayfield: “He is a poor man’s Johnny Manziel”

Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers
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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield‘s NFL career arguably is at a crossroads. For some, the Rubicon was crossed long ago.

Appearing Friday on ESPN Cleveland, ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum provided a stinging assessment of Mayfield.

“I got into it with him in college,” Finebaum said. “He came after me on Twitter. And I thought he was a punk then and nothing has changed. He is a poor man’s Johnny Manziel. I think Cleveland ought to get rid of him. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I think the Browns are wasting their time with this guy.”

Finebaum’s remarks come one day after Mayfield attacked Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Twitter, characterizing her report regarding the possibility that Mayfield will request a trade as “clickbait” instead of the far more accurate description: “Just doing her job.”

The Browns have a job to do. They need to decide whether to keep Mayfield for one more year, extend him, or trade him. They also need to decide, if they keep him, whether to bring in (or retain, in the case of Case Keenum) real competition.

40 responses to “Paul Finebaum on “punk” Baker Mayfield: “He is a poor man’s Johnny Manziel”

  1. Doesn’t he have that backward, lol? But seriously, he’s never done drugs or any of the nonsense Manziel did. Plus, he can actually play. He’s just not a #1 pick QB and shouldn’t have been.

  2. Baker seems like a decent enough guy but I can definitely se how he rubs people the wrong way and creates enemies for himself.

  3. You didn’t need Paul telling you Baker is a punk. Anyone can get a dictionary, look-up “punk,” and there Mayfield is in all his glory. Hopefully Cleveland will trade him to the Jags — where he be coached-down by Bill O’Brian!

  4. Is there any credibility to the report the Mayfield asked for a trade? Last I checked speculation isn’t “Just doing her job” but just piling on. These stories always break when the team under performs.

  5. Mayfield is garbage. Browns fans understandably are worried that he could leave and become Drew Brees. And he’s been been better than the parade of draft busts in the last 20 years. Don’t settle for mediocrity Cleveland! You have some of the best fans in the NFL. You deserve better.

  6. These Secret King radio guys hold grudges forever and just wait for that opportunity to bash the guy who supposedly did them wrong.

  7. “I got into it with him in college” pretty much removes this guy from any credibility whatsoever in his “analysis”.

    Mayfied’s been inconsistent, but Manziel barely managed to function at all in the NFL while Mayfield took the team on a solid playoff run last year.

  8. I mean come on, he’s proven to be better than Manziel so stop with that. Also, this is reporters circling the wagons again.

  9. Finebaum loses credibility with me as soon as he says anyone is worse than ole Johnny Football in the NFL…

  10. embarrassing to to keep seeing reporters trying to interject themselves into the limelight.

  11. The guy with the Tebow tattoo vs the guy who planted an OU flag on the OSU field……… let them fight

  12. Baker was drafted into a dumpster fire team! He is a football player, not a mircle worker! Finebaum shoule cool it!

  13. Wasn’t it Benjamin Franklin that said never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel? Baker will never win picking fights with people in the media. I don’t know what he is thinking.

  14. Baker was drafted into a dumpster fire team! He is a football player, not a mircle worker! Finebaum should cool it!

  15. That’s a very accurate description of this mediocre QB… he’s arrogant, at best an average backup NFL QB, and like Manziel, Mayfield is NEVER going to win anything worthwhile in Cleveland or anywhere else. Another soon to be lifetime backup QB who’s too short and whose arm is too weak, on a mouth that roars for no valid reason. The Browns would be stupid to keep paying this loser money only to lose more games for them. Biggest number 1 pick bust in years…. I guess he’s so impressed with himself because he won a trophy in college. Don’t know why else he’d have such a superiority attitude about his skill set. He’s also a lousy actor….

  16. This seems like lazy journalism. Just an attempt to put out an article. Baker sounds like he is telling the truth about that bogus report from Mary-Kay Cabot who needs to churn out articles to keep a job. Paul Finebaum is on the back half of his 60s and has been criticizing college football players and young athletes unfairly for years now. Paul Finebaum still having an axe to grind after so many years says it all.

  17. The Browns need to move on or make him a backup. Spend the money on other positions.

  18. A healthy Mayfield is an above average Quarterback. He’s more than serviceable. He won games with a broken body where half of it was supported by a brace. Mere mortals would have quit and went on IR.

  19. I won’t comment on Mayfield’s on-field performance, but he is right about everything seems to be about click bait. For instance discussing MVP selections half way into a season or even next years draft. A true athlete is in the moment not the future- that is “the zone”. The reporters should be in-depth on the “immediate right now”, the playoff teams. If your team is not in the playoffs, the best time to learn what makes good teams is reading how the others got to the playoffs- the why’s and their course corrections to get there. In depth on the athlete.
    Look at the perennial trophyless Vikings just like Cleveland, it’s always next year talking about whom they can get…how about articles on continuous improvement of what you have. That being said Mary Kay Cabot is a fine reporter, but like all employees the boss dictates the targets- what/whom is covered and for how long. That’s biz and football is biz not sports. A prime example: Chicago Bears – McCaskeys’ don’t care that much about a championship ring. They think about revenue. As long as the stadium is full, selling enough logo wear, getting a cut on parking and concessions, they are wallet happy.

  20. Although some of your criticism might be true regarding Baker. I wish he did not play injured. I have full confidence in Case Keenum as a back up. But, I can also understand where Baker is coming from. Media, journalist, reporters, etc. They no longer report the facts in the news. They give their opinion, rumors, or do not identify the sources. It is even worse when it come to politics. I support Baker in calling them out, and he is right in what he said to the media. Now they will all just gang up on him without one of them taking responsibility for spreading the rumors, personal opinions, etc.

  21. Okay, but why say this now after he’s been in the NFL for four years. Seems like he’s only going to go after him while he’s already down.

  22. Mayfield is a punk but he’s no Manziel. That comparison is ridiculous. Manziel didn’t even last four years in the league.

  23. First of all, if Finebaum wants to attempt this comparison, it should be reversed: Manziel is a poor man’s Baker Mayfield. Not that I believe it, Finebum’s statement lacks credibility as soon as he said he got into it in college with him. Mayfiedl has his issues, but to my knowledge has worked hard in preparing to play, unlike Manziel. Not even close.

  24. People don’t even use the word “poor man” correctly anymore. Johnny would be a Poor Man’s Baker Mayfield, not the other way around. It’s a terrible comparison anyway because Baker Mayfield has taken his team to the playoffs and actually won a playoff game.

  25. Baker makes cute commercials but what’s he done on the field? I’m agnostic, not a fan nor a hater, but he’s just a guy, nothing special and certainly not elite.

  26. PFT says…

    “They also need to decide, if they keep him, whether to bring in (or retain, in the case of Case Keenum) real competition.”

    Interesting, so you think Baker is much better than Keenum…by logic, you think he is a top level NFL QB

    Thanks Florio

  27. Differences:
    Johnny Goofball attempted to play severely hungover.
    Baker Mayfield attempted to play with his body taped together.

    Johnny Goofball had “one” really cool game in which he threw 2 TDs and beat the Titans.
    Baker Mayfield set the rookie record (at the time) for TD passes in a season.

    Johnny Goofball spent his offseason drinking champagne, floating on a swan.
    Baker Mayfield spent his offseason leading workout and passing camps for him and other skill players.

    Johnny Goofball led himself to irrelevance in multiple leagues.
    Baker Mayfield led his team to the playoffs for the first time in a million years.

    Finebaum: please stick to facts and not your hurt feelings.

  28. I can see where Mayfield rubs people the wrong way. That said, people like Finebaum are the 20th century version of clickbait. Simply a fan with no rooting interest for and against the Browns, but in watching Mayfield vs the Steelers, whoever was doing color for the game did a great job of pointing out that Mayfield’s poor footwork was causing a lot of his missed throws. The Browns need to decide quickly if that can be fixed or not. Maybe it has been pointed out to him and he refuses to fix it, I don’t know…

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