Raiders say focus will be on beating Chargers regardless of Colts result

Las Vegas Raiders v Indianapolis Colts
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One oddity in this week’s playoff clinching scenarios is that the Raiders and Chargers could both advance to the postseason with a Sunday night tie if the Colts lose to the Jaguars on Sunday afternoon.

It’s not one that the Raiders say they’re going to spend too much time pondering. Interim head coach Rich Bisaccia said “we’re going to look to put our best foot forward” and defensive end Maxx Crosby said he’ll be paying attention to the Colts result, but that “we want to win this game” regardless of other results.

Quarterback Derek Carr is going to take a different approach when it comes to scoreboard watching, but has the same view on playing to win the game.

“Someone said we could just take knees and tie if that’s the scenario,” Carr said, via Paul Gutierrez of “I was like, ‘Well, that sounds good to you, but I don’t want to tie these guys either.’ To me, it will be full focus on beating the Chargers, and I’m pretty confident that’s how our whole team feels, no matter what. You know, they beat us last time. We kind of just want to play this game.”

The Colts are 15-point favorites over the Jaguars, so a loss would be a surprising outcome even though they have not won in Jacksonville since 2014. As long as they hold serve, no one will be playing to tie the final game on the regular season schedule.

8 responses to “Raiders say focus will be on beating Chargers regardless of Colts result

  1. Neither team is playing for a tie. This game will have major ramifications for both franchises possibly for the rest of the decade.. it will either silence the Carr critics who say he can’t lead the Raiders to the playoffs, or it will strengthen that narrative and possibly lead to a QB change in the near future which would further destabilize the franchise.

    For the Chargers this game will show that Herbert and Co. still have some growing to due while strengthening the old school notion that experience matters in “playoff” games .. Or The Chargers win on the road and establish themselves as the better team in the division now and in the near future.

  2. Carr is half the an that Herbert is, and I believe Joey Bosa when he says he gets “shook” when he gets hit. The Raiders have done well to be competitive in a season full
    Of distractions. Hope Mesean Jackson enjoys watching Odell Beckham
    star for the Rams in the playoffs, and Las Vegas gets used to this mediocre bunch

  3. If they thought they could get away with it they would do it, so would the Chargers. This is the NFL where anything goes, no matter how low-down and sleezy

  4. Carr and the Raiders seek REVENGE no matter what any teammate says..Carr goes for over 300 yards ,Jacobs over a hundred and Waller scores as well—What im trying to say is Raiders advance!

  5. The Chargers need to pound the rock and catch the Raider’s secondary napping! Chargers win because they’re more explosive.

    But I like the idea of Gruden having to watch the Raiders make the playoffs without him.

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