Report: Byron Leftwich interviewing with Jaguars Friday

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
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The Jaguars spoke to Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles for their head coaching vacancy to kick off the week and they’ll close it out by interviewing one of Bowles’ colleagues.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports that Leftwich is interviewing with the Jaguars on Friday. The team has also interviewed Doug Pederson and Jim Caldwell and they have Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett on tap for next week.

Leftwich has been the offensive coordinator in Tampa since the 2019 season and he has a history with the Jaguars. Jacksonville picked him seventh overall in 2003 and he started 44 times over four seasons with the team.

That history and the desire to develop quarterback Trevor Lawrence led many to identify Leftwich as a candidate as soon as Urban Meyer was fired. He’ll now have his chance to make his case that he’s the right man for the job.

21 responses to “Report: Byron Leftwich interviewing with Jaguars Friday

  1. I think Leftwich would be an absolute great hire for Sunshine and the Jags organization.

  2. I doubt they’ll make this hire, but I’d really love to see it in Jacksonville. Leftwich is a good guy and deserves a shot. Can’t possibly be worse than their last coach.

  3. Not sure he is the best candidate (no head coaching experience), so I’m pretty confident he will be the pick! Kahn the clown strikes again!

  4. The owner should pursue Sean Payton to get most out of Trevor Lawrence. New Orleans is in rebuild and would probably part ways for a draft pick. Sean Payton is ready for a change. A new challenge.

  5. Don’t do it Byron. Remember how that town treated you as a player? Things won’t be any different now.

  6. He’d no doubt be way better than Urban but their biggest problem is Baalke still being GM. They’ll never have consistent talent nor a good working environment with him in charge. He was a worse hire than Urban because at least Urban was a total unknown at the pro level whereas everybody saw Baalke run the Niners into the ground.

  7. If I were Byron, I’d pass on the Jags. A billionaire owner who doesn’t know the first thing about football (based on numerous pieces of evidence, most notably hiring Baalke and Urb) doesn’t sound like an attractive destination to me. Plus, I’m not convinced Lawrence isn’t the next great college QB who couldn’t hack it in the NFL.

  8. Unless Byron is desperate to become a head coach right away I would pass on this organization. Wait for one that isn’t a constant train wreck.

  9. I get that money is money and everyone is always chasing the all mighty dollar but Byron should pass on this job and wait for a better situation. If that comes either this year or next it’s worth waiting because the Jaguars are a dumpster fire . Byron in all likelihood is going to fail in Jacksonville because from their clueless owner, terrible GM, to the scouting department on down the Jags are a mess and do not have the infrastructure in place or the culture for him to succeed. There will be other job openings this year and next, I’d wait and look out for my long term success as opposed to taking a job just for the money & then this time next year when they inevitably crash again due to no faults of Leftwhichs people will be calling for his head. I’d wait for a better situation with more of an infrastructure in place conducive to success.

  10. Just don’t screw over the Bucs like Shanahan did the Falcons…. up 28-3 in the Super Bowl and to blow that lead… YIKES!

  11. Question: Does Trent Baalke remain General Manager? And, if so, what is his role in the hiring process?

  12. Lawrence already ousted one HC as a frigging Rook. Who wants to tip top around the flowing locks for ever?

  13. Will their new coach be allowed to hire his full staff or will they force him to keep Bevell and/or Schottenheimer? There hasn’t been a moment this year where Lawrence looked like he clicked in that offense so those two have got to go. They had their shot to show improvement after Urban was fired but they still look awful. Realistically, next year is their last chance to save Lawrence’s career and they absolutely HAVE to improve the line and get him some decent coaching. They have no time to give Bevell and Schottenheimer still more chances to try and get their scheme working.

  14. My questions are how organized he is and how good of a leader he is, not necessarily how good of an offensive coordinator he is. I don’t know the answer to those questions, but the Jags had better.

  15. Byron deserves better. He seems like a good coach and could elevate a team. This ain’t the one.

  16. This is a graveyard for head coaches. Remember Gus Bradley? He was 14-48 and a lot of that had to do with the clueless GM making terrible draft pick after terrible draft pick. Bradley will probably never get another HC job because of the Jags. Now the Jags have an even more clueless GM so who would ever want to be the HC there? If this is the person’s first HC job it almost guarantees they’ll never get another chance. The dynamic duo of Khan and Baalke means the Jags will be lucky to win two games every year. If Lawrence is smart he’ll leave town just as soon as possible.

  17. Must be that time of the year. Sean Payton has an awesome gig. No way in hell he would go to Jacksonville. He will retire a SAINT!! No meddling owner. Paid extremely well. Simpatico with the front office.

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