Report: Jaguars have interest in Bill O’Brien as head coach

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The Jaguars are looking for a head coach. They seem to be casting a wide net.

That net could include a return to the NFL by former Texans coach (and current Alabama offensive coordinator) Bill O’Brien.

According to Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union, “it appears” that the team has interest in O’Brien. It’s unclear, per Frenette, how much of an interest the Jaguars have, in relation to candidates like former Eagles coach Doug Peterson and former Colts and Lions coach Jim Caldwell.

The real question becomes whether O’Brien would have interest in the Jaguars. The decision to keep Trent Baalke as G.M. definitely will be a factor. The chatter in league circles is that the situation in Jacksonville is “toxic” due to the presence of Baalke.

Regardless of whether O’Brien has or will have other options in the coming hiring cycle, he quite possibly will not want to enter into an arranged marriage in Jacksonville. Unless, of course, O’Brien thinks he can go in, have some success, and eventually take over. (Like he did in Houston, where he eventually became both the coach and the G.M.)

For that reason, Baalke may not want O’Brien. Baalke will instead prefer someone who will gladly accept the current arrangement and not try to upset the applecart.

Of course, this approach limits the team’s ultimate options. Because it will either cause the candidate who doesn’t want to work with Baalke to go elsewhere, or it will cause Baalke to shy away from someone who would be tempted to make his first order of business undermining, and eventually eliminating, Baalke.

61 responses to “Report: Jaguars have interest in Bill O’Brien as head coach

  1. Oooohhh…

    I don’t think anyone could possibly find a WORSE GM combo than Trent Balke and Bill OBrien…

    Please, please, please make this happen !!!

  2. This is a joke right? Like when the Browns planned on looking into Condoleezza Rice?

    O’Brien wasnt the worse HC but the moves he made as a GM were do awful he should never be hired by a professional squad.

  3. If they hire this guy….just move the team to London and be done with it.terrible coach.

  4. Because Houston is a model team, Jacksonville aspires to become as good an organization as Houston by hiring Bill O’Brien. Hopefully he will have personnel responsibilities too.

  5. The situation in Jacksonville is dire so lets hire a coach who failed miserably in Houston.

    Amazing how the NFL recycles used parts and then tries to sell it as a Ferrari.

  6. I have no idea what in the world the Jags see in Baalke. The team has gotten worse (if that’s even possible) since his arrival. I mean even the lowly 49ers were smart enough to can him. He’s an insecure child king whose only interest is in maintaining his own pathetic power.

  7. O’Brien was mediocre in Houston up until they gave him GM power. Then, in what appeared a classic power trip, he went off the rails and destroyed the team, its morale and its culture in two years. This work has already been done for him in Jacksonville, he can hit the ground running.

  8. I guess football isn’t like the rest of the business world. Your past performance doesn’t matter for future job considerations…

  9. I would hire BOB long before Dougy P.

    If anyone but Leftwich gets that’s job Khan deserves everything coming to him.

  10. And the Jaguars will continue to play the role of the “heel” for the foreseeable future

  11. Organizational turmoil follows Baalke wherever he goes.

    He’s like Bruce Allen .. good at shmoozing an owner, terrible at his job.

  12. Not smart, he left the Texans in a horrible position for years to come. Jags need a leader of men not this clown. O’Brien needs to stay with Saban.

  13. If I was any coach, no amount of money would entice me to work with Baalke. He is the common denominator of toxic workplaces and people leaving jobs/getting fired.

  14. Imagine the return of Doug Marrone as OC under Bill. Re-tread isn’t emphatic enough.

  15. Hah!! Those poor Jag fans! This guy is a clown. Brings back memories of the Bills hiring bozo after bozo…Dick Jauron…Rex Ryan…

  16. At some point the NFL just has to remove this franchise from the league, right?

  17. Kahn is the owner not Baalke. The next head coach is going to set the tone for this franchise for years to come. This is 100% Kahn’s call. O’Brien seems like a good choice in that he can assist in Lawrence’s development.

  18. Retread who drove the last team he coached into the ground. Sounds good.

    The NFL coaching carousel is a joke.

  19. Mercy me if this has even a sniff of happening Mr. Khan should sell the team as he proves now without a doubt after the former guy he really does not have a single clue …. so guess its gonna be a lock huh ?? … :S

  20. They should hire Bill Cowher as GM and let him pick the coach. Cowher would instantly grab the attention of the players.

  21. This is what you get when you have a market-dominant sports system that allows for billionaires to own the franchises as ego-fueled attention toys. Especially in a league that generates guaranteed profit regardless of how you run your franchise.

    The result is a degradation of the NFL’s overall product and a pocket of unbalance in the competition. It effects not just the poor Jags fans.

    This is far likely to happen if there were a relegation system, and Khan was at risk of getting bumped down to USFL for not doing a better job of running his football business.

  22. As a Jags fan and after seeing him on Hard Knocks spewing the F word two or three times in the same sentence I hope the Jags have nothing to do with him. That was utterly disgusting.

  23. Why make the players suffer even more by hiring O’Brien? I think Byron Leftwich would be a really good choice. He has history with the Jags, he’s not a jerk, and he would be a positive influence on Trevor Lawrence’s development.

  24. Please make this happen for the jokes alone. Balke and he would be quite the duo! I hear Freddie Kitchens might be available after the Giants season.

  25. Bill O’Brian is four years gone and yet he is still being blamed for the events that had not happened yet and are still occurring in Texan land. Did it occur to people that the organization was disfunctional, starting at the top, the owner and his advisors. Yes the organization was a mess when O’Brian left but the mess wasn’t of his making and those chosen to replace him are making it even worse.

  26. OMG the same guy that traded Deandre Hopkins for David Johnson? Jacksonville is forever a dumpster fire

  27. Why stop at giving OBrien the head coach role. Give him the GM title too and see him trade Lawrence for Daniel Jones and a 2nd. Or have him bring his Rasputin chaplain buddy too.

  28. LOL. Because O’Brien did such a great job in Houston. Something tells me Baalke is going to hire someone to be his stooge and when they suck he’ll just fire coach after coach and Khan will stick with Baalke for the next decade before he learns what everyone else in football already knows–Baalke is a terrible GM.

  29. He definitely has big upside, but it feels like a “pizazz” hire. I think what the team needs is someone solid and boring. Someone earnest who has something to prove.

    I’m not a follower of the team, but if I were, I’d feel better hearing names like Caldwell & Leftwich getting the serious consideration, along with some imaginative/creative OC & DC hires.

    They got their QB (if they haven’t already ruined him). The next stage should be the bordng stage – solid coaches, solidify the lines, build the team from the core outward.

  30. Baalke is toxic and I don’t understand how he keeps getting not only jobs, but high profile jobs. Maybe check into Jim Harbaugh’s availability?

  31. @oldgrouch ummm, not sure where you got your information but O’Briens only been gone from Houston for a season and a half. He was fired after week 4 last year, after he completely drove the team into the ground. He drove out 2 GMs, assumed the role himself, traded away 2 years worth of top draft picks depleting young affordable talent, brought in a glorified youth pastor to run team development, couldn’t scheme or coach to save his life. Pretty sad when a team with Watson, Hopkins, Fuller, etc can go nearly an entire season without scoring a 1st qtr TD. When he got fired, it was after a shouting match between him and JJ Watt, with JJ telling him he doesn’t know $#!+ about coaching in the NFL. O’Brien is a sack of garbage, with the temper and arrogance to match.

    Good luck Jacksonville.

  32. NFL teams and their recycled re-tread coaches.

    Thats what I like about Jed York. With the exception of Chip Kelly(Baalke’s idea)….Jed doesn’t hire any retreads. He hires fresh new head Coaches with fresh new ideas.

  33. I think they need to hire Eagles defensive coordinator Johnathan Gannon as head coach.

  34. To the guy that said they would be better off with Hugh Jackson, they would be better off with Janet Jackson!

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