Ron Rivera claps back at Joe Judge: Talk about yourself; talk about your own team


Ron Rivera initially didn’t sound all that upset about Joe Judge’s disparaging comment seemingly directed toward the Washington Football Team. Rivera said earlier this week he found it “interesting” that Judge’s 11-minute “this-ain’t-some-clown-show” rant included “this ain’t a team that’s having fistfights on the sidelines.”

Judge appeared to be taking a direct shot at Rivera’s team since Washington defensive linemen Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen fought on the bench during a 56-14 loss to the Cowboys in Week 16.

Rivera took a different tone Friday on the Kevin Sheehan Show, rebuking the Giants’ coach.

“To be upfront about it, it disappoints me because for somebody to make a comment like that and not really know the circumstances of the situation we’ve gone through,” Rivera told Sheehen, via Ed Valentine of SB Nation. “I mean for goodness sake, you know if you pay attention to what’s happening you would have found out that we had just had one of our most popular players [Deshazor Everett], a guy that’s very popular amongst his teammates, was in a terrible car accident where his longtime girlfriend is killed. We had another player [Montez Sweat] who lost his brother to murder, and then we had another player who lost another brother.

“There’s reasons why things happen, and to take a shot at people when people are going through what they’re going through, that’s not right. If you don’t know and understand other people’s teams, talk about yourself; talk about your own team. That’s what’s fair.”

Judge since has said his “fistfights on the sidelines’’ and “clown show organizations’’ remarks were not directed at the Washington Football Team.

The Giants host Washington on Sunday in the season finale for both teams.

46 responses to “Ron Rivera claps back at Joe Judge: Talk about yourself; talk about your own team

  1. Joe Judge is the definition of a clown show. He’d rather deflect and take shots at anyone else rather than accept responsibility for the state of his team.

  2. Rivera is holding together an organization that has been horribly mismanaged for 20 years. As a representative of the Giants, Judge makes the whole organization sound like trash. Rivera has taken great strides towards turning the Washingtons around. Judge is a failure and loser.

  3. With all do respect Ron, guys are also tied of losing.
    WFT needs a QB, . If they go the college route I don’t think there is no one on the the current coaching staff that can develop a QB.

    I believe Kyle Allen is not playing because the coaching staff made the wrong decision about Taylor. I believe Kyle gave the team the best chance to win and by playing Kyle after the bye week would have showed that they made the wrong decision by starting Taylor

  4. This is why the Cowboys should be removed from the NFC East. Even though Judge’s statement was kind of off the wall, the cities in the East have real rivalries with each other (less than two hours away by train ride) so you’ll occasionally get random pot shots like this which makes football fun in my honest opinion.

    Replace Dallas with the Jets, or Ravens, or Patriots, so the East can have a division of true rivalries.

  5. The Clown Show is Joe Judge and his ability to blame all things on everyone else except his terrible coaching and immature behavior.

  6. He’s right, at least the WFT has been competitive at points in the season. The Giants have not gotten any better with Judge as their coach.

  7. Rivera is right… and Judge should know better than to pop off. Then again it’s the NY Giants, where players and coaches go to slip into despair and irrelevance.

  8. Not a big deal. Lots of stress right now for both coaches. Coaching is very stressful. Better to support each other, than to turn against one another. I’d bet these two have respect for each other. Sometimes you say stuff when under too much stress.

  9. Judge is still mad about Washington winning the division the way they did last year.

  10. When Joe Judge goes looking for his next job he might want to skip his tenure as Giants coach on the resume. His biggest selling point is that at some point he worked for Belichek, not for what he’s done on his own.

  11. Joe, then tell us what fistfight you were referring too….we’ll wait

  12. It is clear that BB fleeced the Giants by recommending Joe Judge to them (and thus getting rid of him free and clear). That’s what they get for spoiling the perfect season.

  13. There’s exactly one coach from the Belichik tree who is a competent head coach, and his name isn’t Joe Judge.

  14. As a Cowboys fan I couldn’t be happier that the Giants are giving Judge another chance. He has zero accountability and sets the Giants further behind every week he is around.

  15. Ron Rivera is also doing a good job of deflecting what a disapointing season Washington has when hopes were high after making the playoffs and giving all they could handle. Sure, what happened off the field was tragic it doesn’t excuse two colleges and now NLF teammates from fighting on national TV. When Deshazor Everett was involved in a signal car that killed his girl friend the team was 6-8 coming off consecutive losses. Anthony Sweat was killed 4 days after the two players fighting so we all love Rivera but lets not out the blame for a lousy season where it doesn’t belong.

  16. Judge seems young and inexperienced, to pull that type of comment out in public. Control what you can control, and worry about nothing or no one else.
    Great time to employ the wise old adage, keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if you are a moron rather than open it and remove all doubt

  17. While the situations Rivera mentioned are all terrible, they don’t justify teammates swinging at each other on the bench in the middle of a game. Rivera didn’t even make an effort to diffuse the situation once it unfolded. If he wants Judge to talk about his own team, fine. Let’s hear Rivera talk about his own team’s lack of discipline that matched the various decaying stadium scenes we saw this past week.

  18. WFT 38, NYG 6. Bulletin board material from Judge works. Mara keeps Judge, thousands of Giants’ season ticket holders jump ship, including this one.

  19. Dumb, Joe just made WFT have a reason to play hard in a meaningless game. Doubt his payers have his back or anything to play for. At the end of the day Joe is going to say WTF just happened. #need a job.

  20. Last year Judge and the Giants were crying about the Eagles now this year they’re crying about Washington and next year they’ll be crying about Dallas.

  21. I am sure they linemen were fighting over the railing that gave way. One guy said they gotta fix it. The other said why bother? We’ve got no name anyway. And it escalated.

  22. Rivera is right. After the two seasons Judge has had the last thing, he should do is comment on anything any other team is or has done. Sad deflection on his part. Not a sign of a strong leader.

  23. Both teams are a mess, off and on the field.

    Neither coach has much of a right to “clap” at the other. They should both know better. Doesn’t losing humble anyone anymore?

  24. Judge thinks he’s a certain hooded one from New England. His antics, excuses and behavior have worn thin. The Giants are idiots to keep him around. He’ll be back coaching special teams again soon enough.

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