Tyler Huntley will start for Ravens

NFL: JAN 02 Rams at Ravens
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Tyler Huntley has been the Ravens’ starting quarterback for two of their last three games and he’ll be back in that role for the season finale.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh confirmed at his Friday press conference that Huntley will start against the Steelers in Week 18. Lamar Jackson remains out with an ankle injury.

It’s the fourth overall start of the season for Huntley, who also filled in for Jackson when Jackson was ill in Week 11. The five missed games were not an ideal way for Jackson’s fourth season to play out and the offense’s rocky production may complicate any offseason contract talks that might go on in Baltimore.

Josh Johnson started in Week 16 when Huntley was out due to COVID-19 and will be the backup this weekend.

Huntley has gone 106-of-157 for 940 yards, three touchdowns, and two interceptions overall. He’s also run 35 times for 222 yards and two touchdowns.

9 responses to “Tyler Huntley will start for Ravens

  1. Sounds like Lamar Jackson’s era has come to an end. The Ravens went all in and got one playoff win, division titles, and MVP trophy. Not bad. The Ravens with Lamar got the same number of playoff wins as the Bills with Josh Allen, the Browns with Baker who were all drafted before Lamar.

  2. There are lot of Ravens fans saying it will be good for Lamar to get some rest before the playoffs. Ahem…I’m not so sure it’s a slam-dunk that the Ravens are going to the playoffs.

  3. I would love to know the thinking among the Ravens management over what direction they want to go with Lamar. As a fan what I don’t want is a ridiculous contract that ties us up for years. Its unfortunate that this season was completely derailed by injuries and we couldn’t put a solid team on the field to see if Lamar could improve as a passer. Right now his value as a QB has taken a definite hit and Ravens top brass may have to let this play out further.

  4. it doesn’t matter if he isn’t coached right. In the Rams game they called a long pass play just before half and it got intercepted. This on an offense whose line was struggling and he is inexperienced. Second half they get a delay of game penalty in the red zone. Like harbaugh can’t keep an eye on the clock? The coaching on the Raven’s team is vastly overrated!

  5. Lamar and Baker really screwed themselves this season by not nailing down deals before it started.

  6. The going rate for supposed franchise QBs is in the $30-40 Mill/yr,range. Ravens gonna have to look long and hard b4 they commit that much coin to Mr Regular Season Lamar Jax. The Browns would be absolute clowns if they gave that to Mayfield in 2023.

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