DeVonta Smith sets franchise record for receiving yards by a rookie

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles
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Eagles receiver DeVonta Smith set the franchise record for receiving yards by a rookie, which has ended his night early in the second quarter.

Smith caught passes of 12 and 4 yards on a 10-play, 44-yard drive that saw the Eagles tie the game 10-10 with a 38-yard Jake Elliott field goal. The Eagles removed him from the game to protect him from the risk of injury for next week’s wild card playoff game.

He finishes his night with three catches for 41 yards.

Smith has 64 receptions for 916 yards and five touchdowns in 17 games.

DeSean Jackson made 62 receptions for 912 yards and two touchdowns in 16 games as a rookie in 2008. In his second season, Jackson earned the first of three Pro Bowls.

16 responses to “DeVonta Smith sets franchise record for receiving yards by a rookie

  1. He is tiny. Will not have a long career. And needed an extra game to break the record.

  2. Smith is easy to root for. Hard working, humble, and ridiculously good at route running.

  3. We’re going to keep repeating how small he is, and how he won’t last in the NFL. Before we know it, 10 years will go by, and this kid will be a legit HOFer. For some reason, certain small guys are durable. I have a feeling Smith might be one of those guys.

  4. The NFL got some serious studs out of the draft this year. Smith, Chase, Sewell, Parsons etc…will be a real joy to watch these guys in the league for years to come.

  5. 17 game season. You will see similar types of records broken throughout the league. They require an asterisk.

  6. I had my doubts due to size but boy did he prove me wrong. He is tough and absolutely fearless. Can’t wait to see his growth come year two.

  7. Perhaps Hurts will develop as a passer but Smith has done with a 1 read then run QB is pretty impressive. Given Smith’s ultimate route running ability he would be incredible with a pocket passer

  8. He avg four catches and 53 yards a game.. 5tds in 17 games. That is the definition of average. Especially from a first rd pick.

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