Jadeveon Clowney fined for tossing Chase Claypool’s shoe

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski criticized defensive end Jadeveon Clowney for “hurting the team” when he was penalized for taking Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool‘s shoe off and throwing it at the end of a play in last Monday night’s game.

The unsportsmanlike conduct foul gave the Steelers 15 yards after the Browns had stopped them on a third down and the Steelers went on to score a touchdown after picking up that first down. Clowney heard from the league about the play after hearing from Stefanski.

The NFL fined Clowney $12,875 for the shoe toss.

Clowney also had six tackles and two sacks in the 26-14 Steelers win, but the most memorable play of the night was the negative one.

8 responses to “Jadeveon Clowney fined for tossing Chase Claypool’s shoe

  1. The Brown’s need to make character, brains and leadership the top things they look for in players.
    Talent alone doesn’t make a winning program.

  2. Stefanski should be fined for the same offense. His play calling has been ‘hurting the team’

  3. Just so we’re all clear, both shoe tosses benefitted the Packers and Steelers, over the Lions and Browns.
    The NFL will keep making it more obvious annually, just to see how far they can go till the stupidest people can see this is a business, not a game.

  4. They complain about being fined. This amount is less than 0.3% of his annual pay. He probably spends more money that that on lunch.

  5. JD helped cost the Texans a game when he got a 15 yarder while wearing street clothes on the sideline in Tennessee. His name is accurate.

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