Jim Harbaugh reportedly told recruit he’ll “entertain” NFL opportunities

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At the NFL coaching carousel prepares to start spinning, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh may end up taking a spin.

Via SI.com, Harbaugh reportedly told the father of a Michigan recruit that he will indeed consider NFL opportunities.

He said that he’ll entertain [it],” Larry Clemons, the father of Darrius Clemons, told 247sports.com. “He was up front with us about that. I had Coach Harbaugh speak to my pastor. They had a good conversation. Our pastor asked him about that, and that’s just that’s the [reply] that he gave him.”

Coaches with NFL prospects used to conceal those plans and possibilities. When that happens, however, other schools use the possibility as a weapon. By being up front about it, Harbaugh prevents it from being used against him on the recruiting trail.

Moreover, it’s in Harbaugh’s best interests to build and use leverage. Maybe he gets a better deal from Michigan. Maybe he’ll get an offer from an NFL team that he can’t refuse, whether it’s the Raiders (where he coached) or the Bears (where he played) or another team, like the Panthers.

The Matt Rhule defenders have asked whether any other college coach has turned things around for an NFL team in only two years. Harbaugh, a decade ago, did it in one year. He took a 6-10 49ers team to the brink of the Super Bowl in 2011, and he nearly won it all in his second season.

Although there’s definitely a shelf life when it comes to coexisting with Harbaugh, championships can be pursued and possibly won before the expiration date arrives.

Thus, in the coming weeks, we’ll find out whether his expiration date in Ann Arbor has arrived. Given that he went 44-19-1 in four seasons with the 49ers, teams looking for head coaches could do a lot worse.

49 responses to “Jim Harbaugh reportedly told recruit he’ll “entertain” NFL opportunities

  1. Who do the Harbaughs think they are? This guy blows and his brother is wildly overrated.

    You wonn’t be “entertaining” anything, loser.

  2. I think he’s Raiders bound.Imagine all that effort and angst to finally beat Ohio State only to get glaringly over matched by the 2nd best team in the SEC.He knows he may never get back there again and if he does it’ll probably be another smackdown.

  3. I wasn’t aware the words “Matt Rhule” and “defenders” could be used in the same sentence.

  4. Any coach that made it to the Super Bowl and almost won with Kaepernick as the QB should be considered for any vacancies!

  5. Yeah, teams could do a lot worse. However, can a team put up with his antics. He is somewhat of a control freak and will want to run the entire team from the front office to the sidelines.

  6. He was the Niners coach when I lived in Seattle. I really enjoyed watching his breakdowns on the sidelines. He could scream with the best of them. That being said he’s a good coach, a lot better then most up for jobs out there right now and a definite upgrade at coach for at LEAST a third of the nfl.

  7. There are multiple reports the Raiders will be making “a major announcement” in coming days. The Raiders have not announced a single coaching interview. Harbaugh is a former member of the Raiders coaching staff and Al was impressed by him. The major announcement is either Harbaugh is the new head coach — or team doctors have manages to bring John Madden back to life.

  8. R.A.I.D.E.R.S

    Although I believe it would be more entertaining if he goes to the Panthers…
    Go up against Arians and Payton twice a year!

  9. Most college coaches would burst into flames if they talked to a kid’s pastor. Good on dad for putting Harbs to the test.

  10. If he was nice to a young Mark Davis years ago and only sent bland emails he will be Raiders coach and safe from Ohio State and the SEC

  11. The way college football is today, players going from team to team, recruits changing their minds often, I would get out of this ASAP.

  12. Great coach – a handful to deal with if you’re an owner or part of the team, or the opposition for that matter.

  13. Harbaugh to the Raiders would be glorious. He loved Al Davis. They have so many pieces in place and are in good position to have a successful draft with 8 picks. Pull the trigger Mark!

  14. Make may day hurrah. Would love to see him go. He had his big year, everyone else on the team is fleeing so the timing is perfect. I just hope rumors of the Bears being interested are true and he jumps on that wagon.
    Look, the guy has to be somewhat dismayed he couldn’t recruit that upper level of classmen to compete with OSU. Your getting three stars, they get five stars, that don’t wont.
    He had his year of glory, time to move on, time for M to find a charismatic coach like MSU did and get people flocking to you.

  15. I can’t stand Harbaugh but he’s better in the NFL than college. College is as much about recruiting as it is coaching while the NFL has enough parity that coaching matters more. I’m hoping he ends up in the AFC because those 49ers teams were tough to beat as my Packers well know. Knowing my luck, he ends up in Chicago or Minnesota; he could be great coach for Justin Fields.

  16. It’s no question that Harbaugh is an abrasive personality, but so much of the disfunctionality of his relationship we with 49er management was on their GM Trent Baalke and on an entitled self important trust-fund son of the owner who thought he knew more about football than the professionals, and I don’t mean Baalke. I’d like to see what Harbaugh could do in a more stable organization. Anyone know of one who needs a HC?

  17. philmccracken says:
    January 8, 2022 at 10:59 am
    The Bears offered $15/hour.

    311 11 Rate This


    That’s about what Harbaugh is worth. Hilarious to me the bum thinks he is in demand.

  18. Jim Harbaugh is a college coach. He doesn’t know how to coach men. In the NFL, he’s good for 2-3 years, but then the adult men on the teams get tired of being treated like children, and Harbaugh leaves for another job.

  19. Harbaugh is a NFL coach who is coaching on the college level. He knows exactly how to coach men in the NFL He has been in an NFL locker room for 20 years.

    He really belongs home with the 49ers, but outside of the 49ers the Raiders would probably be his best stop. He can run things his own way there, he has an affinity towards their fan base, and he’ll probably get a 10 year contract.

  20. Harbaugh in Jag as GM and HC is the ideal choice. He will do wonder for an owner that does not come from a football background and can listen to honest, sometimes hard to listen to advices on how a winning NFL team should be ran. He bought the 49er from also ran to Super Bowl.

  21. If the colts totally implode and choke to the jaguars and miss the playoffs, the Colts should kick Reich and Wentz to the curb and bring in Harbaugh who then can convince Luck to come out of retirement to play with JT. A win/win all across the board.

  22. Jim Harbaugh, with a proven NFL track record, should be at the top of the list of head coach options, provided the personalities all click well.

  23. Every recruit and their parents should expect to hear that from all college coaches, especially those who have been in the NFL. Is that not the goal for 99% of these kids anyway? Same standard applies to all coaches.

  24. Raiders.

    Rhule is in a no win situation. As in nobody is going be winning anything important in Carolina for a long time to come. Raiders are a good option for Harbaugh.

  25. Every player has seen his body of work in the NFL…I don’t think a lot of free agents will want to play for him regardless where he goes….but if I was a beating man I would say Da Raiders.

  26. Harbaugh has been at Michigan since 2015. He couldn’t field a team that was remotely competitive with Ohio State until 2021. Now, when he has *FINALLY* beaten them a grand total of one time, he is suddenly ready to “entertain NFL offers.”

    Sheesh, what a prima donna!

  27. Harbaugh is a great coach. His players weren’t half as good as the players at Ohio State or Alabama. And he’s never had a legit QB. He was loyal to Michigan, but Michigan cut his salary. Now they probably regret it.

  28. jurgyisgod says:
    January 8, 2022 at 3:10 pm
    Hi Jim, Mr Snyder is on line 2.
    Even Harbaugh is not dumb enough to work for Snyder. Beside that they already have a great coach in Rivera.

  29. Even if the Raiders make it to the playoffs or go all the way Winning the Super Bowl, Jim Harbaugh is the coach and Bisaccia is his assistant head coach. The staff is already there (Bradley/Cable).

  30. curmudgeon13 says:
    January 8, 2022 at 10:55 am

    While I hope he comes back to an NFC team, I highly doubt he would be the right fit in Seattle. First off, he wouldn’t be the head coach, as that’s filled with Carroll. So, he’d have to be a coordinator. While I’m not happy with either of the Seahawks’ Offensive/Defensive Coordinators, I’m sure he wouldn’t want to take one of those spots.

  31. If anyone enjoys nervous energy as their drug of choice there is an all you can eat buffet here in Ann Arbor as the prospect of going back to the wilderness looking for competent coaching looms over things. He hasn’t been a world beater, but the last few coaches combined with the sight of places like Nebraska, Florida State and others that once had glory and now it is a memory mostly I think has put a fear into the fan base. In this case the fear of returning to the unknown after having a known quantity. IMO

  32. Good coach, weird guy, seems to have a 4 yr shelf life before irritation/conflict set in. I wonder if he’s worth it.

  33. Head coaching carousal: Bradley with Leftwich to Jags, Bowles takes over Tampa, Fangio follows Harbaugh to the Raiders.

  34. I wonder if the Bears finally ax Nagy if Harbaugh would entertain a return to Chicago. This time Mike Ditka wouldn’t be on the sidelines screaming at him.

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