Panthers are keeping Matt Rhule for 2022

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Matt Rhule will return to the Panthers for a third season, per multiple local and national reports.

Rhule, 46, has won only five games in each of his first two seasons with one game remaining this season. The 10-22 record seemingly had him on the hot seat and has prompted chants of “Fire Rhule!” at recent home games.

The Panthers, though, will give Rhule another year to prove he can do in the NFL what he did in college at Temple and Baylor. Owner David Tepper signed Rhule to a seven-year deal before the 2020 season.

Rhule reportedly will begin the search for a new offensive coordinator next week, after the team fired offensive coordinator Joe Brady on Dec. 5. Senior offensive assistant Jeff Nixon took over Brady’s role with help from the rest of the offensive coaching staff.

The Panthers rank 30th in total offense, including 29th in passing, and are 29th in points scored. The have swung and missed at the most important position in Rhule’s two seasons.

Carolina signed Teddy Bridgewater to a three-year, $63 million deal in March 2020. He lasted one year. The Panthers replaced Bridgewater with Sam Darnold, trading a 2021 sixth-rounder and a second- and fourth-rounder in 2022. When Darnold went on injured reserve with a shoulder injury in November, the Panthers brought Cam Newton home.

The Panthers, who inquired about Deshaun Watson at the trade deadline, surely will have a different starting quarterback next season.

They have not made the playoffs or had a winning season since 2017.

36 responses to “Panthers are keeping Matt Rhule for 2022

  1. Makes sense. That’s a lot of money to eat. Bigger question is can they finally get a qb?

  2. He took over a 5-11 team, and proceeded to post two consecutive 5-11 seasons. They are being kinder to Rhule, than Rhule was to Joe Brady.

  3. He hasn’t performed well, but he also hasn’t had much to choose from at QB or a healthy CMC. After year 3 if there isn’t significant improvement, then fire him.

  4. 3yardsndust says:
    January 8, 2022 at 5:36 pm
    David Tepper makes Jerry Jones look like Stephen Hawking.
    Physically or mentally?

  5. Been really impressed by him. I think he rhules. I heard he had a lot of good rhules in the locker room.

  6. Eating the rest of Rhule’s salary is practically a rounding error given Tepper’s net worth and the NFL’s avg team revenue.

    Have to assume Tepper really wants to be proven right on hiring Rhule or Tepper doesn’t believe any other coach will do better with the team as constructed (unlikely to turn it all around in one year’s draft/free agency)- so he is giving him another year.

  7. And there was much rejoicing, yayyy. Of course after another awful season the fan base was forced during a blizzard to eat the coaching staff and front office. And there was much rejoicing, yayyy.
    The next year winter and spring were skipped entirely and they went on to the preseason straight off. You’ve either seen MOnty Python and the holy grail and get it or you don’t sorry 🙂

  8. Get ready for another season of misery. The NFL isn’t College, it’s not some exploitive system where you only got to worry about top talent for a max of 4 years and can recruit entire classes.

    This is the NFL, the top of the top. And the way he managed the team shows that he isn’t ready for it. Getting a QB can’t save him

  9. Matt Rhule has always been a “3rd” year turnaround Coach. It’s sink or swim next year.

  10. They are in a really bad spot.

    I’d do ANYTHING for their 2023 first round pick.

    Arrow pointing straight down.

    And really, I don’t think that’s because of Rhule. Although someone made the horrible decision to sign Cam Newton so there’s that.

  11. Everything is fine they have 2 QBS that stink and they are open to offers for their only good player, Get used to losing seasons every year.

  12. He told the owner he wanted to trade for Baker Mayfield, he had to convince Tepper that he was gonna get a real QB!

  13. This is why you don’t give coaches who have not proven themselves in the NFL big contracts.

  14. The 2022-3 NFL season will probably be Rhule’s last at Carolina. I imagine sometime late in the NFL season, but before the college seasons end, he’ll have his agent reach out to needy college programs and land a HC job where his style of coaching works better.

  15. Trepper just doesn’t seem to care about his fan base if he’s keeping both the HC and GM. Rich folks mentality. I’m smarter than 98% percent.

  16. Fans would not be wrong if they decided that this decision was purely financial, intended to minimize the number of years during which the franchise pays more than one HC a salary.

    And if that’s actually what this means, then the Panthers’ front office has little hope for next year.

  17. Rhule looks like the epitome of a guy who got his job because his dad knows a guy

  18. Must suck to be a Panther fan, want to get rid of him, don’t go to any games.

  19. The key will be finding a new mediocre qb for 2022. Bridgewater was not the answer, Darnold was not the answer, and old Cam Newton was not the answer, but maybe Jimmy Garrapalo or Jalen Hurt can be the answer!

  20. I think that a coach needs 3 or 4 years to make a roster and start over. The problem with Rhule is missing on QBs and neglecting the oline. He built a defense that could be very good but its not living up to the draft stock he’s put into it.

  21. Doesn’t matter who’s coaching—they need a QB. Half of the coaches in the league aren’t that bad—they just have awful QB rooms.

  22. Matt Rhule is a complete and utter disaster and will never be a winning Head Coach for the Carolina Panthers. David Tepper whiffed when he hired Rhule and you get what you pay for. The Panthers will suffer a lot more thanks to the ignorance of David Tepper in the hiring and retaining of an unmitigated disaster named Matt Rhule. Panthers fans have had enough of Rhule.

  23. mikefloreo says:
    He hasn’t performed well, but he also hasn’t had much to choose from at QB or a healthy CMC. After year 3 if there isn’t significant improvement, then fire him.

    FACT IS Matt Rhule is in charge of the roster & Draft he also tells the GM what positions he needs & he chooses who he wants & answer only to the Owner
    in 2020 Matt Rhule could have signed or tried to Tom Brady or Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota or any other FA QB but choose Teddy Bridgewater
    SO IN the 2020 draft Matt Rhule could have had QB Justin Herbert or Jalen Hurts but he said we have Teddy Bridgewater
    in 2021 Matt Rhule traded Teddy Bridgewater Cause he was negative things about the coachs & they passed on FA QB’s & Traded a 2nd, 4th & 6th for Sam Darnold & than passed on Justin Fields & Mac Jones & After the drafted Matt Rhule gave Sam his 5th yr options which means Panthers will pay Sam 18 million for next yr

  24. It’s really bad when you can’t even keep pace with a team that has no QB in your division …

  25. The impression with Tepper seems to be that he wants a big name QB like a Watson. It may explain- although not outright excuse- going for guys like Bridgewater/Darnold. Guys with some success/upside but not a total all in leaving the door open to bring another QB. I predict Panthers land Watson giving up their 1st rounder, 2nd rounder next year, young def. player but also asking Texans to take Darnold’s contract off their hands.

  26. I mean lets be honest here panther fans! We all knew this was the case of Rhule coming back even if we didnt want it to happen!

  27. That’s a pretty major leap of faith by the owner given Rhule’s performance do far. Really, had there been any demonstrable improvement by this team in the last 2 years? Is there any real
    Optimism for this team?

  28. First-year coach Arthur Smith and the Falcons have a decent chance to get win #8 today with probably the 4th worst roster in the NFL and no Calvin Ridley. That’s a poor reflection on Matt Rhule.

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