Vic Fangio: I understand second-guessing the field goal, but on fourth-and-9 chances aren’t great

Broncos vs Chiefs
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Broncos coach Vic Fangio may have kicked away his last chance to save his job when he kicked a field goal late in the fourth quarter of today’s 28-24 loss to the Chiefs. But after the game, Fangio stood by it.

Fangio said the offense picking up a fourth-and-9 conversion was unlikely, and he’d rather try to get three points, get a stop on defense, and then potentially win the game with a touchdown on the next possession.

“It was fourth-and-9 and your odds are very low, through analytics and all that,” Fangio said. “There was enough time left that gave us a chance to get a stop, and even if we gave up a field goal, we’d have a chance. If we go for it and don’t get it and they get that same field goal, then we’re down two scores with not enough time. So I understand the second-guessing there, but fourth-and-9, your chances are not great.”

Unfortunately for Fangio, his defense never stopped Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense, and Kansas City ran out the clock after the field goal. Fangio may have viewed the field goal as the safe decision, but it also may have been his last decision as the Broncos’ head coach.

20 responses to “Vic Fangio: I understand second-guessing the field goal, but on fourth-and-9 chances aren’t great

  1. Vic is known for poor clock management, never ending turnovers and loss of home field advantage. The Fangio trifecta.

  2. I think Vic gets another year. He hasn’t had a good QB since he’s been there. Go out and get Rodgers or Wilson and see what happens.

  3. Fangio must have a painted portrait of Chuck Knox in his office. Fangio is painfully predictable. Every opponent knows he will kick field goals and play it safe. You always know what his next move is.

  4. The Fangio Face…. It never changes win lose or draw…

    Always looks like he’s got to fart

  5. This is an example of how things have evolved over time. I think you go back to 90s-00s this would be a relatively routine conservative call most coaches make. The daring on this type of call is a recent development strategy even if it has been commonplace. Not sure it was the right call especially with KC as the opponent. But the decision from an older coach I must confess I’m not surprised in the least

  6. He didn’t trust his offense to pick up 9 yards, but he trusted his offense to get a TD on the next drive..

    I hope Denver keeps this guy.

  7. Lets face it, wasn’t Fangio’s fault the running back fumbled in the red zone…. That WAS the game…. If they went for it and scored a td it would’ve been tied with plenty of time for KC to score anyway.

  8. The broncos first two possessions were as ugly as it gets. First possession they chose to go long on 3rd and 5. For God sakes secure a first down and see what happens. Instead the chief’s take over 7 minutes off the clock and score. It’s called digging g a hole for your offense.

  9. If the broncos were known for offense then you go for it. They’re not, they’re known for defense. He was playing to the strengths of his team. Didn’t work out.

  10. These defensive coaches that get the head coaching jobs are at a serious disadvantage in todays nfl. When the chips are down they are just overnatched.

  11. They had a chance to knock the Cheifs a spot or two down in the playoffs- their biggest rival in a lost season. What does Fangio do? Kicks a field goal. Even if they didn’t get it, they are still within a td and KC would have bad field position. They were going to have to score a TD regardless, why not go for it then? Brutal coaching.

  12. The thought process of taking the three points and then trying to get a stop on defense is “analytically correct;” on the surface. The problem with that calculation though is that the Chiefs had made at least one first down on every possession of the game, to that point.. so the idea that suddenly your defense will get a stop is ludicrous; at best.

    Denver should’ve gone for the first down or touchdown from the KC 13.

  13. The FG Isn’t the story…the Returned fumble for a TD by KC ,after a good hit, IS the story. Game was entertaining.

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