Vic Fangio is uncertain whether he will return next season

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Vic Fangio has one year remaining on his contract and owns a 19-30 record with no postseason trips in three seasons. He may be back for a fourth season . . . or he may be looking for a job elsewhere.

Fangio, 63, said after a 28-24 loss to the Chiefs to end a 7-10 season that he has no clarity on his future.

“I do not know what’s going to happen,” Fangio said, via Troy Renck of Denver7. “I will be good. I think the foundation is there for this franchise to close the gap. I am proud to be associated with our players. They are fighters. Our record isn’t good enough, but I am proud to be associated with them.”

The anticipated change in ownership could buy Fangio another season. The right-of-first-refusal trial with the Kaiser family concludes soon, and team president John Elway is leaving and CEO Joe Ellis retiring following the ownership transition.

But General Manager George Paton still could decide it’s time for a change as Fangio is the first Broncos coach to average 10 losses per season.

The Broncos and the Jets are the only teams to miss the playoffs each of the past six seasons, including this season.

16 responses to “Vic Fangio is uncertain whether he will return next season

  1. Denvers defense is all set for the future with Vic Fangio. Upgrade the offense and special teams and you will be fine… Defense wins championships

  2. Fangio is not nearly as inept as Zimmer, but that’s an embarrassing standard.

  3. I for one would really hate to see Elway go. His inability to draft a franchise quarterback has been absolutely astonishing and yet amazing all at the same time! Really gonna miss you, big guy.

  4. It’s a QB league, and the guy never had a QB. That’s 100% on the G.M. Either the owner is satisfied to keep losing, or they get rid of Elway.

  5. The ownership situation is a much bigger deal than people are thinking in my opinion. They aren’t going to want to hire a coach then fire him after a year, especially with Fangio’s contract situation being what it is. I think they keep him, but even if they don’t, the reason this is such a difficult choice is the ownership. He’s done nothing to justify remaining HC if ownership was stable.

  6. Elway can’t leave
    Denver has a great great defense and running game.
    They had the right game plan, too. Lock has a strong arm
    That team played hard today. Hard to fire the coach.

  7. Should keep him around for at least another year. Team performed as expected as they didn’t have a QB. With new ownership on the way better off giving him his contract to try to do something.

  8. Vic is a great guy, and good coach. If he is let go, he will have a job within days as a DC, hopefully in Chicago for their new coach.

  9. Vic will be the first DC hired by one of the many new HC’s next year.

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