Broncos fire Vic Fangio

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Vic Fangio is out after three seasons as the Broncos’ head coach.

Fangio was fired this morning, the team announced.

The 63-year-old Fangio, who had never been a head coach before the Broncos hired him, finished up a 7-10 season with Saturday’s loss to the Chiefs. Prior to that he went 5-11 in 2020 and 7-9 in 2019.

The Broncos have now had five consecutive losing seasons and are in desperate need of a coach who can turn things around. Complicating matters is the uncertainty of the ownership situation, which will surely give pause to any top head-coaching candidate the Broncos pursue.

Fangio will likely have offers to become a defensive coordinator again, but he has likely completed his last stint as a head coach.

49 responses to “Broncos fire Vic Fangio

  1. Not sure what the point was in letting him coach the final game and delay the coaching search?

  2. Become Asst head coach with Staley and the Boltz. That mind could put their Defense over the edge!!

  3. The Broncos and Jets are the only teams to not make the playoffs over the past six seasons. Neither team has a player selected to the Pro Bowl, the first time in 40 years for the Broncos.

  4. He deserves to be fired just for kicking the field goal with four minutes left last night when they had nothing to lose after getting eliminated last week. Talk about a HC being so out of tune with situational awareness

  5. Vic’s a real good guy and a great DC but being HC wasn’t his cup of tea.
    Special teams coach and Oc are next. They should have been let go long before now.

  6. I doubt Fangio will be worried. He’ll get a DC job in five minutes. But I’d really like him to come back to Da Bears and whip that D into shape!

  7. Harbaugh would be perfect, with the defense they have in place now, but him and Elway would be like oil and water. Elway needs to trade for Russell Wilson, whatever the cost and hire an solid coach. Not an offensive/defensive coach…but a solid coach. Get Jim Caldwell and trade the house for Wilson.

  8. I’m sure he’ll get another shot at some point because retreads, BUT that FG attempt alone should disqualify him from ever leading another team.

  9. Fangio should be in the conversation for Coach of the Year. They’re not going to get a better coach, unless it’s Jim Harbaugh.

  10. Fangio was the scapegoat for the remnant of Elway’s ineptitude. Seven starting QBs in 3 years.

  11. Who is going to want to take the Broncos HC job? I hear once they untangle the ownership mess , a new owner will want his OWN GM and HC in 2023.

  12. myvietnamwasfightingtheclap says:
    January 9, 2022 at 10:55 am
    Had to be done. Still, he’s a better HC and DC than Zimmer.
    Zimmer has never gone 5-11 in his 8 seasons with the Vikings. Fangio did in his first season. Zimmer won his division and went to the playoffs his first season. Did Fangio do that in any of his three seasons? In fact, Fangio never had a winning season as a HC. Fangio has poor QBs? Does that explain why Flacco called out the conservative game plan and play calling. You remember, it ended with the OC being the scapegoat and getting fired. The new OC? No better. Special teams- laughable. I’m no Zimmer fan. I think Fangio is a better coordinator, but is not HC material.

  13. Fangio and Quinn are a lot alike. Both are great Defensive Coordinators, but mediocre Head Coaches, at best. Not every coordinator is cut out to be a head coach.

    Fangio will quickly find a home as a DC.

  14. Why would he kick a game losing field goal instead of actually trying to win the game? 3 points and giving the ball back to KC with 4 minutes left just about guaranteed the loss. Go for it on fourth down…make it and you win the game…miss it and you have KC deep in their own end. Vic doesn’t have a clue.

  15. If you don’t have a QB you are confident in, going for it on 4th down is useless. Belichick did the same thing against the colts. FG was the right decision if you have a good defense. Just didn’t work out.

  16. Doesn’t matter who they bring in as head coach, without a capable starting QB the Broncos are going nowhere fast. It’s disgraceful they have found a QB since Elway, and Elway needs to shoulder a big load of that blame. Unless they get a QB for next season, expect the same results….

  17. Wonder what would have happened if Gordon hadn’t fumbled? Still think Paton had already made up his mind to let Fangio go weeks ago and already has a replacement in mind.

  18. He and Dan Quinn are both great DCs that have no business being head coaches…

    Vic will have his choice of DC jobs. Hopefully he stays away from Baalke in Jax.

  19. Can’t win in this league without consistent QB play. The Broncos will keep hiring and firing coaches until they found an answer at QB.

  20. The Bears may be willing to bring him back and even let him be head coach this time if he works for $15 an hour…

  21. Gotta love how Schefter, who obviously is getting info from Fangio’s agent, has made sure to say that if the broncos had just gotten Rodgers then he would be considered a coach of the year candidate. In EVERY hit about this news.

    Putting aside the fact that having Rodgers as your QB means people DON’T vote for you for COTY (ask Matt LaFleur), what a clown Schefter is.

    Yeah, and if that damn lottery ticket just had the right numbers on it I’d be a millionaire!

  22. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go on and have success elsewhere. Vance Joseph has completely reinvented himself putting together one of the best defenses in the NFL with plenty of quality depth and is now a favorite to become a HC again either this year or next. This isn’t a coaching problem in Denver it is a they don’t have a capable good QB problem. Broncos last two coach’s were kind of victim of circumstance and just didn’t have the talent it takes to succeed in the NFL. Whoever the Broncos GM is needs to move heaven and earth to secure a good solid mid pack type QB at the very least.

  23. Elway is as big a problem for that team as any. Just like “Jerruh” Jones thinking he’s a GM. Same thing, same results…NO SB in a LONG time.

  24. Elway’s contract is done at the end of the league year in a couple months. It hasn’t been extended. He’s done here. Not sure why this is such uncommon knowledge but this is George Paton’s team now.

  25. Yes, go back to Chicago and their delusional fans, Green Bay will pay the plane ticket.

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