Buccaneers head into playoffs with win over Panthers

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The Buccaneers didn’t have a lot to play for today, having already clinched the NFC South and knowing they’d be hosting a playoff game next week. But coach Bruce Arians said they would play to win, and they did.

Although the Panthers were game early on, the Bucs took control in the second half and coasted to a comfortable 41-17 win.

Bucs quarterback Tom Brady had an excellent game, throwing for 326 yards and three touchdowns, with no interceptions, while Rob Gronkowski was his favorite receiver with seven catches for 137 yards, and Mike Evans added six catches for 89 yards and two touchdowns.

The Panthers got a solid if not spectacular game from Sam Darnold, but it wasn’t near.y enough to keep pace with the Bucs’ offense.

Carolina’s season ends with a 5-12 record, a disappointing finish in Matt Rhule’s second season. They need to make major changes this offseason, starting with finding themselves a better quarterback than Darnold.

The Bucs, who improved to 13-4, have the quarterback they need, and they look like strong contenders to win their second consecutive Super Bowl.

19 responses to “Buccaneers head into playoffs with win over Panthers

  1. As a panthers fan excited to see what 2 qbs they bring in to compete with darnold for next year

  2. Bucs are getting healthy with some of their defensive players likely coming back next week. They’ll need them to slow down the Philly rush offense. Tampa’s offense looks like they’ve found a way to not totally replace, but somewhat offset the losses of Godwin and AB.

  3. There are a lot of fake Patriots fans out there. If you can’t support Brady on the Bucs, you were never a Patriots fan to begin with.

  4. GoodellMustGo

    You need a reminder. Since the BB/TB12 divorce:

    Brady 28-9 BB – 17-15


    Brady 4-0 BB ?

    Super Bowl

    Brady 1 BB 0

    Head to head

    Brady 1 BB 0

    2021 stats for Brady:

    TD’S – 43 (1ST) YDS – 5336 (1ST) Completions – 485 (1st)

    Only QB with more than 300 Yds per game average.

    Age 44.

    Show some respect.

  5. Jimmy G and Brady in the playoffs. That’s bittersweet and nostalgic. Belichick should be proud. I think the Bucs will lose if they don’t get their injured quickly, like Edelman said, the Bucs are depleted and will not repeat. But then again, we know how it is to bet against the old guy.

  6. jameshodges says:
    January 9, 2022 at 8:14 pm
    There are a lot of fake Patriots fans out there. If you can’t support Brady on the Bucs, you were never a Patriots fan to begin with.


    “They” are more than likely multiple accounts for our resident troll…. He is more of a BB fan than he is a Patriots fan

  7. GoodellMustGo says:
    January 9, 2022 at 7:32 pm

    One and done


    I wish my fans wouldn’t bring up last year’s NFC championship game again and again or do they mean this year too. I ask them to have some faith in me even though I have only managed to win 1 ring after all these years.

  8. nagyisterrible says:
    January 9, 2022 at 9:37 pm
    Tampa gets a bye next week. Philly is going to get destroyed.


    Never underestimate your opponent, all good teams know that. The road is never easy and even Brady will agree. Humility trumps all.

  9. nydre4 says:
    January 9, 2022 at 9:20 pm
    No AB, 41 points

    Calm down…it was against the Panthers.

  10. Carolina Panthers trashed again by the likes of Matt Rhule. Tepperand Rhule deserve each other the the Carolina fan base does not. It is what it is. A debacle and a fourth straight top ten draft pick and that says it all.

  11. You guys act like you actually beat someone. Like the Cowboys you beat up on a team that can’t defend itself. NOT an accomplishment. You should have won that game….There is NO NFC team that stands out right, yes including the Packers. They ALL have major weaknesses and on ANY given Sunday they all can lose.

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