Could Raiders try to trade for a “rock star” coach like Mike Tomlin or Sean Payton?

Las Vegas Raiders v Cleveland Browns
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It’s a device that rarely is used by NFL teams. It arguably should be used more often. It could be used this offseason.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, when reviewing the various current and potential vacancies, suggested that the Raiders could try to essentially trade for a coach currently employed by another team.

“I think the Raiders would love to go and still perhaps get a rock star,” Glazer said. “Maybe even look to trade for somebody. A Mike Tomlin or Sean Payton. Something along those lines.”

It’s hardly definitive. But it’s definitely something to watch. The Raiders once essentially traded Jon Gruden to the Buccaneers, so the Raiders know how expensive it would be, both as to giving up what it would take to pry away an accomplished coach from another team and as to what it would take to pay him. (Obviously, the current team would have to be willing to part with the coach, and the coach would have to be willing to make the change.)

To the extent that owner Mark Davis wants to go big-name hunting, it makes the buzz regarding Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh even more credible. He could be hired without any draft picks being sacrificed.

Then there’s the Rich Bisaccia factor. If he makes it to the playoffs and wins a game or two, will he stay? It would definitely be cheaper to keep Bisaccia than to hire a coach with major name recognition.

24 responses to “Could Raiders try to trade for a “rock star” coach like Mike Tomlin or Sean Payton?

  1. They could. But presumably they’re going for Harbaugh who clearly isn’t after staying at Michigan.

  2. I don’t know about this. Trading for a player gets that player, obviously. But a head coach necessarily depends on his staff to have the organization running as he wants. Trading for a HC without getting his key lieutenants as well seems like a real handicap on getting started with a new franchise. Maybe that’s why it isn’t done often.

  3. Since when is Mike Tomlin a rock star coach. He inherited a HOF quarterback and ownership is definitely rock star. I guess we’ll find out soon enough how rock star he is!

  4. Is Tomlin bringing Ben Roethlisberger? Is Payton Bringing Drew Brees? Most of the greatest coaches in history never won anything without a first ballot HOF QB, and these two are no different. Jon Gruden won a super bowl without an elite QB. Jim Harbaugh was very successful in the NFL with terrible QB’s. He nearly won a super bowl with Kaepernick, and Kap isn’t even good enough to get a backup job. Rich Bisaccia has done as well, or probably even better than any of these big-name guys. Take away their HOF QB’s and let’s see one win a super bowl.

  5. Hahaha. With Ben effectively done. Colbert retiring. The Steelers organization isn’t stupid, Tomlin isn’t going anywhere.

  6. Harbaugh gets cash only. The rockstar trade loses draft picks and cash. Plus, Harbaugh is far better than Tomlin and maybe pretty close to Payton.

    If Harbaugh is interested in the NFL he has playoff team ready and waiting. Harbaugh is the new Raiders coach.

  7. Tom Brady and the Tuck rule destroyed the Raiders. They have not recovered ever since. I would not touch the Raiders if I was either Tomlin or Payton.

  8. If a college coach acknowledges to a recruit’s father that he’s entertaining overtures from the NFL then that coach is leaving college for the NFL. Harbaugh knows the situation is much better with Vegas than Chicago. New stadium, better talent, and no snow to shovel.

  9. Tomlin is incredibly overrated. His success says more about the Steelers organization than his actual talents.

  10. Harbaugh is just using the Raiders for negotiating leverage to get a better deal from Michigan.

  11. Whether either is a “rock stars” or not is besides the point. This is as unlikely as a trade of President Biden for Prime minister Justin Trudeau! It’s complete and utter nonsense! Someone at PFT appears to have too much idle time on their hands!

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