Jaguars sponsor didn’t get its name removed from clown-out game

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
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It’s unclear whether and to what extent tried to secure an emergency court order requiring the Jaguars to remove the company’s name as the presenting sponsor for the regular-season finale as part of its lawsuit against the team. It is clear that there was no ruling compelling reoval of the name before Sunday.

And with the Jaguars winning Sunday’s game against the Colts, 10-3, maybe it ended up being not a bad deal for after all.

The lawsuit has been regarded by some in the organization as a publicity stunt. If so it worked. We’re now aware of Whatever is.

“We are in receipt of the complaint filed by RoofClaim,” the Jaguars said in a statement issued after the filing of the lawsuit. “It is baseless and without merit, and contradictory to the very terms RoofClaim negotiated in its sponsorship agreement earlier this year. We will exhaustively protect our interests in this matter at every turn.”

It’s a delicate business decision for the Jaguars. On one hand, it’s fair and proper for the team to expect its sponsors to honor their contractual commitments. On the other hand, future sponsors may take a dim view of doing business with the Jaguars if the process of disentanglement becomes a huge mess.

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