Jaguars win 26-11, Colts need help to make playoffs


The Colts came into Sunday’s game with a clear path to the playoffs, but the Jaguars proved to be a much bigger obstacle than anyone anticipated.

Indianapolis was favored by two touchdowns over a 2-14 Jaguars team, but Jacksonville grabbed the lead on their first drive of the game and never looked back on their way to a 26-11 win over their AFC South foes. The win hasn’t eliminated the Colts yet, but their options will require several other pieces to fall into place after flopping on Sunday.

Both sides of the ball should share the blame for the Colts, but the offense will likely come in for the bigger dose of criticism. Quarterback Carson Wentz lost a fumble and threw an interception in the third quarter that led to 10 Jaguars points and running back Jonathan Taylor was stuffed short of first downs on two fourth down plays. The second of those was on the Jaguars’ one-yard-line early in the fourth quarter.

That play essentially ended the game, but the official final dagger came when Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence ran for a first down on the final play before the two minute warning. The first overall pick of the 2021 draft had perhaps his best performance of the season by going 23-of-32 for 223 yards and two touchdowns.

Jacksonville’s defense produced six sacks to go with the two takeaways. Josh Allen had a pair of them while Damien Wilson intercepted Wentz after forcing his fumble earlier in the game.

Lawrence and Allen will be key pieces for the incoming head coach to build around. With the Lions winning, the Jaguars will also have the first pick in this year’s draft to go with those players so it was a good day all around for Jacksonville.

41 responses to “Jaguars win 26-11, Colts need help to make playoffs

  1. Blow out Buffalo, beat NE and the Cardinals… and then blow your season losing to the Raiders and getting blown out by the Jags


  2. Hey Colts fans. What hurts worse? Getting pummeled by the worst team in the league and likely missing the playoffs or having to give a 1st rounder to Philly for Carson Wentz?

  3. Carson Wentz went from being a dynamic playmaker to a below average game manager in a short period of time.

  4. Probably should have included what help the Colts need to make it in the playoffs, instead of just dropping that in there.

  5. Colts can’t even hang a participation banner for this game…. They were never in it

  6. The Colts went from a dark horse to nobodies in one week. My god what a terrible loss to an absolutely awful Jaguars squad with nothing to play for. Colts don’t deserve the playoffs at this point too inconsistent. Also this should put an end to the Taylor MVP talk did nothing against the worst team in football.

  7. Getting pummeled by the worst team in the league and likely missing the playoffs or having to give a 1st rounder to Philly for Carson Wentz?

    Probably gonna be a good draft slot too.

  8. The ‘Expert Pundits’: “The Colts are a team no one wants to face in the Playoffs”. Wanna know why? Because they’d ALSO not be in the playoff like the Colts!! LOL!!!!!!!! Eagles fans everywhere are sooooo happy!

  9. Colts fan here. They don’t deserve to go to the playoffs. They chose to play uninspired football. Unlike the Jags, Texans, Vikings, Bears, and Lions. They were playing for pride. Imagine that.

  10. Anybody that lost to the Jags ought to be automatically eliminated from post-season play!

  11. Carson Wentz threw the game so Ben Roethlisberger could make the playoffs one last time.

  12. Carson Yutz is a fraud. I wonder if Reich regrets giving away a first-round pick for that loser.

  13. I guess the fake crowd noise they usually use on the stereos in Indy didn’t quite help in Jacksonville

  14. Had the Colts held on to that draft capital, they easily could have traded up and taken Mac Jones before the Patriots did, and they’d be much better off. They panicked during the offseason and were overconfident in this idea that somehow Frank Reich was going to turn Carson Wentz into at least Jimmy Garoppolo. Epic fail. Regardless of what happens from this point out, the Patriots are in the playoffs with a rookie quarterback and everything from here is gravy for them. Oh well Indy, there’s still basketball.

  15. Look at the bright side Colts fans, your team can still raise an “over .500 banner” to the rafters.

  16. How much of a reflection is this on quarterbacks from South Dakota State? It doesn’t bode well for the 49ers and Trey Lance, and the niners invested much more capital into their selection then the Colts did getting Wince.

  17. This is what happens when you steal a football team in the middle of the night. Did you think we forgot?

  18. badams says:
    January 9, 2022 at 4:31 pm
    When we needed him the most, Carson Wentz was nowhere to be found.


    Yeah, but he was either “dialed in” or “locked in” all week during preparation. I can’t decide which.

  19. Wentz gets happy feet after he gets hits a few times and panics, no where near a “franchise QB” anymore and after his covid the Colts fans are going to hate him which isn’t is going to do his very, very fragile psyche. Colts would be smart to try to mover him right away, and the GM and ownership need to decide if the coaching staff is the right one to lead this team. With everything on the line they lay an egg which is a 100% coaching failure.

  20. As a Cowboys fan, I was disappointed in 2016 we didn’t draft Wentz. Sure am happy about it now…!! LOL

  21. I think I’m going to subscribe to HBO just to watch this one on Hard Knocks…. How do you narrate a gag of this proportion???

  22. Holy smoke s what a disappointing beat down by a terrible team like the Jags. Wentz sucks and Philly was right to dump him. Go hang another almost banner Colts

  23. Well, there were clowns at the game.
    Hint: They weren’t Jaguars fans in the stands…

  24. This has to be the most disheartening loss of the year. And Wentz/Lance went to College in ND, not in SD (granted it’s hard to tell those states apart).

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