Jaylen Waddle, Xavien Howard give Dolphins early 14-0 lead

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
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Well, this is not going well for the Patriots.

The Dolphins have scored twice in the first 8:53, taking a 14-0 lead on the Patriots.

Miami took the opening kickoff and went 77 yards in 13 plays. Rookie Jaylen Waddle scored his sixth touchdown of the season on a 7-yard pass from Tua Tagovailoa.

Waddle, who entered with 99 catches for 988 yards, has four catches for 25 yards.

The Dolphins had a 14-0 lead only 1:27 later.

Xavien Howard intercepted a Mac Jones pass intended for Jakobi Meyers and returned it 37 yards for a touchdown. It was Howard’s third career touchdown, and his first pick-six since 2017.

11 responses to “Jaylen Waddle, Xavien Howard give Dolphins early 14-0 lead

  1. LOL. Patriots defense and Mac Jones look like they were up all night partying on South Beach.

  2. The Pick 6 was a planned defensive play with Howard quickly jumping off Harry to get in the passing lane.

    It looks like Patriots are playing a vanilla D and Miami will be taking risks to make plays.

  3. The officials just extended a Dolphin drive into Patriots territory with a really really bad call on a fake punt. They called unnecessary roughness on a player giving himself up because it appeared there was possibly helmet to helmet contact, and there was none. But this play followed an easy interception that was dropped by Devin mccourty. The Patriots aren’t good enough to not execute on a play like that, and survive it. All season when they have failed to make a play, it is immediately followed by the other team making a play against them or some other misfortune, and it starts to snowball. This is what happens when you go out and you play poorly. The officials get involved in the game and it gets even worse. They’re not good enough to overcome their own mistakes and poor officiating, which we’ve seen all across the league. A lot of teams have been affected by that. If the Patriots don’t get their act together they will be one and done in the playoffs, and it won’t be pretty. It’s all a good experience for a team with a lot of new faces including a rookie quarterback, but I hate to see them beat themselves. Long way to go here, but we’ve seen this before. Barring any mistakes the dolphins will go up 17-0 at the least, and it’s highly unlikely the Patriots can climb out of that hole. But never say never.

    Dietrich Wise is getting embarrassed by the RPO’s, and failing to set the edge. Isn’t that the reason why he’s there and why they’ve kept him around so long?

  4. I think that personal foul against the Pats must have been for bad breath, since NO contact was made. The ref can’t look at the replay and admit a mistake?

  5. Ted, it was a non QB running for the 1st down marker. Not only was there no contact, the defensive player was in the tackling position and the punter delayed his slide. That’s not giving yourself up.

    Just watched last defensive series of the half. The escaped lack of discipline and execution.

  6. I hate ref blamers, but Judon’s love tap was tricky tack too. That being said, Buffalo is in a dogfight and I expected better from the Pats. Still in the game though. Kudos to the league that most teams that were out of it played their butts off.

  7. Whaaah! I remember teams getting “roughing the passer” called against them for touching Tom Brady in Foxboro. But that was okay.

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