Joe Judge: I’m not defending anything, I’m focused on next season

Washington Football Team v New York Giants
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After last Sunday’s lopsided loss to a losing team, Giants head coach Joe Judge embarked on a memorable 11-minute defense of the work he’s done over the last two seasons while trying to make the case that better days are around the corner because of the foundation he’s laid over two losing campaigns.

Judge offered no such defenses after this Sunday’s lopsided loss to a losing team. Judge said he wouldn’t get into “hypotheticals” about his job after a 22-7 loss to Washington dropped him to 10-23 during his Giants tenure and made it clear that he was done talking about anything that went on with this year’s 4-13 team.

“I’m not in the mode of defending anything,” Judge said, via Zack Rosenblatt of “I’m more in the mode of what’s the truth, what’s the reality and where are we at? To get where we want to go, what do we have to improve on immediately? That’s the mode I’m in. . . . Ultimately, it wasn’t good enough. My focus right now is already on next season, immediately, and changing everything we have to, making every necessary adjustment so when we come out here next year, we play the type of football and have the results we want to have as an organization.”

Giants ownership has done nothing to solidify Judge’s status for next season at this point and it is not known when any definitive word might come from that direction. General Manager Dave Gettleman’s impending departure will likely have an impact, but it is similarly unknown at this point if the Giants will keep Judge regardless of what they do with that position.

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  1. This feels like one of those situations where nothing happens tomorrow for Judge by DG is fired. Then it comes out that Mara will have a meeting with him at the end of the week and make a final determination. Then afterwards they will say they are leaving it up to the next gm. Then he will be retained. The. He will be fired next year.

  2. I have never seen this in almost 50 years of football. He said he ran those plays to give his kicker more room? Did he really just say that?

  3. He sure is good with words. And unfortunately Mara doesn’t have 2 working brain cells that can form a synapses. Us Giants fans miseries will continue. There is no such thing as winning when it comes to mara

  4. This guy is such a joke. Even though he didn’t win, at least Pat Shurmur was a professional. The entire team will be a laughingstock as long as Judge is there.

  5. It’s obvious watching this team that the players aren’t happy playing for him And why would they when he’s treated them like high school kids since the minute he got there!

    What’s with the Giants hiring Tom Coughlin types who the players hate! Coughlin didn’t win because he’s a jackass, they won because they amassed a ton of talent!

  6. You can teach someone how to be a good manager/supervisor. Leadership? That’s an innate quality – either you got it or you don’t. Many have thrived under Belichick, none have succeeded after leaving the fold.

  7. by the time mara finally decides to fire this guy, all the hot candidates this year (BOB, jay, and harbaugh – LOL) will already have been hired.

  8. I know the team has dealt with injuries, but so has everyone else. Judge does not get the most out of his players. After 2 years, what’s the identity of this team?

  9. Judge and Jones will be back. Kevin Abrams will be the GM. Because John Mara is an idiot.

  10. isnt it always…IM looking forward to next season….on Sunday….turn into youre fired on Monday?

  11. Sickening how the worst GM in Giants history got to take pictures and “retire” tomorrow. Meanwhile Jerry Reese, won a super bowl as GM and was Ernie Acorsi’s right hand man for another, got fired mid season. Reese deserved to be let go, but I just cant understand the love affair they have with Gettleman. One of the worst GMs in NY sports history.

  12. Mr Judge, might I suggest you examine the axiom that if you don’t know who the sucker is at the table…?

  13. That’s rich coming from a guy that trashed To Rivera.. And then gets trashed by the WFT, oh the irony!!

  14. Thank you Giants and your clown coach for sucking ever so slightly more than our team and clown coach.
    Sincerely, Bears fan

  15. Whatever happened to that tough-guy, kneecap-eating coach of the Detroit Lions? What’s he doing these days? Wait, what? He’s still the coach? Oh yeah, I see where everybody loves the direction that the Lions are now headed in. My point is that nobody on the outside has a clue what the Giants players feel about their coach. Joe Judge isn’t the Giants’ problem; Gettleman’s drafts are. John Mara needs to find someone to run the football operations and stop picking the GMs and coaches himself. Start there.

  16. One could make the argument, with the lack of talent on the roster (and the salary cap he’ll they will be in next season), judge wasn’t given players that could accurately determine his ability to coach.(127 passing yards in the last two games combined)

    But you have to fight out there, and not surrender. What’s the worst thing that happens if with their back against the end zone, they turn it over? The margin of loss is greater? But maybe, just maybe they get a couple of first downs, maybe even score. They had nothing to lose by trying to get a first down. And that, is the reason he shouldn’t be back next year. If you aren’t going to try, then you should never have left the locker room.

  17. You have to give these young coaches time to adjust. Time to figure some things out. Belichick didn’t exactly start out with a bang. Cleveland fired him. Chuck Noll, Bill Walsh, Jimmy Johnson. A lot of it has to do with bringing in the right players. That doesn’t happen overnight when you take over a bad team. But also, you get experience coaching the team. You have to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your players. So do the assistant coaches. Joe Judge seems like the kind of guy that can win with the right players, and a little experience.

  18. Someone is suing the Giants and Jets for stating they are NY teams but playing in Jersey.

    That person should also sue the Giants for being a CFL team for stating they are an NFL team.

    I thought my Lions were bad, but wow.

  19. My guess is that Giants ownership’s desire to avoid an appearance on Hard Knocks is about as strong as their disgust with the team’s play this year; that may be the thumb on the scale to dump him.

  20. Cowboys went 6-0 in a division with WFT (no QB, tons of injuries), the Eagles (not NFL ready QB and questionable coaching and management) and the Giants (no QB, oft injured RB, joke of a coach, joke of a GM). As a Cowboy fan, I’m hoping everything stays the same.

  21. Judge is out. Dan Quinn, Jack Del Rio, Jim Caldwell experienced former coach types not specifically them will get the most attention.

    Giants off-season. They’ll largely sit out free agency. Over paying for mid level talent has got them nowhere. They haven’t recovered from Reese’s poor drafting.

    Do they sign Mariota/Minshew or do they draft a QB in mid-rounds? They won’t be bringing back Glennon no matter who the GM is. They need to improve their depth at the position but they could also draft a QB with one of their first 3 picks.

    The Giants would like to bring back Lorenzo Carter as a depth guy. His recent play might have priced him off their team. They really like him and his mentorship for Ajulari. They’d still like to upgrade the position. Depth and rotation is what they lack at almost every position.

    They have a very tough decision to make with Sterling Shepard. He won’t be ready to play. He likely could stick around if he reduces his salary like Cruz did. The unavailability, unreliability of Toney makes the position very thin. They like Shepard’s leadership.

    This is going to make people mad, they’re going to try to extend Barkley before his # spirals out of their price range. The starting point will likely be the option #. Could they trade him? Sure if someone overwhelms them but a 3rd rd pick won’t get it done, he’s too valuable to them. They’re are probably going to move on from Booker, Gettleman overpaid. It’s also an opportunity to extend Barkley at a low #.

    The secondary is going to look different, the salary tied up in the position is unattenable.

    OL is basically stripped down to Thomas and Bredeson. Bredeson’s return and Barkley going for a 100 last week is no coincidence. They could get Lemieux and Gates back but they’ll make serious investment through the draft. Price will be better if talent as a unit is better.

  22. I can speak for the rest of the NFC East when I say we welcome Joe Judge back with open arms. Please keep him. As a fan of the Washington Clownshow it was fun watching this chump get clowned today.

  23. Some great assistant coaches were never meant to be head coaches. Sadly, the Giants made this mistake over 50 years ago, hiring Bill Arnsparger, a key mastermind of Don Shula’s back to back Super Bowl champions in Miami, to be head coach. Look up how that turned out. The trend to hire the ‘hot assistant’ is not always a good idea…

  24. Jax, Lions and Jets showed up and competed today. Judge and the Giants quit and showed little fight. Fire Judge and Getty tomorrow. Arrogant and incompetent.

  25. Joseph L Dudge’s key card wasn’t deactivated like his predecessors, he snapped it in half. He’s not requesting a replacement. He’s out, Glazier is close to confirming what we’ve known.

  26. Looks like he is coming back. Thanks for keeping the WFT out of the basement Joe, looking forward to 2 extra bye weeks next season.

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