Mike Tomlin: We’ve got a lot of warts, but we’re here

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens
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After last Monday night’s win over the Browns, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin downplayed a 15th straight season without a losing record by saying that all he cared about was making it to the postseason.

It looks like that’s where Tomlin and the Steelers are headed. Their 16-13 overtime win over the Ravens coupled with the Colts’ loss to the Jaguars leaves the Steelers on the doorstep of the postseason. Only a Raiders-Chargers tie would keep them from advancing as a wild card team in the AFC.

The Steelers’ 9-7-1 record reflects how rocky the road has been this season and Tomlin didn’t overlook the team’s shortcomings when he spoke to reporters after the win.

“Man, we got a lot of warts. But we’re here. And that’s been our position since September,” Tomlin said, via Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Media.

The Steelers are likely going to be the No. 7 seed and that will mean a trip to Kansas City to face the Chiefs next weekend. They’ll likely be heavy underdogs, but they’re there and they’ll have a chance to overcome their warts at least one more time this season.

13 responses to “Mike Tomlin: We’ve got a lot of warts, but we’re here

  1. The combine this year has a dance contest for the WR group. Colbert to avoid khakis.

  2. You know – The Chiefs aren’t playing well at the moment. I would not be at all surprised if the Steelers gave them a smack in the mouth! They’re going to be playing on emotion – Big Ben’s last ride.

  3. I hate the Steelers but I remember the year they won the Super Bowl they got in as a wildcard and had to win out. Well, they won out to the surprise of everyone including me. That was the year Bettis ran over my Urlacher. They kept playing that clip over and over.

  4. Can’t ever count any team out. Colts were Super Bowl bound by a lot of people and got thumped by the Jags. Steelers we’re saying bye to barn last week and now there’s a chance they can make the playoffs.

  5. Big Ben the biggest wart….that is just plain dumb. Goggle his stats…..still a wart….if yes you don’t understand the game or need a hobby to replace your trolling.

  6. Ben led the league in 4th quarter and OT game winning drives this year with 7. He’s a shell of his great self most of the game, but his “in case of emergency, break glass” theatrics remain in tact.

  7. We may be the worst playoff team to make the tourney in years. But at least we’re dancing!

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