Mike Zimmer doesn’t want to talk about his future

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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It’s widely believed that Vikings coach Mike Zimmer won’t be back in 2022, after eight years with the team. He didn’t want to delve into the possibility after Sunday’s season-ending win over the Bears.

Let’s not go there today,” Zimmer said, via ESPN.com. “You want to talk about it tomorrow, then let’s talk about it tomorrow. But this isn’t time to reflect [on] eight years.”

Arguably implicit in his response is the notion that he has reason to believe something will be happening between tonight and tomorrow. However, he said he hasn’t been told anything about his future.

“It’s not my choice,” Zimmer said. “It’s not my decision.”

The Vikings have plenty of talent. However, they’ve now missed the playoffs in two straight seasons. Indeed, they haven’t even been above .500 a single time in 2020 or 2021.

25 responses to “Mike Zimmer doesn’t want to talk about his future

  1. He probably wanted to take a breath … before reflecting … what’s wrong with that?

  2. If they had as much talent as implied, they’d win more and make the playoffs. Simple.

  3. philmccracken says:
    January 9, 2022 at 9:13 pm
    Aaron Rodgers got him fired.

    Not true Aaron Rodgers got Mike McCarthy fired!

  4. “The Vikings have plenty of talent.”

    This made me laugh. Hard!
    C’mon, Mike, you’ve been overselling this team for years. I get that you’re a fan, but you can’t really believe that disappointing roster of talentless rabble should be anything but the below average dregs that they’ve been for years.
    What is it now…..61 seasons? 🤣

    Minnesota is the place that a few good players go to waste their careers.
    The one decent player they currently have will be forcing his escape in the next two years.
    I’m sure he’s already been taking notes.

  5. I’m a senior that needed to be told I lost my “fastball”, it took a few days.

  6. Can’t help but to wonder if things would have been different had they stuck with Keenum. The back up is supposed to win games, correct?

  7. He better be fired and Speilman too! This is a bad losing duo that should have been let go long ago!

  8. Cousins is a .500 QB. He’s proved it with two different teams. Viking fans said it would be different with all the other talent they had. Nope. The only stats that matter are Ws and Ls, and Kirk has as many of one as the other.

  9. The decision for the Wilfs on Zimmer, Spielman, and Cousins should be a business decision based on Return On Investment. They need to ask themselves the hard-nosed question, have we gotten a good ROI on those three at the top? Zimmer did well for a couple seasons, but 2017 was an outlier. Spielman has whiffed repeatedly and embarrassingly on QBs and O-line. Cousins’ record is nearly identical pre-Vikings and with the Vikings. Worth $84M and counting, for a .500 QB?
    Time for a new direction. The ROI has not paid any real dividends.

  10. Zimmer should get one more crack at this thing without spielman mailing horrible decisions. Spielman kept neglecting the interior offensive line, paid a qb crazy money, and kept trading away higher draft picks for multiple lower ones. It was painful to watch most years.

    Move spielman and Let Zimmer bring back the now jobless Pat Shurmur to be the offensive coordinator. The team always plays better when zimmer only needs to focus defense.

    I know everyone warns change but Zimmer has done a lot with the crap hand that spielman has given him every year.

  11. High-completion-percentage but low-turnover-percentage QB who was overpaid. Not on Zimmer, but on Spielman.

    Arguably top-5 RB who misses an average of 5 gams a season over his career. Overpaid as well, given his injury history.

    Two elite-level WRs who can make plays and make the offense explosive. Thankfully, neither are overpaid.

    A defense that was good for maybe two of the eight years Zimmer was in charge. A huge disappointment.

    I think you can place a lot of blame on Zimmer, but not all of it. And you certainly can’t say they “have plenty of talent” when it’s basically on one side of the ball — and even then, nowhere near guaranteed to actually be on the field come game time.

  12. You can’t pay a qb that kind of money and he fails to deliver. Cousins will never win anything except the stats awards. If he was something special the redskins would’ve never tagged him 3 years in a row and then let him go

  13. Sota
    You are right-on.
    Most teams would have been AT about 4 wins the past two seasons with the decimated defense the Vikings had.
    Everyone always wants to fire the coach to solve issues but rarely do they take an Honest look at what the circumstances are.

  14. All you anti-Cousins blowhards simply aren’t paying attention to the facts, especially this season.
    Real easy to say “wins are all that matter”.
    But count the number of games this season Kirk led a game winning drive only for the defense to give up the win in the last second.

    The defense gave up 4 or 5 wins Cousins had deliveres this year.

  15. There is a fine line between giving a HC 3 or 4 years to prove it, or WAITING 8 years before you pull the plug….Zimmerman has been bad the last 5 years.

  16. In the early Zimmer years, his most successful, he had a defensive coordinator and he filled his staff with former head coaches and experienced people. Now his offensive coordinator, special teams coach, offensive line coach among others are all first year coaches. And he has no true defensive coordinator. This is where it is failing. His coaching staff has eroded and in the spirit of continuity he has promoted from within with lesser coaches again and again. The coaching staff overall is weak and inexperienced. It is hard to say if they will develope or just don’t have it.

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