Saints lose Taysom Hill, beat Falcons 30-20 but miss out on playoffs

NFL: JAN 09 Saints at Falcons
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It seemed only fitting that the Saints would be fighting for their playoff lives with a backup-to-the-backup quarterback.

Despite starting four quarterbacks this season — and losing their most recent starter in the second quarter — the Saints beat the Falcons 30-20 to keep their postseason hopes alive for a few minutes anyway. The Saints had to wait to see if they would get the help they needed in Los Angeles.

The 49ers beat the Rams in overtime after the Saints got into the locker room, which ended the Saints’ season and a streak of four consecutive seasons with a postseason berth.

But the Saints (9-8) showed remarkable resiliency this season, their first since Drew Brees retired.

Alvin Kamara rushed for 146 yards on 30 carries and caught two passes for 16 yards Sunday against their rival.

Hill went 7-of-9 for 107 yards and a touchdown before leaving what coach Sean Payton told Fox sideline reporter was a LisFranc foot injury. Trevor Siemian replaced Hill and went 9-of-15 for 71 yards and two touchdowns.

The Falcons had only 257 yards and turned it over three times.

Matt Ryan was 20-of-33 for 216 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

8 responses to “Saints lose Taysom Hill, beat Falcons 30-20 but miss out on playoffs

  1. Rams will screw the saints by losing. They were easily winning in the first half. At halftime they saw the saints beating the falcons and decided to tank.

  2. Alright, good game Saints. Happy to have gotten 7 wins without being able to sack the quarterback. Good job Arthur Smith, let’s get some talent on the defensive line and give it another go next season.

  3. The Falcons’ window closed in January 2018, one year after their SB debacle, and it appears another window won’t open until 2024 at the very earliest–and that is only if they manage to find a viable, new QB after next season. They should start by rebuilding both the OL and DL in the draft. Dimitroff truly left the cupboards bare.

  4. I trust the Saints will be back. The HC is too good not to get them back into contention. Dallas should have NEVER let that guy leave the building but Jones ego is just to big and 26+ years later still looking for a SB. I’m thinking the Saints will look for a QB and rebuild other parts of the team in the off season.

  5. Saints have been out of the nfc west for 20 years but it seems like the 9ers or the rams continue to screw us. what a gutless performance by the rams. and stafford is a fraud. it’s a shame cuz no one wanted to play us with that elite D. feel like we could have done some damage in the playoffs.

  6. unless the Saints manage to land a top QB talent this offseason, they’re window is closed for the foreseeable future!

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