Steelers defeat Ravens in overtime, on the verge of clinching playoff spot

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens
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It took just over eight minutes in the overtime period to decide the contest, but the Steelers pulled out a 16-13 victory over the Ravens to finish the regular season at 9-7-1.

As long as the Raiders and Chargers Sunday Night Football matchup does not end in a tie, Pittsburgh will be in the playoffs as the AFC’s No. 7 seed.

Pittsburgh and Baltimore were largely listless on offense for much of the contest. But down 10-6 in the fourth quarter, Pittsburgh used a 10-play, 50-yard drive to get in the end zone. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger hit a couple of big third-down throws before connecting with receiver Chase Claypool for a 6-yard touchdown to give Pittsburgh a 13-10 lead with 2:58 left in the contest.

But the Ravens tied the game with 1:13 left in the fourth quarter with kicker Justin Tucker’s 46-yard field goal. Neither team could score again, which forced overtime.

Baltimore had the ball first in the extra period but had to punt after quarterback Tyler Huntley’s incomplete pass on third-and-9 to tight end Mark Andrews.

The Steelers started their ensuing drive on their own 17-yard line and converted a pair of third downs before Roethlisberger hit receiver Ray-Ray McCloud on fourth-and-8 at the Baltimore 41 with a 10-yard pass to move the chains.

A couple of plays later, running back Najee Harris went 15 yards to Baltimore’s 16-yard line, setting up kicker Chris Boswell for a game-winning field goal attempt.

Boswell nailed it from 36-yards out, giving the Steelers a 16-13 victory.

And so Roethlisberger’s last ride is likely to continue — provided the Raiders and Chargers don’t tie later on Sunday. If Las Vegas and Los Angeles do tie, whether they elect to play the game that way or not, that would eliminate the Steelers and both the Chargers and Raiders would make the postseason.

The Steelers’ playoff hopes became more realistic after the Jaguars defeated the Colts on Sunday.

39 responses to “Steelers defeat Ravens in overtime, on the verge of clinching playoff spot

  1. It’s fine. The Raiders don’t desrve to make the playoffs anyways if they can’t defeat the Chargers. Let’s go.

  2. TJ Watt owns the stat record. Get over it cry babies, a bunch of sack artists this year also played 17 games and didn’t come close to TJ this year. The guys a beast, and it’s pretty cool knowing a bunch of grown men will be crying in their pillows tonight over the number 22.5. Hahahahaha

    Here’s my terrible towel for you to wipe your face, babies

  3. Tomlin owns Harbaugh.
    Tomlin/Big Ben own the AFC North.

    Tale as old as time, back up has good games, folks get excited and then later exposed why they were backup once figured out, and not helped by some drops.

    Lamar, sit back and relax, you earned your contract. Ravens won nothing without him after his injury. Greg Roman’s offensive schemes have been issue.

  4. The most unimaginative play calling award goes to The Ravens. See Andrews throw Andrews. That is their playbook on offense and blitz every down on defense

  5. Love to see them tied after regulation & both just go to locker room & not come out for overtime!!!

  6. How Mike Tomlin does it I will never know, but the people who defend Matt Rhule and ask who else would do well in Carolina…Tomlin would.

  7. Nice to see the arrogant Ravens go down yet again without making the playoffs. Yet another disappointing season. Don’t give me the injuries excuse– every team has lots of injuries. The bottom line is that your starting QB and head coach are wildly overrated and even worse, you are about to mortgage your future for a running back and gimmick offense that is not bad, but awful. Just look at Lamar’s trendlines over the past three years. He had one good regular season run back in 2018-2019 and since then it’s been a straight run to the bottom. Couldn’t happen to a more arrogant team and fan base.

  8. Never write off the Steelers. I am laughing at all who say Tomlin is a bad coach. 😂🤣😂🤣

  9. ksiner46 says:
    January 9, 2022 at 4:56 pm


    No that’s Dallas.

  10. sweetness….might want to check yourself. Last time I looked the Bengals were AFC North Champs and swept the Steelers this year.

  11. Raven trolls no where to be found or heard as usual.. Tebow troll or whatever your handle is now the Steelers have been your pitiful Ravens four in a row….lol.

  12. Lot of Steeler fans rejoicing their playoff team. Enjoy the week. It ends in KC in one week.

  13. DEAR “sweetness”,

  14. ksiner46 says:
    January 9, 2022 at 4:56 pm
    Maybe, but the Ravens are DONE AND NONE

  15. Safest bet for Raiders and Chargers? Gentlemen’s agreement to intentionally play to a tie.

  16. Where are all the people who had the Steelers finishing last and the Browns winning the SB?!

  17. Dear Will,

    You can’t take someone seriously who can’t release their caps button. Bungles are still the Bungles.

  18. willige

    Now that your team is good you need to learn how to be a proud but humble fan. I know winning a playoff game once every thirty years is considered good by the Bengals so I can see your excitement.

  19. Congrats yinzer’s, you get to watch Mahomes dismantle your sorry defense again. Ben’s final game will end much like Marino’s. So sad.

  20. Love seeing the Ratbirds lose. Better hurry up and give Lamar $50M a year for a decade so you can continue having the worst passing offense in the league but an exciting RB.

  21. patsarejuggernauts

    Juggernauts???? Chearters maybe but not Juggernauts….and definetly obnoxious.

  22. The Steelers will be dangerous in the playoffs. Reminds me of the 2015 Broncos, Manning’s last season.

  23. Harbaugh and Lamar, just another year of missing the playoffs. Harbaugh is so wildly overrated and Lamar even more so. Even Ravens fans had to admit Lamar is not a starting QB in the NFL this year based on his train wreck of a season. Next year he will throw more INTs than TDs. In 3 years he either will be a backup or out of the league.

  24. Ahhhhh, right on queue. Lamar hasn’t played a snap since week 14 but somehow he’s still living rent free in so many heads. Well at least we’re not hearing the horrible “Huntley should be the starter” takes we’ve heard for the last month. Hard to argue that take now that Huntley’s short passing game has been figured out with film and he can’t complete a deep ball to save his life. I don’t know what I’m more excited about for next season, the Ravens possibly getting healthy, or what the new narrative will be if Lamar comes out and has a good season.

    In other news, respect Steeler fans. Love to see Big Ben go out with a chance at a Super Bowl. Good luck in the playoffs.

  25. Maukey: would you pay Lamar $40mm a year? There is no objective way anyone can justify that his current performance merits being paid top dollar. And the salary cap implications are crucial because of all the help he needs offensively due to his major deficiencies as a thrower. So paying him means you will have to get rid of 2-3 really important players over time. Is he worth it? He’s not fixing his flawed throwing mechanics. Not sure he is smart enough to learn how to read defenses and handle pressure. And he’s now had one ding physically. So you tell me, are you willing to mortgage the future for him?

  26. Vasteelerfan says:
    January 9, 2022 at 5:36 pm

    Juggernauts???? Chearters maybe


    Watching Mike Tomlin trip Jacoby Jones was not only cheating, but it was possible the worst display of sportsmanship in NFL history. I only wish the Patriots could play the Steelers in the postseason. BB has owned Tomlin and the Steelers in the postseason like no other team

  27. erwinfletcher…are these the same Bengals that whipped the Steelers twice this year? By the way, I won’t take a person seriously when they have to revert to name calling. Or is it just that you can’t spell?

  28. Does Tony Corrente get a 2nd check from the Steelers, then? If he doesn’t give them that win against the Bears, they’re playing for nothing today.

  29. ItsGettingReal: I absolutely would pay Lamar $40mm a year. You may not like how he plays QB, but he makes you a contender every year. Before Lamar took over the Ravens, they had missed the playoffs 3 straight years. They were on their way to missing the playoffs in year 4 and Harbaugh was on the hot seat. Flacco gets hurt, Lamar comes in and they go 6 and 1 and make the playoffs. They’ve been contenders every year since. Yes, Lamar statistically had his worse season this year, he also had the most injuries to pro bowl caliber players than any team this season (2nd most on IR overall in the league). Bottom line, they were 8 and 4 before he went down. Lamar’s a winner, has an extremely high work ethic, and his teammates love him, sometimes that means more than stats or eye test QB play. Lamar is not as bad as you say at reading defenses and handling pressure. He shredded Cover 0 in 2019, go rewatch the Rams game. His issues are accuracy consistency and his habit of playing hero ball when things get tough, but name me one QB that doesn’t have flaws. If Wentz, Mayfield, and a host of others can play QB in this league, so can Lamar. He’s earned his pay day. If he loses his legs anytime soon and begins to hurt you with his pure QB play, you cross that bridge when you get to it. You can’t not pay a player because of what ifs, you pay him based on his results and resume. His resume says 1 x MVP, a 41 and 17 record, and multiple records broken.

  30. We won, no thanks to the OC… “Captain 3rd and No Clue.” I know Ben’s not willing to take a beating without good reason and our O line doesn’t have a true starter on it but good god.

  31. How else would a Ravens/Steelers game in what was likely (hopefully) Ben’s last regular season game go down? Love AFCN football. The Ravens were a shell of themselves but it still felt like a rivalry game. Its getting real when trolls try to somehow put this on Lamar, who was on the bench, or the coach who managed to get this patchwork team this far. Ravens will be back next year and some people here will be on their 4th or 5th name change singing the same, sad, tune.

  32. Maukey: $40mm for a running back masquerading as a QB, who has won 1 playoff game in 5 years, and who has been plummeting each year in terms of QBR, yardage and TDs while his INTs and turnovers increase dramatically? Huh? The guy who for 7 games was the worst or 2nd worst QB in the entire league? Even referring to him as MVP is foolish. Old news. He’s done.

  33. Very well said Shelby. Nothing but respect for the Steelers and their organization. Very happy for Big Ben, well, as happy as a Ravens fan can be LOL. Like Ray Lewis before he retired, you have to respect Big Ben going out at least with a playoff birth. One thing I’ve learned about the Ravens/Steelers rivalry, injuries, records, winning or losing streaks, all go out the window. I remember Charlie Batch beating the Ravens as underdogs, and Ryan Mallet beating the Steelers as underdogs. These teams play close games no matter who’s on the field. Love it.

  34. Where’s all the people calling it racist that Huntley went undrafted? He sure looked like an undrafted player and the Steelers really aren’t that great. That’s what happens when teams get a bit of tape. He’s looked good but he’s still very raw.

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