Vic Fangio bids farewell to the Broncos and Denver

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
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Coach Vic Fangio is out, after three straight losing seasons in Denver. He’s exiting on the high road, with a statement issued by the team in which he thanks the organization and the fan base.

“It was an honor and privilege to serve as head coach of the Denver Broncos,” Fangio said. “I want to thank John Elway and Joe Ellis for giving me the opportunity to be part of this storied franchise and special community when they hired me three seasons ago. Over the past year, I am grateful to have been able to work with George Paton, one of — in my opinion — our league’s best General Managers. Broncos fans, you have a great one in George.”

That’s an extra magnanamous comment from Fangio, given that his fate likely was sealed when Paton became the G.M. a year ago. More recently, Paton undoubtedly has made the decision to move on from Fangio, after one year together.

“To the players, coaches and staff,” Fangio added, “thank you for the fight and character you showed each and every week. No matter the adversity, circumstances or challenges we faced, you never backed down. I am proud to be associated with this group of fighters and competitors. I appreciate you all. To Broncos fans: Thank you for your support, passion and how much you care about the Broncos. You are the reason Denver is one of the NFL’s best football towns.

“The foundation is in place for this team to accomplish great things. The future is bright for the Denver Broncos, and I wish the organization nothing but the best.”

The future will hinge on hiring a coach and then, more importantly, solving the ongoing quarterback issue. They could potentially attract a high-end veteran, and that could make the same kind of difference that Peyton Manning did a decade ago.

The other thing to remember about the Broncos is this — they could soon be getting a new owner. That could be, for coaches with options, a drawback.

8 responses to “Vic Fangio bids farewell to the Broncos and Denver

  1. Good luck Vic. Sorry it didn’t work out (on many levels) but you are a good guy and we wish you well.

  2. Uncle Vic didn’t get it done, but he’s a very likable high-character guy. His phone will be lit-up in coming weeks as new coaches search for a great defensive coordinator. Fangio won’t be unemployed for long.

  3. Thanks Vic for getting us stable. While it didn’t work out, you will be hired next week wherever you want to go. Now onto a good coach, OC, QB, OL etc. We won’t get Rodgers, Wilson or anyone. Grab Minshew for backup & to compete along with a good draft.

  4. Hard to lay a lot of the blame on any head coach when you have a poor QB situation. Teddy Bridgewater isn’t a top 20 QB and Drew Lock isn’t a top 32 QB. Denver had the 3rd ranked scoring defense going into yesterdays game. I’m not saying Fangio is an upper tier coach, but there are no teams already in the playoffs with an average QB.

  5. No quarterback no playoffs… defense wins championships… next year you won’t have either you won’t have a quarterback or nearly as good as defense is Coach VICS

  6. The Broncos have a SB roster if they land a competent QB. Maybe Drew Lock will develop into a solid QB eventually but the Broncos are ready to win now.

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