Will Joe Judge join Dave Gettleman as former Giants employees?

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Two weeks ago, Schefty declared that the Giants plan to bring back coach Joe Judge for 2022. As the 2021 train pulls into the station, that outcome doesn’t seem to be nearly as clear as it once was.

Judge’s bizarre “not a clown show” rant from last Sunday coupled with Monday admissions of tampering create the impression that he’s trying to talk his way into staying — even if it may have the opposite effect.

Now, as the team prepares to finish 4-13 (possibly 5-12), the bell could soon toll for Judge.

Gettleman’s exit has become a foregone conclusion. It had been believed that the Giants would hire a pro-Judge G.M., with Kevin Abrams possibly being promoted or, alternatively, a Patriots front-office player who is comfortable with Judge getting the gig.

Judge now seems to be squarely in the undecided category. The players are split, at best, on Judge. Ultimately, the call comes down to ownership. Is it so bad that the Giants are willing to fire a third straight head coach after two years or fewer?

From Ben McAdoo to Pat Shurmur to Joe Judge, Big Blue has a real problem when it comes to making big moves. And, frankly, the people making those moves can’t be fired because they own the team.

11 responses to “Will Joe Judge join Dave Gettleman as former Giants employees?

  1. Judge is out. Dan Quinn, Jack Del Rio, Jim Caldwell experienced former coach types not specifically them will get the most attention.

    Giants off-season. They’ll largely sit out free agency. Over paying for mid level talent has got them nowhere. They haven’t recovered from Reese’s poor drafting.

    Do they sign Mariota/Minshew or do they draft a QB in mid-rounds? They won’t be bringing back Glennon no matter who the GM is. They need to improve their depth at the position but they could also draft a QB with one of their first 3 picks.

    The Giants would like to bring back Lorenzo Carter as a depth guy. His recent play might have priced him off their team. They really like him and his mentorship for Ajulari. They’d still like to upgrade the position. Depth and rotation is what they lack at almost every position.

    They have a very tough decision to make with Sterling Shepard. He won’t be ready to play. He likely could stick around if he reduces his salary like Cruz did. The unavailability, unreliability of Toney makes the position very thin. They like Shepard’s leadership.

    This is going to make people mad, they’re going to try to extend Barkley before his # spirals out of their price range. The starting point will likely be the option #. Could they trade him? Sure if someone overwhelms them but a 3rd rd pick won’t get it done, he’s too valuable to them. They’re are probably going to move on from Booker, Gettleman overpaid. It’s also an opportunity to extend Barkley at a low #.

    The secondary is going to look different, the salary tied up in the position is unattenable.

    OL is basically stripped down to Thomas and Bredeson. Bredeson’s return and Barkley going for a 100 last week is no coincidence. They could get Lemieux and Gates back but they’ll make serious investment through the draft. Price will be better if talent as a unit is better.

  2. The NFL Teams who are perpetually losers and changing coaches / GM’s are teams where the owners are constantly interfering with the GM and Coaches decisions. If they were smart,… you’d hire the best experienced personnel and leave them alone. Let them do their jobs. You don’t turn NFL franchises around in a year or 2. It’s just as stupid as drafting a Rookie QB and expecting him to be great right out of the box. It takes time and coaching.

  3. chickensalad43 says:
    January 9, 2022 at 3:49 pm
    Joe Judge might be the worst head coach in NFL history. That’s not hyperbole.


    Rich Kotite takes offense at that statement but we’ll call it a tie. I hope Rivera mentioned something, anything, about clown shows in his presser. I’m guessing Judge went on another existential rant about culture and how everyone in the league is calling him up wishing to be on the Giants.

  4. Judge is done. That 11 minute rant suggested he isn’t playing with a full deck. And if WFT is a clown show, what are the Giants after today’s as$ kicking.

  5. When Judge called for a QB sneak on third down, I think he lost his job. The Jags and the Lions understood that when you’re out of the playoffs, the last game of the season is a time to play daring football and give your fans and players something positive to go out on. I like Judge, but he needs to go back to being a special teams coach.

  6. Impossible to overstate the ineptness of ownership, management and coaching. I feel sorry for a decent defense that kept getting worn down and special teams that also played decently. It seems almost impossible to put together an offense this bad. This season ticket holder for over half a century was unable to give away – GIVE – as in free – four very good seats to the game. That did not even happen in the ticket burning days.

  7. Make a run at Tyler Huntley and use the 1st round picks on OL. Pray the WLs stay healthy next year and test the waters on Barkley. If you can get a 2 for him take it.Maybe even 3.

  8. After watching the New York Nightmara Family Crime Syndicate I am lost as to how this team is improving. This team looks like the New York Tiny People.

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