Bears fire Matt Nagy

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The Bears are making a coaching change.

The team confirmed that they fired head coach Matt Nagy on Monday morning. There’s no word on this point about whether General Manager Ryan Pace is also out.

Nagy did not have a losing record in his first three seasons with Chicago and made the playoffs twice, but he entered this season on the hot seat and a 6-11 record this season pushed him out the door. Nagy was 34-31 in the regular season during his time with the Bears and he went 0-2 in his two trips to the postseason.

The next Bears coach will inherit 2021 first-round pick Justin Fields at quarterback, although the jury’s very much out on him after he missed the final three weeks of the season due to injury and illness. He made 10 starts before that point and the Bears were 2-8 in those games.

52 responses to “Bears fire Matt Nagy

  1. Finally. Now all eyes turn to Ryan Pace. My money says he’s either out altogether, or gets promoted to Ted Phillips’ position. Because Pace’s firing wasn’t announced concurrently I expect it’s the latter.

  2. The Bears should go after Josh McDaniels. What h has done with Mac Jones this year is impressive.

  3. So who do they want to replace him and make Fields worth the draft spots? And who with a good rep is available and would want the job?

  4. Lord help who ever goes there. The team has no QB no real talent on that side of the ball. Limited yet expensive talent on the other side. Ownership that is still banking with whatever is on the field. Why really try?

  5. Thank You very much Matt, but could you please take Ryan Pace with you. He is a huge part of the problem…

  6. Nagy was the least of the Bears’ issues. But of course he is the head that rolls. Typical Bears decision.

  7. By the time a new system is implemented for the offense, the players will be moving on. Nothing like continuity. The phrase “Bear Down” has come to be the same with “I’ve fallen and can’t get up”.

  8. Passing on 4th down, twice, on Sunday didn’t help. This feels like Colts deja vu from yesterday.

    Two teams with strong running games deciding that they will ride or die with subpar QBs instead of the strength of their team.

    Well played.

  9. Sometimes I feel bad for nagy. He wasn’t exactly given high level qbs. But I think if you can say the HC is not getting the most out of the players, it’s probably time to go. And nagy did not get the most out of the players.

  10. One little nugget about Nagy. Rarely did the Bears get to the 2 minute warning of either half with all 3 time outs left. There’s a subtle but meaningful message there about his coaching.

  11. Given the state of the team, No QB and no #1 pick to draft one, and a weak team, it will be hard to get a good HC candidate.
    It will take a few years to rebuild and a HC will have a losing record and likely get fired.

    Hopefully the owners are patient.

  12. Seemed like a nice enough guy and players played hard for him, but this needed to happen. Hopefully Pace is gone as well because no coach can succeed as long as he’s the GM and trading away draft stock year after year.

  13. Knowing Bear’s goofy management, I expect Vic Fangio to be named Head Coach by tomorrow night.

  14. Keep going up the ladder. Sell the team, please. We need a new legacy. New management, all of the above.

  15. Well, now that Nagy and Pace both got whacked, Bears fans can finally rejoice until ownership screws up hiring their replacements.

  16. I always get torn with these things. Nagy should definitely be fired but he also seems like a good dude. It’s like, “Watching you coach games makes me want to jam pencils in my eyes, but I hope life is good to you and you are not sad.”

  17. I think Pace is a good argument is a good argument why Bienemy isn’t hired. Just because your the offensive coordinator of an elite offense do it mean that will translate over to the head coaching position.

  18. The Bears have some talent.

    Could they lure Brady and make the Bears his next superteam?

  19. Nagy never was an offensive genius, he just worked for Reid who wouldn’t let him call plays. Don’t want Bienemy either.

  20. Well at least Pace and Nagy left a good first round draft pick available for the next dynamic duo. Don’t worry the Bears will be the last to hire. The longer they hold out hiring, the cheaper they’ll get them. It’s a sound negotiating strategy/tactic.

  21. Well at least Pace and Nagy left a good first round draft pick available for the next dynamic duo.
    Da Bears DON’T OWN a 1st round pick. They traded it to move up for Fields.

  22. Opposing defenses had Nagy figured out half way through his first year there, that’s why they struggled to score against the Eagles in the playoff game. Never made halftime adjustments well, most of the points they scored always seemed to be in the first half of games and then they would get shut down, yesterday for example. There were a few exceptions, the Seattle game several weeks back was one but it never happened enough.

  23. I hope they go for Flores. He seems like an upgrade; however, I don’t know how well he does in developing QBs as Tua still seems very average at best. I’m glad Nagy is out. Those who claim he wasn’t the problem never watched a bears game… EVER. I can name a dozen times he screwed the pooch- like 17-3 against Packers that we lose because he runs the ball up the gut the ENTIRE 2nd half to give Rodgers time to get his team the win (23-24). And that was during the season he did well. Fields first game is another shining example. Even Dan Orlovsky was calling for his head since they literally set him out there to fail (probably due to the pressure of people wanting to see the draft pick over seeing Andy Dalton). There’s plenty more …

  24. Problem is nobody is going to want to come there and be stuck with Justin Fields. So you’re going to end up with a David Culley type.

  25. It’s not Nagy’s fault the team has very little talent. Pace got him fired. Pace got himself fired too.

  26. I wonder which one of these head coaching jobs Super Bowl winning coach Doug Pederson is going to get.

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