Bears owner George McCaskey: Take anything Olin Kreutz claims with a grain of salt

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Former Bears center Olin Kreutz is one of the most respected players in Chicago, but Bears owner George McCaskey took a shot at Kreutz today, essentially calling him a liar over a recent claim that the Bears offered him a $15 an hour job.

Kreutz said last week that the Bears need to change the way they do business, citing the $15 an hour job offer as an example of the team’s cheapness. Today McCaskey suggested that Kreutz is dishonest.

“I’ve learned over the years to take just about anything that Olin says with a great of salt,” McCaskey said. “That’s the way it is sometimes with Olin, you don’t get the whole story. Olin knows what the story is.”

To suggest that nothing Kreutz says is trustworthy is a strange thing to say about such a respected player. Kreutz didn’t only make six Pro Bowls with the Bears, he also received the team’s Brian Piccolo Award, which goes each year to a player who exemplifies the team’s values, more times than any other Bears player in the half century since the Bears began bestowing the honor on players. McCaskey also offered no evidence that anything Kreutz said about the $15 an hour job offer was false.

Attacking Kreutz will do nothing to endear McCaskey to Bears fans, who are tired of McCaskey and his family failing to put a winning product on the field.

19 responses to “Bears owner George McCaskey: Take anything Olin Kreutz claims with a grain of salt

  1. He was answering a question that was asked. It’s not like it was an unsolicited take

  2. But that’s exactly what the football world does with the Mccaskey family…except Bears’s fans because they keep showing up

  3. Kreutz needs to say in his lane. His criticisms aren’t what the Bears organization needs right now. His Aaron Rodgers rant was uncalled for.
    He’s made too many comments ruffling feathers. Just stay in your lane Olin.

  4. He should have said nothing or give evidence to the contrary. Calling someone a liar, is just not good enough. However it all turns out, the apparent drama is only just beginning……

  5. Ok but in fairness he’s answering a question and who cares what awards Kreutz won, it’s a pretty outlandish claim so for the owner to cast doubt on it shouldn’t be dismissed.

  6. It is strange. But as screwed up as the Bears are, it’s hard to believe Kreutz was being entirely truthful when he claimed they offered him minimum wage to help instruct players. Sure feels like there’s more to that story than what Kreutz is saying.

  7. The new hires will be done on the cheap and none of that matters to George as all the seats are still sold out. Bear fans have had to eat a great deal of salt since 1986

  8. Another interpretation of it is that he was lowballed but it wasn’t $15. Taking something with a grain of salt doesn’t mean it’s a lie, just an exaggeration.

  9. If Fields can develop, and stay healthy, the incoming coach and staff will find decent talent and a good chance to win. It has been the weakness at the QB position that has been problematic. It seemed like Nagy had lost the team as well.

  10. The Bears are known cheapskates. I know whose words I’s be taking with a pinch of salt…

  11. That press conference today was a disaster. I don’t know of any Bears fans who feel better about the team’s prospects now than they did before McCaskey spoke and most feel quite a bit worse. The guy has no plan, no vision, and clearly no appetite for change beyond plugging new faces into a broken infrastructure.

  12. Actually Olin’s version got confirmed by Harry Hiestand and Ryan Pace why George McCaskey choose to lie is beyond me . Olin was a much respected player during his time here. yes 6x pro bowls which is more of beauty contest but also 2x all pro which is a bigger honor. He was the Captain of the offence during the Cutler years

  13. I’m begining to think George is a totall Freakin Idiot. Sell the damned team already and go on with your “Board of Directors”.

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