Brandon Scherff: I hope I can end my career in Washington

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For the third time in the last three years, Washington guard Brandon Scherff heads into an offseason without a contract for the next season.

Washington used the franchise tag to hold onto Scherff the last two years, but doing so again would push his salary north of $25 million for the 2022 season so it’s highly unlikely that the team will go down that path again. On Monday, Scherff said he’d like to make other arrangements that allow him to remain with the team.

“I’d love to be here and I hope I can end my career here,” Scherff said, via Nicki Jhabvala of the Washington Post. “I said that the last couple of times, and that’s always the goal for me, is to kind of finish where you started. I think we got something good building here, and yesterday was just a good stepping stone of where we can go.”

Scherff was named a Pro Bowler for the fifth time in seven seasons and he was an All-Pro during the 2020 season, so he’ll be a coveted free agent if he and Washington aren’t able to come together on a deal in the next couple months.

17 responses to “Brandon Scherff: I hope I can end my career in Washington

  1. Does that mean that Scherff wasn’t one of the many players who’ve been calling Joe Judge twice a week this year beggging to be on the Giants?

  2. Why would a team not re-sign its own perennial pro bowl guard?? Arent dominate OLs usually the first to resign to their teams.

  3. Sorry. He is the best RG in the NFL, it’s true. But you can find a serviceable LG for probably 5 million, and a good one for 7-9 million. No need to pay him franchise tag $. In addition, he’s hurt and misses time a lot each year. I’m a hard “No”

  4. Pro Bowl on reputation…the skins have several guys on the roster they can replace him with…

  5. I like Brandon but he is just saving face. They tried last to years to come to agreement but couldn’t and offers were not low ball offers, unless asking price comes down slightly to reflect this statement he won’t be back next season with Washington.

  6. I will believe when I see it. He says this every year and never commits to a long term deal. Like Cousins, he will be publicly expressing fealty to the team right until he signs with a different team.

  7. Injuries starting to catch up with him. He’s still a good player but I’m not paying him top 5 guard money.

  8. Time to move on. The team made him an offer that would have made him the highest paid guard in history. He declined it. He’s a good guard, but far from elite.

  9. yungbull2012 says:
    January 10, 2022 at 9:27 am
    Why would a team not re-sign its own perennial pro bowl guard?? Arent dominate OLs usually the first to resign to their teams

    Cause Schreff has been playing chicken with a team that has shown their cards. Instead of letting him test FA, they overpaid by tagging him. And have set the precedent to probably do so again this year. He’s overrated and consistently out 4-6 games a year and still getting accolades.

  10. He says this every off-season and then doesn’t agree to any contract offers including one that would’ve made him the highest paid guard in the NFL. Ain’t holding my breath on him signing with Washington.

  11. I hope Washington resigns Scherrf, and that would require a compromise on money that they were not able to come to over the last 2 off seasons. Washington went 0-6 in the games he did not play which says he is very good and they would need a decent backup.

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