Brandon Staley says overtime timeout was to get the right personnel on the field

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Chargers head coach Brandon Staley called a strange timeout late in overtime on Sunday night, shortly before the Raiders kicked a field goal that knocked his team out of the playoffs. After the game, he said it was all about making a personnel substitution.

“We needed to get in the right grouping,” Staley said. “We felt like they were going to run the ball, so we wanted to get our best 11 personnel run defense in, make that substitution so we could get a play where we would deepen the field goal.”

But what the timeout actually did was cause the Raiders to play for the win, when they appeared ready to play for a tie. And a tie would have put both the Raiders and the Chargers into the playoffs. After the timeout, the Raiders gained another 10 yards before kicking the game-winning 47-yard field goal.

Staley said he does not believe the timeout made the Raiders more aggressive about playing to win.

“I don’t think it changed their mindset,” Staley said.

Staley now has an offseason to think about it, while the Raiders’ season continues.

29 responses to “Brandon Staley says overtime timeout was to get the right personnel on the field

  1. I feel a little bad for the guy. Under normal circumstances he did nothing wrong. These were the most unusual, once in a lifetime circumstances. He got lost in the moment and made a blunder. I do believe that it’s true that Raiders we’re going to let that clock run out, but we’re angry when he called a timeout and said fine we’ll let the Steelers have a shot. What would the seeding have been if they did tie?

  2. It serves the Chargers right for firing their coach last year, even though he was great. I’m glad they lost because of bad coaching, and that timeout wasn’t the worst call. What about that failed fourth down attempt from their own 18? I’ve never seen that before.

  3. They were running out the clock by running the ball the previous 2 plays and were going to run it a 3rd time. How could the wrong personnel be on the field? Were the wrong personnel on the field the first 2 times they stopped the run?

    That explanation makes about as much sense as going for it on 4th down inside your own 20. Either he doesn’t understand the situation or he’s an idiot.

    The man regularly snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.

  4. As I was watching it and saw that timeout called, you could sense that everyone knew that the teams were content with a tie after a hard fought game…. The raiders went from an air raid attack to running 35 seconds off the clock and calling a running play…. When Staley called that TO I think LV saw that as slight flex and that was not the time or the place… and you don’t need a timeout to sub players… Staley made the wrong call 100%

  5. For someone who thinks he’s the smartest football guy in the room, he sure does make a lot of dumb decisions.

  6. Sometimes you outthink yourself and/or get out coached. Brandon did that last night. How about going for it in your own 18? Metrics? I mean cmon man.

  7. It’s funny when “smart” coaches get exposed…it’s so hard for them to admit when they’re wrong.

  8. there is clear video after the game of Carr telling Ekler they were gonna knee it out.

    that call, paired with the absurd 4th down call lost the chargers this game

    Staley has this loss on him.

  9. I don’t think the timeout changed what the Raiders were going to do. I have more of a problem for him going for it on 4th down inside his own 20. I get the analytics but you have to be aware of the field position. He’s lucky Herbert played like an animal in the fourth quarter to make the game close. Chargers players deserve better than that buffoon as their head coach.

  10. This seems to be a non-story. Coaches call timeouts all the time to get the right people on the field at the right time.

    If anything, what’s being said is that the Raiders didn’t have the guts to go for a win without the timeout.

  11. Brandon Staley should be fired.
    That his team missed the playoffs can be directly connected to his many dumb in-game decisions, with last night being only the latest example. He’s done that too many times this year, so unless the organization are okay with underperforming and missing the postseason, they need to address Staley’s shortcomings before Herbert’s future salary puts substantial pressure on their salary cap.

  12. Forget the timeout, Staley gifted vegas 3 pts with the 4th down attempt on his own 17. This guy is plain reckless. I’d want a new coach if I were a chargers fan.

  13. Anyone watching could see the Raiders were going to slow-roll it and end in a tie. Run plays, strolling up to the line, taking every second of the play clock. But Staley stunningly failed to read the room, which is what happens when guys feel themselves too much. Raiders decided hey, if we’re not on the same page, then it’s go time. For the sake of Justin Herbert and the rest of the Chargers players, I hope Staley gets the boot.

  14. Staley looks like a deer in headlights on the side lines. Anyone thinks that they can copy paste the look on his face during a game to a picture of him holding the Lombardi trophy is delusional. Fire him now and let JH get on with his career with anyone else. Amazes me that for all the teams that can’t find a worthy franchise QB, this team has one and can’t find a coach to call the plays right.

  15. Calling that TO didn’t help at all but I find it hard to believe that the Raiders wouldn’t have chewed up as much clock as possible and attempted a field goal anyways.Both teams were tired and he wanted to give the defense a breather.The Raiders wouldn’t try anything to help a division rival get into the playoffs. The worst decision he made that game was going for 4th and 2 from his own 18 that was idiotic.

  16. if this guys metrics says to go for it on 4th and 2 from your own 18,then he should have gone for the 2pt and the win with 0:00 on the clock from the Raiders 2 yd line

  17. Remember during the Seattle Superbowl when Belichick had ice in his veins and resisted calling a timeout as a strategic maneuver?

    Yeah, this was the exact opposite.

  18. Think of all the time the Chargers wasted hiring a whole new staff and putting in new schemes only to suffer the exact same issues they fired the last coach for. Bad clock management, bad play calls, etc. And for as good as Herbert played this season would he have been even better if there’d been some continuity from last year?

  19. I wish it would’ve ended in a tie…it was a great game to watch regardless of the outcome.

  20. I think it came down to 2 things- Josh Jacobs was running for the win- on his run before the timeout, he was working hard to get the yardage. I don’t think the time-out made them think they’re going for it as they waited until below 40 seconds- so they could’ve ran it again and 0 chance Chargers are going to time-out.
    2) Coach had made horrible choice earlier in going for it on his own 18 and giving up a minimum of 3 points. I don’t know if there’s overtime if that decision is different.
    It is presumptuous to assume Josh Jacobs isn’t going to try his hardest to get the first down even with the “running to waste time” strategy- that was to save their own team from getting beat while giving them a chance to win- not necessarily “playing for the tie.” Unless something has come from the Raiders coach (and I don’t care what QB Carr says).

  21. Playing for a tie was BS anyhow… U know of situation was reversed Tomlin is going for win… So justice…

  22. Staley is one of these new stats nerd coaches. Has zero feel for the game and bases his decisions off some formula. Too bad Herbert has to endure that dunce.

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